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World Invocation Day

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Join the Celebration

Full Moon Meditation with the Andara

Crystal and Drumming Circle

Sunday June 7th, 2009

7:00 – 9:30 pm

Cost $45.00


There are three very powerful Full Moons that occur each year prior to the Summer Solstice known as the Three High Moons of Spring. The first one is the April Full Moon which awakens nature herself. A night to acknowledge the unseen world and make a request that the nature spirits work more closely with mankind.  The second Full Moon is the Taurus full moon known as the Wesak Moon that occurs once a year when the Masters gather in the Wesak Valley and the Buddha brings forth healing light for all beings that share our world.  This is a time when we are reminded of compassion and forgiveness.    The third and final of these High Moons occurs in June and is said to be the Festival of Christ.  It has been observed as the World Invocation Day, since 1952. The Festival of the Christ follows one month after Wesak at the time of the full moon of Gemini , a time when one is more open to universal wisdom and the rememberance of ones purpose in serving mankind.  Hearts are open and it creates yet another opportunity for groups to gather to pray for peace and unity for our global community.  A time when mankind aspires to be more Godlike by blending and merging all different spiritual approaches in a united act of invocation. The three full moon festivals of spring are destined to become a focal point in the new Aquarian Age, as more and more people come together to celebrate that Humanity is One despite religious or cultural differences.

The idea of the return of Christ is a most familiar one in response to human need and  has its place in the teaching of the majority of the world faiths.   The truth is the christed energy exists within each of us already and it is only when we join together in support of one another and realize it is up to us to protect our world and live in harmony with nature will the presence of Christ be realized.  Just as the Buddha teaches compassion and forgiveness, the Christed one teaches unconditional love and acceptance. He teaches that the Divine Source, called by many names in many lands, recognized as Great Spirit to many indigenous tribes is a loving presence that does not care if you follow the teachings of the Christian faith, the Buddha, Mohammed, Wirrococha, Quetzalcoatl, Ra, the teachings of the First Nation People or any other order.  As long as we respect one another, embrace one another and extend a hand of support without judgment or hidden agendas then we become the living expression of this presence of light.  Each day another soul awakens, each day we bring our world back into balance even when it appears we are spinning into a world of chaos.

This is a time to receive healing and blessings, to feel the loving support that is available to us but also to be a part of something grand in awakening the consciousness of humanity. This is an opportune time to invoke, receive and channel this electromagnetic force directly to the planet, stimulating and activating the expression of Goodwill and unification of all Human Relations. With the increase in activity from the nature kingdom sharing with our world, this night will be an optimal time to join together.  During the day I will be teaching the Faery Magick and World of Enchantmentworkshop (there is still space available) which will create a powerful energy inviting the nature beings into our circle.  In the evening we will be celebrating this very special Full Moon.   You are invited to join with others for the magick of this night in the enchanted backyard as we experience a wonderful drumming ceremony and meditation with the andara crystal. The andara crystal was charged with the sacred waters and holds the blessings that were emitted during the Wesak  Full Moon celebration.  If you are available I encourage you to experience this very special night of unity and celebration of the human spirit.  Through drumming a unique healing can occur as we learn to experience living fully in the moment and feel ourselves being taken into the healing of the Divine Mother.  This is a night not to be missed!!!!

Please RSVP to Robbyne LaPlant-Seaman

at 949-361-7729 or email

[email protected]

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