Meet Robbyne LaPlant

A Spiritual Messenger, Counselor, Teacher and Ceremonial Leader

Able to see and communicate with the spirit world and the angelic kingdom since early childhood, Robbyne is able to bring forth messages to assist one on their spiritual life journey.  She is an international teacher and the founder of White Wolf Journeys, an enterprise specializing in creating transformational experiences to sacred sites around the world and inner journeys of self-discovery.

Following the path of the Ancestors, Robbyne has been able to immerse herself in indigenous cultures around the world experiencing ritual and ceremony to both honor and connect to the divine, only to discover there is a universal desire amongst all people to experience and express love.

Spiritual Guru

She has studied with Shaman, Indian Elders, Medicine Men, Grandmother Wisdom keepers, holy men of all nations who have passed on their wisdom and gifts.  Her quest to understand the teachings and cultural differences has led her to discover the message and universal desire is the same on every continent.  Time and time again she was greeted by the elders and wisdom keepers to have the ancient knowledge and traditions of many cultures passed on to her through rituals and ceremonies.  These experiences come about not only from the guidance to travel, but from predestined encounters with guardians of the sacred sites.

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Robbyne’s journey has found her in mystical temples of ancient Egypt where she experienced an ancient underground initiation in the chamber of the Great Pyramids 120 meters below the earth’s surface; to the celestial centers of the ancient Druids, Stonehenge and Avebury, England, the legendary home of Camelot; to the top of the Andes Mountains under the guidance of a Shaman to experience and receive knowledge of the ancient Inca traditions; to the sacred Bolivian Lake Titicaca believed by Jacques Cousteau to contain a mysterious city beneath its surface; to the Serengeti plains of Africa, the Buddhist Temples of Java, Cambodia and Thailand; to the Muslim Mosques of Turkey, the Goddess Temples of Malta, the power centers of the Templar Knights and the Cathars of Southern France and Spain, the mystical Templea of the Hindu in Bali; the Temple of the Black Jaguar, sacred to the Mayan in Guatemala and the Aztec in Mexico; to the Anasazi Ancestral Lands of North America; to the ancient Maori caves of the underworld in New Zealand; to the Arctic tundra of the  polar bears;

Great White Bear

and to Antarctica, a land free of political and religious hierarchy.


She has walked the path of Jesus through the streets of Israel; guided by Spirit to heal the earth in places such as the killing fields of Cambodia, the battlefields of Galipoli Beach in Turkey and Ground Zero in New York; followed in the footsteps of great American leaders and visionaries who dreamed of equality, respect and unity.  She has climbed mountain peaks, swam in the ocean with wild dolphin, walked through the enchanted forests of the faeries, stood on active volcanoes, climbed on hands and knees to reach an underground forbidden passageway, followed the Path of Moses through the Sinai desert into Jordan and led hundreds of peace ceremonies, medicine wheels, labyrinths, crop circles and healing circles for the earth across the planet bridging all ages, all faiths, all cultures together.

Mountain Top

Robbyne facilitates inner journeys through a wide variety of celebrations, sacred circles, workshops, and shamanic journeys. Robbyne offers a number of private sessions focused on assisting individuals through transitional tines of growth, times of uncertainty or emotional upheaval.  By connecting to ones spirit guides, guardian angels and soul essence she is able to bring forth messages to provide clarity, understanding, healing and direction when one feels unable to move forward.  These sessions are available by appointment and must be scheduled in advance.  Phone or web cam sessions are available for international clients and those out of the area.  For more detailed information please click here.

Because of her extensive travels and knowledge shared throughout the world by holy men and women of all faiths, Robbyne offers a diverse opportunity in each of her workshops and celebrations to gain an understanding of multiple cultures and beliefs.  Her travels have confirmed that we must embrace one another and that we truly miss so much that can enrich our lives but choosing to only experience one culture or one religion. Our world is rich in traditions and rituals from every land.  The common thread that is found everywhere is the desire to be loved, express love and experience happiness.

Her personal journey has allowed her to assist thousands with their own personal journeys, bringing each soul to its greater potential. She travels the world, teaching and providing personal sessions to give guidance when one is at a crossroads bringing messages of hope and direction.  Possessing psychic abilities since her childhood she prefers to be known only as a messenger and teacher.

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