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Where we come from has a purpose… but where we are going is what matters most…

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Autumn Equinox Retreat

in Mount Shasta 2014

Friday, September 19th

through Monday, September 22


The universe has always been a blueprint created by Grand Design. The heavens contain encoded messages allowing us to realize our creation beyond the physical and how things move in cycles eventually returning to their point of origin. If we forget our ways of tradition and celebration we separate ourselves from the divine and our experience here on earth becomes heavy with burdens, fear, doubt and sadness. Through times of celebrating the seasons of nature, we deepen our own personal power and realize the gifts we all carry within. When connecting with the sacred mountain all of our experiences are greatly heightened and we open to remembering who we are.


An important aspect of this particular celebration is drawing energy back to us, restoring balance and invoking the spiritual powers of healing and renewal to share with others in the cold and darker times of winter. The Autumn Equinox, also known, as Mabon is the perfect balance between light and dark. As we give thanks for the abundance that the long days and strong power have given, we also take this moment to balance, to rest, to simply be, preparing ourselves for the approaching winter season. It is a time of giving thanks and reflection on what has passed as we look ahead to the brightness of the future.


During this four-day retreat you will be taken to magickal places within the Mount Shasta vortex to realign your energy bodies. This magnificent display of nature will be our setting as we experience the magick and healing of the natural world while you journey inward. There are places on the mountain that serve as high energy portals allowing one to tap into their creative center and assisting one in finding their passion once again. You will be taken to the source of wisdom and power, sacred to the Native Americans for ceremony and ritual. At night we will gather for meditation. As we sit beneath the stars one can experience the Neutrino energies offered from the celestial skies.


The mystical mountain serves as a doorway to the secrets our soul searches for on this evolutionary journey. Tools for balance and inner peace, the blueprint for your own spiritual journey home. If we as a human race are to survive the changes we are currently experiencing on the planet, we must change our way of being. As the Hopi Elders have spoken, we must learn to celebrate life and unite with all of mankind and the creature beings that share our world. We must end the cycle of separation and approach every part of our experience with sacredness.


We begin on Friday evening at sunset with a celebration of gratitude as we connect with the spirit of the mountain through a powerful fire ceremony to awaken the dragon spirit and our first journey into the Mount Shasta vortex. Following dinner we gather together to connect with the Master teachers and activate the seed we carry within.

Saturday morning we will journey to Faery Meadows, listening to the wisdom of the tree spirits as we enter a world of enchantment. Here one can connect with the child finding innocence and joy once again as you find your own personal magick. You will learn to work with those of the unseen world establishing a relationship with nature. There will be time for stillness to journal and integrate the experiences the mountain offers. In the afternoon, you may wish to schedule a massage or healing session to enhance the experience of the mountain. After dinner we will gather together with a meditation around the generator crystal, experiencing the magickal healing of the crystal singing bowls. You will feel your DNA being realigned with a higher frequency of light.

Sunday after breakfast, you will move deeper into the magick and wisdom the mountain has to offer as you experience the Medicine Wheel and the ancient stone beings serving as guardians to a very special sanctuary on the mountain. Stone was the first presence birthed by Grandmother Spider Woman and holds the history of our earth experience. You will learn to access the ancient wisdom as you are gifted with your own Lemurian Seed Crystal. In the stillness of this ancient sanctuary you will find a deep connection to your divine self. The truth of who you are and where you are going. This night you will experience the ancient celebration of Mabon through ritual and journeying. We will share the Feast of Mabon together in celebration of all that the mountain has to offer. In the evening you again will experience the healing energy of the crystal singing bowls as you journey deeper within your soul story.


Monday morning you will experience the power of the obsidian stone circle as each person has an opportunity to sit with EB, the obsidian stone being that serves as a crystal computer revealing your future and healing your past. You will walk the sacred labyrinth in a walking meditation to receive guidance for your journey and experience the healing energies of the beautiful peace garden connecting to the Goddess and your own power animal. We complete our time on the mountain with a journey to Grandmother Wisdom Tree for guidance and personal messages.

Throughout our journey together you will experience:

  • Finding a renewed sense of purpose and the courage to live the life you were always intended to live not the life expected of you by others.
  • Through sacred ceremony and ritual recommit to be a steward to our beloved water planet as you receive clarity for your earth walk from Master Teachers of the mountain.
  • Reconnecting to your divine self through the activation of the seed you carry within your heart center.
  • Receive healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.
  • Restore Balance as you experience a deep sense of inner peace.
  • Experience freedom to express yourself in your truth by finding your true voice.
  • Altar your DNA as you experience a restructuring of your bio circuitry.
  • Experience profound joy as you reconnect to the child.

For those who may desire to go deeper I will be offering private sessions. Please advise in advance if you are interested in scheduling a session as there is limited times. You can contact me at [email protected].

You will be responsible for your own transportation and accommodations. If you would like to share transportation please let me know and I can assist in helping to organize this for you.

If you are flying, the closest airports and the distance to Mount Shasta:

Medford, Oregon – approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes

Redding, California – approximately 1 hour

Sacramento – approximately 3 hours

San Francisco – approximately 4 hours

For those of you flying in from out of state most flights come into San Francisco and then there is a short commuter flight to Redding or Medford.

Costs for this three night, four day transformational journey – $550.00 this


  • all tools for rituals and ceremonies
  • all meditations and experiences
  • Shamanic training to activate the ancestral and shamanic mind
  • Inner journeys and sound healing with the crystal singing bowls and tuning forks
  • All supplies for shamanic tools
  • Autumn Equinox celebration
  • The Feast of Mabon


Not included:

  • accommodations
  • transportation

These journeys fill quickly, registration is highly encouraged as we keep the numbers small to create an intimate group experience. If you would like a registration form or information on recommended accommodations, please contact guy at [email protected]. A non refundable deposit of $150.00 is due to hold your space with the balance due no later than September 1st.

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