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Where the Wind is born, A New Beginning

After the experience at Spider Rock Lupita offered to take us through the other canyon to the backside of the rock formation which we all eagerly agreed to.  We would have an opportunity to see yet another remarkable design created by the hands of nature. We drove to the other side and then hopped out of the truck to hike up to the point as close to Spider Rock as we could get and still respect the sanctuary we were privileged to enter.  As I approached the backside of Spider Rock I stopped dead in my tracks.  As I gazed upon the stone structure I clearly saw the image of the Black Madonna.


As though she had been carved into the face of the rock.  There was the Dark Mother Goddess holding her beloved child.  I wanted to be sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing in the seen world and so I asked Jeanne and Anita as they came behind me.  I pointed it out to my husband and all agreed that yes there was indeed the image of the Black Madonna in the face of Spider Rock.  Just to be sure spirit had my attention at that precise moment two crows appeared and flew directly past me.  One flew into the exact spot where the Black Madonna appeared.  There was no doubt in my mind that this was the source of the cosmic web.  My faithful winged companions had confirmed it.

Again I just stood in awe at the magnificence that I saw before me. The healing energy vibrating from the earth through my feet.  As I closed my eyes the magenta ray was visible within my sight and again I made a prayer of unity for all people to join together and to awaken to the remembrance that we are woven together by this golden thread of the cosmic spider web.

We still had 32 river crossings to make on our return back to camp and Lupita offered once again to take us to a special place.  A place where it is said, that the Wind Spirit lives.  If I thought the climb we had taken with Lupita and the boys the day before was strenuous, it was a baby step compared to where we were headed.  The landscape completely changed as we made our way to the top of the hill.  I watched Deb and Anita scale the canyon wall like two mountain goats while I chose to periodically stop and ponder life.


I had a lot of pondering to do that day, any opportunity to catch my breath and yet I was determined to make it to the top.


Lupita seemed to tip toe up the rock face effortlessly, completely at home in this sacred place.  We reached the top and there was such a sense of accomplishment amongst all of us.  Lupita took her shoes off and climbed out on the ledge that looked down to a sheer drop off.


She came back and extended a hand for me to join her.  Deb and Anita had already scurried out and it didn’t take much other than to see her hand reaching towards me and I was out there too.  I closed my eyes down and asked to connect to the Wind Spirit that lives in this place.  Almost at once the wind responded and such a force of energy came through that I was not about to move an inch for fear it would blow me from the surface of the rock I was sitting on.  What a feeling of complete freedom as though the wind would carry our spirit out into the world.  I asked the wind to carry our prayers to all four corners to awaken those still sleeping.


The wind responded with the message that change was indeed coming.  I heard my name called by the spirits of this sacred place.  My thoughts went back to the climb into the canyon and finding the snakeskin.  I knew that our lives had been forever transformed after coming home to Spider Rock.  Every part of my being felt different to me and all thoughts of doubt from my mind were cleared.  Again the wind responded with another gust of wind.  I looked around at my dear friends who were family to me and I realized none of us would be the same once we left this place.  I was grateful for the messages that were coming with greater clarity than ever before.  This was a doorway we were all stepping through to a time of new beginnings.  We were truly supporting each others journey and there was such joy as we climbed back down the rock formation.  As I stood and the wind blew across my face I felt as though I had been reborn and there was a sense that I could handle anything.  The wind told me to stay focused and not lose my way, that everything I needed was already with me and my winged companions would show me the way.


Jeanne and Lupita sat together and I witnessed an amazing exchange of love.  The two recognized each other from another time and place.  Jeanne took off a beautiful ring that had been a treasured possession to her and gifted it to Lupita.  I felt there had been great challenge in Lupita’s life and this ring given from the heart would be a source of support to help heal her heart.    As I watched I felt the emotion of two sisters who had  found each other again.  Lupita took off a special bracelet that she told Jeanne had a great story and had been with her for a long time.  I knew that this bracelet would guide Jeanne on her journey.   My heart felt joyful at this exchange of love between two strangers who remembered who they were.


I was even more joyful when my feet touched the ground. What a day!  That night after we each had a wonderful sun shower and dinner, Ted our trusted fire make had a bonfire going to warm us from the cool night air. Lupita came to join us and we each shared our story, our personal experiences as to what had drawn us to this place and what we had experienced.  When the ancestors and the nature spirits are present they some times choose to show themselves in photographs as orbs of light.


I could feel the presence of those who had walked these lands before joining us as we sat around this fire and I remembered having sat around a fire similar to this before.  With these same souls and with those who were now in spirit.  We had sat together to discuss the times that were approaching and had made an agreement to return.  I knew that we had fulfilled that promise and yet I knew I would return as there were others who would now be drawn to this place.  There were more prayers to be said for the generations that followed ours.  For now we were complete.  As I fell asleep this last night in this sacred canyon I felt there were many who would now walk with me.  I felt proud to walk amongst those who had been protecting this space for so long.  The holy ones who had gifted each of us that day with faith, strength and courage.


I will continue to weave the web and each of you will be with me.  Some of you may join me but all of you will be carried in my heart as we awaken those still sleeping, as we continue to pray for our leaders to make right choice and right decision as we continue to bridge all faiths, cultures and religions together.  This is a time of tolerance, innocence and as our dear sister Lupita shared a time for beauty to return.  This is my story and yet it is your story as well.

Love,  rainbows and a return to innocence,


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