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When you stop chasing the wrong things … you give the right things a chance to catch you.

The universe plays out our story…. It moves into the form of your heart’s true desire.  With these powerful eclipse energies I wanted to share with you from the mountain the teachings of the wise ones.   Our heart has a dream and a desire.  Our head most often is moving in the opposite direction of what our heart is telling us.  We push ourselves to do things out of fear, out of guilt,  an illusion, which then creates unnecessary stress and pressure.   We do things because of the expectation of others.  With the eclipse we have an opportunity to become crystal clear on what our heart desires.


Everything that matters in life is how we choose to look at any situation that arises.  It is who we become after an event occurs that defines our nature.  When we lose a job it is because our heart yearns to smile and give birth to the seed we carry inside.  If we end a relationship it is because our heart is speaking louder than our head and we realize this is not the partnership or friendship that is supporting us in moving forward.   Even if we are not the one who ends the relationship.  If we feel out of balance it is because we have moved too far from our still point, we are chasing the wrong things in hopes they will fill a void or bring us happiness.


Once the dust settles after sudden and dramatic change, everything becomes clear and we realize the things we resisted the most is the very thing that needed to happen in order for us to grow and move forward.  Those sudden turns in the road that seem to redirect us eventually lead us to exactly where we want to be.  What the wise ones share is have no attachment to the outcome and allow the magick to unfold when we step out of our own way.

Below is a video link sharing with you how to create sacred space to support the  energies of this upcoming Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.  Click here

Those who are members of our 2015 Sabbat Celebrations and Moon Cycles Rituals online subscription series, I have posted a powerful meditation for this night and several rituals for the full moon providing opportunities to allow endings in order to create new beginnings.  You will find several to work with and details for preparing your altar.  Please log in to see protected content for members.

Happy Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse.  May the sound of your heart speak louder than your head.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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