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Wolf Full Moon – January 30, 2010?


By meditating at the time of the full moon, we acknowledge our deep connection to the universe, to the Goddess and to all of nature.  We can experience the spiritual connection that exists between humanity as a whole and all sources of light, love and power.   All of this is present in the cosmic spider web that joins all of life together.   The Full Moon presents us with opportunity, a time in which we can allow spiritual energies to reach human hearts and minds.  We become part of a network of light. In places where groups meet this channel of light is extremely strengthened.  It is a conscious and deliberate process, a reorientation of the heart and mind towards sources of spiritual energy. A conscious direction of these energies being sent out into the world, using the mind to create thought currents that will carry new ideas into the world of human thought.  When circles of light around the world make a conscious effort to unite these energy sources, waves of love and light are fused into the web and a great awakening can occur.

Humanity is in a state of turmoil today in preparation for a monumental step forward in self-conscious unfoldment.  The spiritual leaders, teachers, healers and messengers are equally in a state of turmoil. They are being tested and tried, prior to taking a major step forward. If you are reading these words this is a message to you. You have within you a great capacity to respond to these tests, to see the world from a larger perspective, which means to see beyond the illusion and fear we are surrounded in.  You are here to aid in the human reorientation from a material focus, which is collapsing all around us to a spiritual focus.

During the full moon period spiritual energy is more directly available in this spiritual alignment. A spiritual door opens and inspiration flows into our consciousness. At the time of the full moon we can align to our true divine self and can manifest all that we desire.    Group meditations create circles of pure light, allowing each participant to make contact with the Angelic and Celestial realms, the Teachers and Masters of Humanity as well as the animal allies that join us on our journey.   Group meditations provide an opportunity to “seed” new concepts within the minds of humanity, revealing the path to move us through this time of crisis and awakening of the human soul.

I will be joining together with a wonderful group of souls in Switzerland on this night to create one of these powerful doorways to bring forth the energy of this Full Moon, the first of 2010 and the first of this decade.  In this year of rebirth, this will bring forth the light that illuminates the new pathway that is opening to each of us.  Wherever you are in the world as our beautiful spiritual family continues to grow, you will feel the connection to our circle.  If you can take a moment to connect and receive the healing light your destiny can be revealed to you and answers that you seek regarding the coming year can be revealed.

This is of course my favorite Full Moon with my strong connection to the White Wolf.  For many of you that have the Sabbat Celebrations and 2010 Ritual Book you will find a very special ritual to be performed on this night.  It is also an opportune time to do the Uncrossing Ritual to complete a cycle or chapter in your life and prepare to step forward. On this night prepare an altar with a circle of 12 tea lights. For those of you who did the New Moon Ritual and charged your dream stone, place the dream stone in the center.  Place a larger votive candle in the center as well.  Light the circle of candles and hold your dream stone over your heart.  Sit in stillness and sacredness closing your eyes down and feel your soul connecting to the group in Switzerland.  Feel your crown chakra open and receive the light as it flows through the celestial doorway into the world of man and flows into your consciousness.  Focus on breathing the light into your entire being.  See what thoughts or messages flow into your consciousness.  Open your eyes and light the center candle asking that the next part of your journey be revealed.  Call upon the spirit of the White Wolf to guide you and pay attention to any messages that are revealed at this time.  Allow yourself to remain in this beautiful healing light as long as possible.  When you are complete give gratitude and send your prayers back into the cosmic spider web.  See that the fibers of light that surround the earth become illuminated with the prayers and focused thought of all of us around the world now joined together in prayer and love.

May the White Wolf guide your path and may you feel protected and loved.   Wishing you a magickal Wolf Full Moon.

Love, rainbows and hugs Robbyne

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