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White Wolf Oils

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White Wolf Journeys Oils are a bridge to the nature kingdom that supports life for all humanity. An excellent form of vibrational healing to raise the body’s hertz frequencies to levels that hold balance, health and well being while one moves through this earthwalk with grace and ease. Each ois is created with the purest ingredients from sacred lands around the world and combined for the vibrational frequency that is created for healing purposes. They are aged within the moon cycles before they are bottled and placed in ceremony to bring forth the vibrational blueprint each of the flower spirits carry. Each of the oils joins heaven and earth together and marries the mind and body. There are affirmations and mantras spoken as the Mother base is created and they are always put in ceremony with the Andara crystal which holds the same frequencies that registers love. It is for this reason the teachers around the world have shared time and again that love is the highest frequency that exists on the earth. If we maintain this frequency, we remain in a place of truth that we are the divine walking on earth. The production of the oils is limited and once they are gone they are gone. Each year new oils are created in alignment with planetary shifts that are occurring and when a sacred site is visited.

The great scholar Hippocrates, after studying in ancient Egypt recommended a daily bath and massage with essential oils as the basis for a sound health regimen.

The following is a brief description of each oil. Classes in how to work with both the tuning forks and oils are available as well as a manual containing extensive information on all the products.

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Much can be learned when we sit still and experience the messages the stone people have to share with us.  The andara crystal was placed in the Mother base after being on Spider Rock, in Canyon de Chellys.  This sacred rock held great spiritual significance to the First Nation people.  Believed to be the place where the holy people lived and the origin of the cosmic spider web, one can connect to the healing energies offered from this sacred place for the children of earth when their journey becomes filled with difficulty and challenge.   Spider Rock sits on the same leyline as Uluru or Ayers Rock in Australia and was equally as sacred to the Aboriginal tribes.   The ancestors would come to this place seeking vision, healing and nurturing from Grandmother Spider.  On the rock is a clear image of the Black Madonna assuring her children that she is always present when called upon and belongs to all who seek her assistance.  This oil has been charged in a medicine wheel ceremony to call forth the wisdom of the stone beings and has tremendous healing properties. If placed on a crystal or stone the oil can actually help one to communicate with the spirit of the stone and receive messages from these earth guardians and record keepers to unlock the memory of Spider Woman’s medicine.


The spirit of the trees gives us insight and focus. A deep inner strength is given as we find our solid footing in times of change and challenge. The aroma of the forests brings a sense of knowing when one has lost there way as the standing tall ones have never lost that connection to the heavens. This is a combination of many the tree spirits that offer there healing medicine to the world of human, cedar, pine and fir.  The silver fir is symbolic of the silver cord that connects our spirit to the physical realm. This oil can open us to the wonders of the unseen world.

From the void of darkness all of creation begins.  From the furthest point of light our connection to the universe begins.  This oil is the next accelerated frequency connecting to Isis and Maria Magdalena.   This very special oil was carried into the energies of the last frontier, the crystal point of light that holds the blueprint to creation and charged in the Blue Ice of Antarctica.  The Black Madonna and the teachings of the Church of the Rose have held this knowledge since the beginning and the frequency of this light is being infused through the central crystal point of Antarctica into the grid.  This oil frequency can help you tap into your own universal field of creation.  You are creative potential in constant motion and utilizing this oil can help you solidify and manifest all that you have ever desired to be.  It can assist you in living and expressing your full destiny.  Place on the third eye during times of meditation and visualization and over the heart center to help you tap into your creative potential.


There will be a new oil introduced at the time of the seminar in the Black Forest called Faery Magick, which opens one to the realm of faery and the unseen world, creating a new and deeper partnership with the nature kingdom.  This oil was charged in the energies of the labyrinth in Chartres at the time of the Spring Equinox. Each spring, there comes a day when the hours between sunrise and sunset are exactly equal to the hours between sunset and sunrise. And we call this the “spring equinox”. Likewise, there comes a day each fall when the hours of darkness and the hours of daylight are exactly in balance. And we call this the “autumn equinox”.   These are powerful days of awakening, enlightenment and healing, because these times of year are simply a part of how this planet works.  They are not associated to any particular religion they belong to everyone, as they are the holy days of nature.   The vibration of the new emerald green/magenta singing bowl has been charged into the oil as well and the mother andara crystal placed in the base of the oil to bring all together in harmony with nature. Restoring balance within ourselves to reconnect our heart beat to the heartbeat of the Mother Earth and opens us to the teachings of the First Nation people.  “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”


The truth behind the enigma of Mary Magdalena is revealed with the application of this essence in ceremony or ritual. When one wishes to unite all aspects of the Goddess, the maiden, the nurturing mother, the passionate lover, the companion and partner, the teacher, the high priestess, the physical expression of the great Initiator Isis. Created on the night of the Summer Solstice and charged on a Venus Full Moon within a sacred circle of light, this oil can assist one in healing issues of abandonment, isolation and loneliness. It moves one from denial of the self into the expression of the Goddess within. It assists in eliminating guilt and illusion allowing the full expression of the Goddess to emerge.


This high vibrational oil will help one connect to the realm of the star beings and the spirit of dolphin. Charged in the energy of the Sphinx on the early morning before sunrise as the Sirian star was returning to the heavens and rising above Egypt. Just as the solar eclipse was occurring, this oil will open one to communicating with the Sirian star. Dolphin teaches us that when we live in tune with the patterns and rhythm of nature, we learn how to truly be in touch with, resonate and communicate with All That IS. Dolphins are connected with the power of breath and with emotional release, which are also both deeply connected. One of the most important factors in spiritual growth is to give ourselves the freedom of fully experiencing our feelings and emotions. Dolphin teaches us that in attuning to the rhythms and patterns of nature we can learn true communication and share this wisdom with others. It is also about learning to breathe; we forget sometimes to breathe deeply and fully. Remember that to breathe is to live. This magical oil can helps us attune to our natural rhythms and personal timing, opening the intuitive channels for guidance when to take action and when to remain still. Breathing life into our dreams.

This powerful oil will instantly clear the mind of doubt and worry. A beautiful blend of Eucalyptus and peppermint known for its ability to bring great clarity and a remembrance of the old ways. It is critical for us to change our thoughts and our way of being. We have become disconnected from the world of oneness and this vibrational frequency connected to the Grandmother Wisdom Keepers can help us remember that sense of oneness with everything from the seen and unseen world that is vibrating within our experience. This oil helps us connect to the clarity of wisdom being offered by the 13 crystal skulls.

This is a very special blend of orange, lemon and lime, infused with the andara crystal which holds the spirit of the hummingbird and the vibration of the emerald singing bowl that holds the vibration of Lemuria. Hummingbirds are the tiny messengers of the divine. While Eagle carries our prayers to Great Spirit it is the hummingbird that moves in and out of the dimensions bringing back guidance to our world. Hummingbirds are the messengers of joy and happiness and a reminder of our true destiny. This oil opens your heart to laughter and can ease the sense of anguish and hopelessness we feel from time to time when our load becomes to heavy and we do not feel we can carry all that we are being asked to. This also assists when we are clearing out old negative imprints from our energy field. Because hummingbird comes from the fourth dimension this oil can assist us in balancing the energies that are moving us into a fourth dimensional reality.

This is powerful oil that opens one to the mystery schools and communication with the Masters. Opens the memory cells to the times of spiritual harmony and union. This oil vibrates to the words of the great Lakota nation Mi Tako Oyasin which means we are all related and touches us on a deep level. When used just prior to sleeping this oil can assist in transporting us to the mystery schools to receive guidance and clarity. In the waking hours it can open the channels of communication with the beings of Telos who are supporting our journey and allows us to access the violet flame of Saint Germaine.

Made from pure musk oil, known as one of the holiest of oils to the Egyptians and used in ceremony to prepare their offerings, this oil opens one to the spirit world of communicating with our spirit animals who walk alongside us guiding our journey and opening us to the unseen world. Today, as in the old days, American Indians give special recognition to the power of the animal spirits. These practices allow one to remain connected to the animal guides so they may teach us their powers and give as lessons of life. These acts remind us that all things in creation are our brothers, sisters, cousins, and more importantly, our teachers and friends. As humans, we too are animal spirits.


This oil opens one to feel a greater connection with the star family that lovingly supports our journey. Opening us to the memory of all that has ever taken place on the earth plane and a remembrance to the past lives that are influencing us at this time in our own evolution. It helps us reconnect to our own soul wisdom and talents, accessing our memory when we have walked as healers, teachers and leaders, helping us move into our greater and true potential as we open to the cosmic library that contains our personal records. These floating libraries of light have recorded every thought, every action and every moment of the earth’s history. The sound frequency they carry through the waterways helps us remember our own soul journey.

This beautiful oil is a combination of pure rose oil and pure jasmine oil known to open the heart and the mind into perfect union to receive guidance from the divine feminine. The first nation people speak of the time when White Buffalo Woman came to them to teach the ways of the peace pipe ceremony as well as how to live in harmony with the earth and to live a good life in peace with all relations. It is said that from White Buffalo Woman also known as Changing Woman the four directions were born. There is a stone that represents each of the four directions. She gave birth to the four natural energies available to us in the greater cosmos. She moves around the circle of life with the seasons. This oil was prepared in sacred ceremony with each of these stones placed in the mother base. Turquoise, red coral, mother of pearl and obsidian from an arrowhead found in an ancient Anasazi ceremonial site. This oil can help us move into harmony with our own personal timing and the remembrance of the ancient teachings.

Blessings of Venus 

Created in New Zealand at the time of the rare Venus Transit and Full Moon lunar eclipse.  It holds the Venusian energies gifted to Mother earth while Venus was transiting the sun, qualities of beauty, creativity, harmony and love.  This beautiful blend of high vibrational oils ignites the creative passion within and assists in helping one restore harmony and beauty into their life.  The unique combination of oils contains healing medicine to clear old imprints of suppression allowing the divine feminine to be expressed in a balanced and harmonious way.  When placed on the third eye and heart center the frequency of the oil creates the alchemical marriage of the male and female, allowing one to hear the knowing heart while silencing the thinking, worrying mind.  The combination ignites courage to step forward as it clears the he art of loss and betrayal.  Venus is the divine Goddess of love, beauty and sensuality, by placing the oil on ones wrists and breathing in the essence of these beautiful flowers and herbs it activates the kundalini energies.

Heart of Bali 

This oil was created at the time of the Wesak Full Moon in Bali during sacred ceremony when the earth was being gifted with the special healing waters that open the heart to unconditional love.  This is very different from the Spirit of Bali Oil created in 2005 as the vibration of the plant beings has accelerated to support the world of human. The flowers and grasses combined in this beautiful oil bathe one in the energies of unconditional love reminding us of the beauty of this earth walk.  When placed on the heart, enlightenment center, medulla oblongata and crown chakra it restores a deep knowing of ones earth walk.  Opening one to receive the healing properties of nature.  This oil helps one through times of challenge and change by restoring a deep feeling of inner peace reminding one that when we love life with o ur entire being, life loves us back and all of nature recalibrates itself to bring us a sense of peace, restoring balance and opening the heart to experience love.  This oil frees one from holding on to the old patterns of guilt and fear.  The WESAK Full Moon brings an opportunity to open a doorway in the mind to the remembrance of our soul purpose and can be extremely beneficial when one falls into fear, feels blocked or loses their way.

Mystical Avalon 

Created in the violet energies of the Masters in Mount Shasta this oil will be carried into the sacred temple of Avalon at the place of the Chalice Well.  The combination of oils comes from the flowers and plants of Mount Shasta as well as those that grow in the countryside of England.  There is an etheric bridge that joins Mount Shasta with Glastonbury, England and can reawaken the memory of Avalon.  When placed on quartz crystals or the andara crystal, if the stone is placed on the earth it can activate the Dragon Line, infusing the earth grid with love.  When placed on ones heart it recalibrates and balances ones bio circuitry to come more into balance with the higher frequencies of light and can support ones physical body temple as we continue to receive the high frequencies of light being sent from Andromeda.&nbs p; Both Mount Shasta and Glastonbury sit in alignment with the Andromeda star and are key energy points anchoring the higher light frequencies into the cosmic spider web.  The oil opens one to receive clear guidance from the natural world, enhancing ones ability to communicate with the plant and stone beings.  Will enhance the healing powers of the tree and mineral beings to restore balance to ones physical body if placed on the thymus gland.  Amplifies the healing energies if used with the Avalon tuning forks.

Spirit of White Owl 

As the vibration of the planet continues to accelerate this oil can assist one in seeing through the illusions of their life experience to support creating the dream.  The oil contains clary sage, sacred to the Native Americans for clearing negativity and Palo Santo sacred to the Mayan, Inca, and indigenous tribe’s of South America for its healing properties and ability to clear negativity and create sacred space.  A piece of the holy wood was infused into the mother base.  Frankincense and other high vibrational oils such as Angelica and Helicrysum, known to uplift ones soul essence and clear away feelings of sadness, fear, doubt and depression were added to help one see clearly any situation or person who is not in harmony with their purpose or true dream.  This is an excellent oil to clear the body temple of lower vibrational energies or doubts and can protect one from outside influences and negative thought forms. Use in sacred ceremony to bring everyone into union with clear and focused intention by placing on the wrists, third eye, crown, medulla oblongata and heart center.


Created at the time of the Super Full Moon and turning of the cosmic wheel at the Spring Equinox, this powerful oil of love was charged on the leyline of Mount Shasta before the great generator crystal which was placed on the cosmic web connecting to the mystery school of the Master Saint Germaine and the crystal being within the mountain.  The crystal positioned in the mountain is receiving the vibrational waves of light coming in from Andromeda to support mankind through these energetic shifts as we continue to move from the 4th world to the 5th world.  This oil contains pure rose from Egypt known to open the heart to receive, frankincense that takes one from the ego mind to the mind of the heart, Vetier, known as the oil of Tranquility, Neroli used to open the mind to higher realms of consciousness, Angelica and Pettigrain, all known to uplift one’s spirit to joyously open to the realm of universal love.

Andromeda Tuning Fork

The Andromeda Galaxy is 2 million light years away; it is the most distant object we can see unaided with the naked eye. Seen without a telescope, the galaxy is about twice the diameter of the full moon from earth.  Andromeda holds the frequency of divine love.  The influence of this brilliant star frequency enhances ones ability to understand the long-term purpose of the divine plan of humanity’s evolution.  It opens one up to recall different life forms, such as those incarnations as dolphins, whales, beings in the natural world such as faeries and earth energies.  Working with the energy of Andromeda can enhance one’s ability to perceive the overall picture eliminating fear and doubt bringing courage and sense of divine purpose to the Faith keepers.   The energy of the galaxy can be attuned to directly when one is receiving light through dance, music, meditation and even the dreamtime.   The Andromeda system is a mirror reflection of the Milky Way galaxy yet has remained within the higher vibrational frequency of Universal Love.  Awareness of the love principle contributing to the souls evolution and the higher purpose of contributing the earth’s evolution is brought into our consciousness with this vibrational frequency.  It is from the Andromeda system that the energy of the dark mother Goddess can be attuned.  Working with this tuning fork can assist in earth healing to activate the song and heart lines on the earth grid and is the frequency to activate the 11:11 code.

Rainbow Serpent Oil 

As we move into the year of the Rainbow Serpent a new oil is available to enhance the dreamstate and activate the kundalini energy.  There will be several stargate activations that will facilitate a flow of celestial light to the earth during the course of the year.    In 2011 we will experience five eclipse, two total lunar eclipses and three solar eclipses. The Rainbow Serpent Oil will assist one in aligning with personal truth as the pathway to enlightenment will be illuminated during these powerful eclipse alignments.  This oil will open one to the shamanic mind and allow one to enter the dreamtime.  This oil was created at the time of the 10:10:10 and carried to the sanctuary of Mount Shasta at the time of the Venus Full Moon.   It was bottled just after the Lunar Eclipse on the  Winter Solstice and placed in sacred ceremony in my medicine wheel.  It was again charged within a circle of 33 souls at the time of the 1:1:11 when the first wave of celestial light was received from Andromeda.   One can reach a heightened state of awareness as you step into the dreaming when working with the vibrational frequency this very special oil emits.    A beautiful combination of pure musk and myrrh from Egypt, orange from the mysterious sacred valley of Peru known for its fertility and abundance, peppermint and eucalyptus from Australia, a land known to hold the blueprint of moving through sudden and dramatic change.  This combination charged with the andara crystal creates an energetic blend of support to all the subtle energy bodies as well as opens one to the dreamtime.  Place on your wrists, the medulla oblangata (the point where the neck and skull come together also known as the well of dreams) and your third eye.  Rub your wrists together and breathe the sacred oil into your auric field.  This oil will enhance your meditations, especially when listening to the guided meditations on the crystal singing bowl CD and will enhance the power of visualization as you create your own dreamscape.  When used in combination with the Uluru Tuning Fork one can experience a cellular energy shift assisting one in breaking through old illusions and untruth to align one with their original soul blueprint and dream.

ULURU Tuning Fork 

The oldest civilization of mankind that still exists on the earth is the Aborigines of Australia.  This group of earth guardians and descendants of ancient Lemuria have never lost their connection to the Divine Spirit.  They utilize the dreamtime to connect to spirit and to create.  Uluru, otherwise known as Ayres Rock is the largest single stone structure in the world and the most sacred to these people.  Stored within the red rock lining of the earth mother is the memory of all that has ever existed here on earth and the deep connection to the stars.  The vibration of this tuning fork connects one to the heart of the earth and allows access into the beginning of time.  When one accesses this place in the stillness of the cosmos one sits in the presence of the creator God and his counterpart the Earth Goddess.  This tuning fork used with the Rainbow Serpent Oil  can assist one greatly in the remembrance of who they are and why they have agreed to this earth walk.  It can provide a sense of strength and well being as the red soil of this sacred place is filled with high levels of iron, which can rejuvenate the body and protect the physical vehicle while one travels into the ethereal realms for guidance and utilizes the dreamtime to create.  Place on the third eye, medulla oblongata and crown chakra to open one to the dream state and the remembrance of our divine connection to source.

Magenta Ray Tuning Fork 


The colour MAGENTA was given its name by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the late 1700?s.  After duplicating numerous times he discovered an observable phenomena that fell outside the limited parameters of Sir Isaac Newton’s “Wave Length Theory “of colour – which found its roots in passing white light through a glass prism to produce the familiar rainbow effect.  The phenomena, was the “recurring and unexplainable appearance” of an eighth colour – one which would “mysteriously appears” just beyond Violet – or just before Red, seemingly creating a Colour or Light Loop (Circular) as opposed to a Rainbow (Linear). Goethe named this elusive colour MAGENTA.   MAGENTA is both the end and the beginning of the Light Spectrum – representing the Alpha and the Omega – the fullest expression of Divine Love. As such, MAGENTA contains all the other colors including the White Light.  MAGENTA is interpreted by the most ancient teachings of the Great Mystery Schools, as the colour of the 8th chakra – “The Soul Star ” – residing just outside the physical body, and above the head. In this capacity, MAGENTA contains our individual “Soul Blueprint”, otherwise known as our “Akashic Record”.  Connection to this chakra reveals our reason for incarnating – our Divine Mission – and then further supports our energies to actualize it. It is only possible to experience the living of Heaven (Violet) on Earth (Red), when polarities no longer exist. It is for this reason that the Akashic Record is held in the MAGENTA chakra, beyond duality and the ensuing FALSE judgment this state creates.  MAGENTA is the closest connection to the Godhead possible, and as such is representative of all things great and small – all of which are of equal importance! In other words, MAGENTA is about tremendous respect for the Sacredness of all Life.  Magenta is one of the most amazing colors in our spectrum! It is the color of the sacred union of the Sun and Moon; the color, which unifies the two, ends of the rainbow. It also corresponds with the number 44 which goes with the 4th Gate of the 11:11, which is much of what we are currently experiencing as we build the foundations of our New Lives. The Magenta Ray is cosmic energy and divine love. It combines the Red and the Violet ray and brings with it a deep sense of spirituality. It connects both the root and crown chakra and brings in a very grounded perception of higher levels of communication.

Whale Tuning Forks (Set of Two)

There are two tuning forks in this high vibrational healing tool.  The first tuning fork resonates to the color green – it realigns the spine and the ribs, heals the tendons, lymph system, kidneys and thyroid.

The second tuning fork – Lower frequency than humans can hear, opens ones ability to communicate with the whales and star beings.  This tuning fork resonates to the turquoise blue color and heals the thymus and immune system.   When you strike the two together it creates a sense of relaxation so one can go deeper into their own memory to uncover knowledge of their personal journey.  Strike together and put each one at a different ear.  Strike together and use one at the front and the other at the back of the heart center to help create and opening of the heart.   The combination of the sound frequency generated with these tuning forks opens one to the deepest memory in the subconscious to create healing and altar belief systems.  These are especially powerful in this year where water is the significant element.  We are water beings living on a water planet and the whale vibration can clear body memory of emotional trauma stored on a cellular level.

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