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You are a cell in the body of the divine and we are transforming together

cells of universe

As Lady Gaia resets we are asked to do the same.  We as humans are not used to being, even though it is inherent in the name of our species… Human..BeingsThis time of stillness and pause can make many of us frustrated, stressed, worried, and anxious. Even though we are invited to revisit our past through the lens of the heart it can stir up old energies to be transformed.

On many of the retreats, journeys and workshops I have led in the past, (in the old world) there was a tool I would share with my students and clients.   As you prepare to birth the new you and we collectively birth the new us, I have been asked to create a video with these tools.   Even creating this has taught me patience.  Seven attempts later, please overlook the lack of professionalism and instead I ask you to tune into the beauty and the sacredness of the Red Rocks as I share a practice of mindfulness, meditation and movement that will support you on so many levels.  Then there is the Robbyne factor where technical things seem to shut down in my presence.  Perseverance, patience and the brilliance of my technical director, Guy, we finally have the finished product.

Onetangi Beach

I dedicate this to my very dear friend Trisha, from New Zealand who shared the movements with me years ago.  Being the storyteller, I needed to create a story to the movements and so my practice of mindfulness, meditation and movement was born.  We would do the practice together on my favorite beach Onetangi (which means Whispering Sands) on Waiheke Island, my heart home. I am dreaming of the time when I can return home but want to share this gift with each of you.

Kia Kaha, Stay Strong, Stay Healthy, Be Love.

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