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You Don’t Create What You Want, You Create What You Believe

Be the Dream

The final super full moon of 2019 occurs on March 20th/21st the same time as the Equinox which adds to the potent energy of creation.  A portal opens and allows a new wave of energy to flow into our consciousness.   This begins the start of a new astrological year and the beginning of a new cycle.   With a full moon, the Goddess is pregnant with possibilities and we are in our full creative potential.  Super full moons can make people feel restless, as they are releasing old issues from the past that are coming up to the surface in a big way and remember Mercury is still retrograding through an emotional water planet. We are each breaking through our old illusions.  With the equinox, we have a rare moment when there are equal portions of light and dark, and an opportunity to pause and gather our wisdom and truth.  We have to wipe the slate clean and get ready to begin again.  Zero is the number of infinite potential, and the March Super Full Moon falls at zero degrees of Libra.  At the precise moment of the full moon we will actually have three planets in the cosmos aligned at the vibration of zero.  For those who are members of our online subscription series, I have now added a Full Moon ritual to help you work at a deeper level with the energy of infinite potential at this special time.  In the next few days I will be adding a guided audio meditation. Click Here. 

New Zealand

With the recent tragic event that has occurred in New Zealand, my heart home, I ask that everyone who is part of our spiritual family take this night to create what we believe, A world where humanity is kinder and more accepting, a global community that recognizes the need for change in the collective consciousness.  This is not a playing field of them against us, we need a consciousness of “We are all in this together and WE all must be the change”.    The unthinkable occurring in a country considered to be a land of peace is merely a wakeup call that WE need to step up our game.  This is not an isolated issue and hatred has now bled into what many believed to be the last safe sanctuary. We live in a world of polarity and are constantly intertwining with the energy field of others.  Our lesson and purpose of growth is to do the best we can to stay in our own Still point.

WE must stop making excuses as to why we remain hidden, WE must step through our fears that keep us small.  WE must move beyond the wounds we hold on to as they keep us safe in our old stories.  Under this Full Moon acknowledge you are the MAGNIFICENT ONE.

To Create What You Believe, you must look deeper to discover that this is not just what you want.  This full moon provides an optimum energy at the time of the equinox to create.

For those who wish to discover their own Magnificent One, I will be sharing the wisdom of these ancient teachings in Tasmania, Australia in April and Castle Hill. New Zealand, in May.  Special healing and prayers will be included to support Christchurch and the families who have experienced loss through a sacred water blessing and ritual.   The University of the Waitaha known as the water carriers, the people of peace, serves as the perfect place of prayer on the night where all faiths, cultures and beliefs join together.

Bimini Retreat 2019

The elders are calling to those who are willing to accept the challenge to break through the illusion and assist the sacred blue.  We have two spaces that have just opened for our Human Dolphin Encounter to Bimini for the Sedna Full Moon in September.  These sea angels are star beings assisting mankind in an inner species connection that opens the heart of the human.  Something so very needed at this time.   Dolphin hold incredibly powerful healing energies through their combination of clicks and whistles that they release into the waters.  They help the human remember the gifts and talents we have incarnated with and activate the courage to express it.  They awaken the magickal child and teach us how to experience joy.  We as humans, have to learn to put our energy into things that fill us up and realize the joy and wholeness that resides within each of us.   We all have joy flowing through us, all we need to do is learn how to tap into it. Joy flows from within, and when we tap into it, life becomes more fluid, and blissful.  We stop focusing on what we don’t have or what we perceive is not working and we create more of the things we believe. We can all use a little more joy in our life experience and we all need to take the energy we waste and focus it in on what we believe.

Wishing you a beautiful Super Full Moon.

Love, cuddles and moonbeams, Robbyne

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