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Wisdom of the Yew Trees

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For those who follow the old traditions and the Earth Religion, Yew is a sacred tree. I have always found that my place of worship is outside in nature. The Druids and Pagans of the past believed that God and the Goddess had always intended for worship and celebrations honoring the turning of the seasons to be outside in a cathedral of great standing tall ones. Magnificent trees, whose branches shelter the birds of the air, provide homes for the animals and serve as a constant reminder to the world of human that our true purpose is to always grow towards the light.

The roots of these ancient wisdom keepers take on different external expressions and appearances in each part of the world, but for those connected to the Goddess, it is the Yew Tree in the ancient lands of Avalon that holds mystery and healing for the spiritual seeker who is called to sit with one of these ancient teachers.


Guarding the doorway to the unseen world the two magnificent yew trees that stand at the opening of the gardens of the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England, always seem to call me home. As our group gathered we honored these ancient ones and stood in stillness to receive the guidance they offered.


As we stepped through the doorway, we could feel we had inter-dimensionally shifted. Blessed with a gorgeous evening we were allowed to be in the sacred gardens alone after the Chalice Well was closed to other visitors. We each stepped first into the healing waters to cleanse and purify, honoring the sacred waters before gathering together at the holy well.


I had brought waters from the Dragon Lake in Tibet, blessed at the time of the Wesak Full Moon, waters from Bridgit’s Holy Well in Ireland, from Iona, the mystical island of dreams in Scotland, and waters from St. Nectan’s Glen in England.


We each blessed the waters with love and poured them into the holy well symbolizing our prayer of one world joined together as one light. Our earth is a water planet and we as water beings are expressions of the God and Goddess. The power of placing intention into sacred water ways allows the energetic blueprint to travel through the dragon lines where these holy springs and wells are found. Together we sang to the Goddess and filled our souls with the nurturing light that comes from a holy place such as this.


There are two places in the world where the white and the red springs flow together. One is here in the Chalice Well of Avalon and the other is in Mount Shasta in the United States. It is said that there is an etheric amethyst bridge that joins these two sacred sites upon the dragon lines together. The Merlin from the times of Avalon is another incarnation of Saint Germaine whose mystery school exists above Mount Shasta.


The sun began to set and I knew our final day would be the most powerful yet as we would be entering the center circle of Stonehenge for a sunrise ceremony the next morning. When I was guided to plan the journey to the enchanted lands, I had not been aware that we would begin on a new moon and would be ending with our final ceremony in the sacred stones on a Full Moon in the energies of the Autumn Equinox. I love the divine perfection and synchronistic events that happen when one allows spirit to handle the details.



The next morning we were up at o’dark thirty to journey to the sacred stones. Stonehenge has been described by many people in many different ways but for me it is a place of ancient ceremony. A place of death where one feels very strong male energy.



To be within the center of this sacred site is a gift and to be there when the sun rises during the “tween” times is an experience that leaves one without words to describe. I have had many amazing experiences within these ancient stones but I had never seen such a magnificent sunrise as we would be gifted with this morning. The burst of colors lit the morning sky with a brilliance of magenta, pink, lavender and orange. We had come to sing to the stones. Perhaps it was the energy of the Full Moon and the timing of the equinox when there are equal portions of light and dark but when we began to sing to the stones with the crystal singing bowls I could truly hear the stones sing back.



We joined hands and created a ceremonial procession into the stones where we prepared an altar asking for each of us to be aligned with our higher purpose. It is said that the stones serve as a galactic computer that can activate ones inner knowing and reset ones personal rhythm in alignment to that of divine spirit. The guards recognized us from the year before as we recognized them and there was a joyful exchange that day as I promised to return.



The last place of power we would visit to activate the dragon lines was Avebury. One of my favorite places. Very different than Stonehenge as this is a place of birth, where the Goddess and the divine feminine energy is felt. Even though the stones are very powerful here, I always journey first to the faery trees. It is beneath these trees that Tolkien actually channeled the stories of the Lord of the Rings. A major doorway to the unseen world.


There are no trees quite like these anywhere. One feels themselves anchored into the earth and pulled into another world of fantasy and enchantment. I have spent hours beneath these trees receiving guidance and remembering a time long ago when the world of human and that of the unseen lived together in harmony.



We continued to the stone of the Faery Queen where each of us would take a turn connecting deeper into the unseen. Standing together in our final ceremony to give birth to a new way of being and activate the dragon lines with the seed of a new vision we were grateful for all we had been gifted with.


Our journey together in the enchanted lands was ending and yet a new journey was beginning for each of us. I knew we had each been given a gift that day as we came together for our final circle to acknowledge the unseen world and honor the Code of the Dragon. We were seed carriers and we each made a commitment to step fully into our destiny with the powerful energies that 2014 would bring.

I wish to acknowlege and thank those from our spiritual family who joined together on each of the journeys to the enchanted lands to activate the dragon lines and pray for one world united in one light. I also want to thank those of you who supported this journey with your prayers as well. I look forward to sharing more magickal experiences with those who are called to join me and am currently organizing a journey to connect with the Whale Spirits in Maui for February 2014.

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Wishing you a magickal week.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne



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