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Women Celebrating and Supporting Women

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Women Celebrating and Supporting Women

Sunday, March 29th

1:00 – 5:00pm


Throughout history women would gather together at times of turmoil, times of transition and change, times of uncertainty and times of celebration, to share, to support, to laugh and love. It has been this bond and this devotion to the divine feminine that has always moved our species forward and will continue to move us fully into the Aquarian Age. It is written and spoken of this time in every culture and every religion around our beloved Mother Earth. I invite you to experience an afternoon of women celebrating women. In our community we have some very special women dedicated to the health and well being of other women. Women who have wonderful gifts and knowledge to share and it’s my desire to create an afternoon where you can experience many wonderful alternative health systems and services that can indeed restore that sense of inner calm, balance, health and joy into your life and help you to maintain it. Sunday, March 29th is Women Celebrating Women Day. Beginning at 1:00pm I invite you to attend a gathering of Goddesses, wisdom keepers, sages and healers to share an afternoon of laughter, celebration, and sisterhood. Come and meet:

Kristina from Five Elements Day Spa in San Clemente joins us as we explore state of the art approaches to holistic treatments to make you look and feel better.  Discover how the energetic principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) – the “Five Element Theory” (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) can be incorporated into your life to restore beauty and health from within. Kristina will be sharing her knowledge and providing demonstrations on these wonderful services to detox the body restoring health and beauty, youth and vitality.  Five Elements offers many wonderful services and we are privileged to have Kristina share and demonstrate two of these with us today.


ELD (Energetic Light Drainage) – light is the purest form of energy and frequencies of light in harmony with the various aspects of vital-energy.  Combined with lymphatic drainage, this is a powerful treatment to rebalance and detoxify the body.

Ionic Foot Detox Spa – Toxins hamper our body’s ability to heal itself and leave us prone to illness and disease.  The Ion Detox Foot Spa creates a naturally stimulating and relaxing detoxification session.  The process of water ionization and osmosis energy ions helps the body release toxins.  www.5elementsdayspa.com

When we feel beautiful we become living expressions of the Goddess and exude that beauty and light out to the world.  Rosa from Minart’s Boutique and Salon in San Clemente joins us as she shares her amazing discoveries of beauty and an innovative skin technology to repair, rejuvenate and replenish the Goddess inside your body temple.  Rosa is a paramedic esthetician with 28 years experience that will share and demonstrate the amazingly powerful Peptide Peel to restore youth, vitality, and vibrancy to your face.  Our delicate skin is exposed daily to toxins in the environment, creating the aging appearance of our skin.   The peptide peel diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, supports healing and repairing skin thspa_facialat has been damaged from environmental toxins, evens skin texture and complexion, improves hydration, increases skin firmness and thickness.  The products used are all environmentally friendly.  They have not been tested on animals nor do they contain any animal derived collagen.   They restore beauty and vitality with all natural products, without surgery or synthetic additives.    The women’s face is a canvas that expresses her journey.  It should be pampered and treated like a Goddess.

Physical beauty is created when ones mind has balance and harmony.  When we are experiencing mental health and well being we become an expression of the Goddess.   RhonaGuided Imagery and Clinical Hypnosis Therapist, with offices in Anaheim Hills and in Mission Viejo, will share with us why Guided Imagery is the language of the mind. Neuroscientists have now proven that your thoughts are extremely powerful in your overall health and well being.  What you think becomes your biology by changing the molecular drama withicopy-1-of-successn every cell.  Your body has information molecules called peptides and their receptors that regulate every aspect of your human physiology.  With each different thought or emotion the physiology of your body changes affecting the autoimmune system, the nervous system, heart rate, and blood pressure, breathing rhythms elimination, digestion, sleeping and energy levels.  Your body creates health through imagery.  Rhona will share how you can talk directly to your body’s natural pharmacy the cells, the peptides and molecules, creating a healthy mindful life style.  http://www.Rhonaimagery.com

With all this fabulous information being shared you are bound to feel a pang of hunger during the afternoon and we will be sharing a very special treat with you.  22 Reasons to Incorporate Dark Chocolate and Acai into your health Regimen.  Yes, we will provide information giving you permission to eat chocolate even if you are diabetic…and yes you will have the chance to sample several xocai_group_picturehealthy chocolate products. Chocolate was very sacred to the Mayan and the Inca. The Aztecs associated chocolate with Xochiquetzal, the goddess of fertility.  At one time it was traded as currency because of its powerful known healing abilities. Quetzycoatal the great Mayan Chief believed it had magical powers of eternal youth. Vivian will share with us the latest discoveries and health benefits of eating healthy chocolate daily.  http://mxi.myvoffice.com/darkandrich/

To maintain harmony in ones life we all need that special environment that supports our journey, a place to retreat.  Linda will be sharing the art of creating that place of power and harmony. Linda describes sacred space as the followsmudge-kit-grande-websm1ing: We are Sacred Beings; each and every one of you reading this has a special purpose on the Earth today. In my own journey for Harmony, I have experienced seeing and feeling how my home becomes my Sanctuary, my Sacred Space.  It all begins with you so please join with me, in a fun, creative, and enjoyable way to Celebrate the Goddess inside of you and create your very own Sacred Space.  See you at White Wolf Journeys on March 29th a beautiful Sacred Space.  Blessings and Bliss Linda O’Kane. Linda can be reached at [email protected]

Beauty, Art, Balance, Healing through color – Alexandra has worked in the fine jewelry indimg_5091austry for many years.  She has taken that knowledge and turned it into a passion of creating beautiful chakra bracelets using Swarvoski crystals and gemstones.  Besides being exquisite pieces of wearable art they balance ones energy field.  She will have many on display for those who are interested in purchasing one of these hand made beauties.

Sound and the Magenta Ray will complete this magical day of Women celebrating Women. We will join together in a special meditation with the powerful healing sounds of the Emerald Green/Magenta Ray singing bowl to empower woimg_5107men throughout the planet and create a circle of light supporting all the women who have gathered in the realization of their dreams.  We live in a time where anything is possible if we hold the belief that YES WE CAN! You will have an opportunity to experience the remarkable healing benefits of the Magenta Ray Tuning fork.  You will also experience eating the rainbow and learn the healing aspect of including the rainbow in your diet daily as the Chef prepares some tasty treats for all the Goddesses.

A Donation of Love of $10.00 is requested with the proceeds going to support the Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, a sacred place where these most precious animal img_1127teachers are rescued and protected.  The guardian of the wolf sanctuary creates a loving environment for troubled youth giving them and the wolves a second chance at life.  This is our chance to heal the path of destruction we as human beings have created and restore balance to our planet.

Please RSVP if you are planning on attending to Robbyne at 949/361-7729 or by email at Robbyne @whitewolfjourneys.com

Location: 40 Via Zaragoza San Clemente, CA 92672

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