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Younger Brother Needs to Listen……

We can’t hear if we disconnect from nature and fill our minds with toxic thoughts

Sierra Nevada

The Kogi which means jaguar, are the last surviving civilization from the days of the Inca and Aztec. They see themselves as the spiritual guardians of life on earth living in seclusion in the Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia.  When the tribal elders known as the mamos, began observing signs of ecological crisis in the changing patterns of snow and bird migration, they emerged from their seclusion.   The Kogi base their lifestyles on their belief in “Aluna” or “The Great Mother,” their creator figure, who they believe is the force behind nature. The Kogi understand the Earth to be a living being and see all of humanity as her “children.” They say that our actions of exploitation, devastation, and plundering for resources and personal gain is weakening “The Great Mother” and leading to our destruction.

Like many other indigenous tribes, the Kogi people honor a holy mountain which they call “Gonawindua.” They believe that this mountain is “The Heart of the World” and they are the “Elder Brothers” who care for it. They identify the outside civilization as “Younger Brothers” who were sent away from The Heart of the World long ago.

From birth the Kogi attune members of their society called Mamos (which means sun in Kogi), for guidance, healing, and leadership. The Mamos are tribal priests who hold highly respected roles in Kogi society. Mamos undergo strict training to assume this role. Selected male children are taken from birth and put in a dark cave for the first nine years of their lives to begin this training.  In the cave, elder Mamos and the child’s mother care for, feed, train, and teach the child to attune to “Aluna” before the boy enters the outside world.

Through deep concentration, symbolic offerings, and divination, the Mamos believe they support the balance of harmony and creativity in the world. The Kogi Mamos say that the balance of the earth’s ecology has been suffering due to the modern-day devastation of resources by Younger Brother. The Kogi Mamos in turn believe that their work as Elder Brother is instrumental in helping to prolong and protect life on earth.  This belief is the same as the Hopi and the Tuatha de Dannan.  It is the belief of all indigenous nations, and that wisdom lives within each of us.  We have become separate from that truth, and it is imperative we find our way back to the natural world.

In a desperate attempt to prevent further ecological catastrophe and destruction, the Kogi Mamos broke their silence and allowed a small BBC film crew into their isolated mountaintop civilization to hear their message and warning to Younger Brother. The subsequent messages and warnings were voiced in the documentary From the Heart of The World – The Elder Brother’s Warning.

The Kogi have now realized that their message and warning have not been heeded by Younger Brother, and instead, as they had predicted, many catastrophes occur, and the natural world continues to be devastated at an even more rapid pace.  They have again come down from their mountain sanctuary to warn younger brother.


Something amazing happened on our recent retreat here in the Red Stone elders.  Similar to the Kogi, I receive my guidance from the mountains, the rivers, the standing elders and the stone beings.  I observe the animal messengers that cross my path and adhere to the message of gathering the tribe at significant times in highly spiritual places so that we can do the work our souls have been brought here to do.

sunrise path

18 beautiful beings answered the call and would join me for sunrise at the time of the Spring Equinox.  My guidance was to travel to a special sanctuary above the long person to experience a rebirthing of ourselves.  We would then serve as acupuncture needles for Lady Gaia in bringing the energy being gifted to our world at this time into the dragon lines.  What I didn’t know was as we left the sanctuary; that we had embedded with light, our paths would cross with the Kogi who had also been guided to journey to this sanctuary.


There was a beautiful exchange between each of us.   As one of the Mamos looked at me and gestured with his hands, I felt an energetic exchange take place.  I have been journeying to their mountain sanctuary in the dreamtime ever since.  I was told we must pass the message on and reconnect to nature once again.  It is our purpose.

violet ray

We must look beyond the external distractions of Covid, vaccine versus non vaccine, rising fuel costs (a message to find alternative sources and stop depleting our mother), war in Ukraine.  We must stop hating, stop fueling fear, stop taking sides and dividing into different tribes.  We need to remember we are here to be faith keepers and we live in an intricately connected universe.

gold thread

Our thoughts create our reality, and we are woven together with a golden thread.  If you judge another you are judging yourself.   More prayer and acts of kindness, more awareness, and an effort to reconnect to the natural world is what is needed.  More love in your heart and forgiveness is critical.  We together must awaken “younger brother”.

world connection

The Kogi from South America and the Hopi of Northern America share the same belief that “younger brother” is not listening and as a collective consciousness we continue to destroy the earth through greed.  A dear friend of mine found specific meaning in that word.   GREEDGet Real Everyone Earth is Dying.   If you are reading this message, you must share this message.  We must live more in harmony with nature.


Even if you live in the city there are things that you can do.  Every time you make an offering to a river, a tree, a stone being you are building a connection with the divine mother.  Every time you perform a ritual to honor the turning of the seasons, celebrate the new moon or the full moon you are awakening your own knowing as to your purpose.  We must make an effort to continue to perform ancient traditions.  They serve a purpose in maintaining balance.  Every time you join with others, you are connecting to your tribe and carrying the energy collectively created, back to your homes and communities.  WE MUST SHARE THE MESSAGE for the Kogi.

One of the women traveling with the Kogi as we were leaving the sanctuary and the Mamos were entering spoke to us and said..”it is lovely to share this path with you”.  Those words touched my heart deeply.  It made sense in a world that makes no sense these days.   We are faith keepers.  If we do nothing more than hold that faith, stop the negative narratives and connect to nature whenever we can, we are fulfilling our role.

For those who are called to experience the magick of the red stones elders in the sanctuary of Sedona, I continue to create intimate experiences of reconnection to the mother for individuals or small groups.  If you have an interest in reconnecting to nature in this magnificent sanctuary, please contact me directly at [email protected].  The powerful Sedona hexagram where 12 dragon lines come together can nurture your soul, rejuvenate your body temple, clear your mind of fear and self-doubt as it awakens the gifts you hold inside that are meant to be shared at this time.

The magick our beautiful tribe, cocreated together with the Kogi, the morning of the Spring Equinox, will now be woven into the Atlantean spiritual center of Bimini as we again commune with the star beings during our human – dolphin connection at the time of Beltane.   So excited to share with our tribe.

Wishing you inner peace and joy as we continue to navigate a new year with clear focus and an open heart.  Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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