White Wolf Journeys offers a wide variety of spiritual experiences for the individual seeking truth and striving to reach their greatest potential. We will transform an ordinary experience into an extraordinary personal journey of discovery.

Either an extensive seminar experience in a powerful energy vortex, or a spiritual journey to one of the many sacred sites around the world, White Wolf Journeys is committed, as is the founder Robbyne LaPlant-Seaman, to create a life-changing experience for each participant.

When one visits a sacred site, you are walking in the footsteps of those who have walked before. When one approaches in reverence with a pure heart and an open mind, one can access the wisdom, which has been left behind by the ancient ones. When you are called to a particular place on the earth you are embracing your destiny. Summoned by those of the past who reside in other realms, to reclaim your power and your truth. The sacred sites scattered across the globe were not randomly built by the lost civilizations, they were strategically aligned with the star systems allowing the ancient elders, priest and priestess to tap into the high energy centers on the earth. Here in these sights one’s intuitive abilities are greatly enhanced and tremendous healing takes place. In these places of mystery, heaven and earth come together. This was the purpose of the journey of the spiritual pilgrim of the past.

White Wolf Journeys tours are highly specialized. Each one personally facilitated and guided by Robbyne. You will experience so much more that what the standard tour can provide. By performing ceremony and ritual as was done by the ancient ones you can tap into an inner wisdom and discover your own personal truth. Whenever possible private access is arranged into the sites away from the noise and crowds of other tourists at particularly powerful times of the day or season.

Whether it is a private sunrise ceremony in the center of Stonehenge, a sunset ritual between the paws of the Great Sphinx on the Giza Plateau, a full moon celebration in the Sacred Sanctuary of the Incas, high in the Andes mountains in mystical Machu Picchu, a dolphin encounter and swim in the wild ocean at the Bay of Islands in New Zealand, a fire ceremony in the holy circle of the Druids, an afternoon purification at the edge of a waterfall within an enchanted forests of the faery realm, a Shamanic journey in a Native American medicine wheel, or a Goddess initiation in the Temple of Isis, you will find your soul being uplifted and the truth of your destiny revealed. The teachings of the ancient ones and the tools for enlightenment are always shared within these group settings and special attention to allow private time in each of the sites for personal reflection and meditation is created by your guide.

No tour is ever the same and these journeys tend to sell out very quickly because of the uniqueness of the experience.

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