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When You can Give Up Being who you think you are…….You Can Become all that you truly are

As our journey to the South Island began, one could feel a dramatic shift from the north to the south island. Both have their magick and incredible beauty but there is a gentler energy one experiences in the South Island.


Flying into Christchurch I wanted to surprise our spiritual family with a stop at SHE. A beautiful restaurant dedicated to the Goddess and the mystery of chocolate.  There we were met with our inspiring presenter.  Oonagh shared  with us not only the spiritual connection to chocolate and the healing properties of the Cacao but also allowed us to experience her passion.  It is her story that was the source of inspiration.  Unhappy with her life she decided to take a risk and follow her passion for chocolate.  Little did she know where that journey would take her but she found the courage to follow her dream.

She found herself in New Zealand, in the middle of a powerful valley surrounded by seven mountains, connected to the Pleides.  This powerful vortex would create an opportunity for Oonagh to realize her dream. Here she would begin to guide others to follow their passion.  She led us through a beautiful meditation and allowed us to indulge in the wonder of chocolate.


Our journey would continue on to Akaroa, a charming  French village,  home to the enchanted world of the Giant’s house and the world’s rarest dolphin, the  Hector Dolphin.

We would find that our group had a small window to be with the dolphin before the weather would dramatically shift and no other boat would be going out.  We had originally had two boats reserved as only 18 could fit on one of the boats.  When I arrived I learned that the smaller boat was now out of commission but  they would allow our entire group on the other boat.   They warned me that a storm was coming and the seas would be rough.  They were not sure if we would be able to swim with the dolphin and if we did have a window, only 12 would be able to go.  I knew we would have a window as we had not come this far to be turned away.  It was merely a question of faith and trust.


Several in the group decided to remain behind as they needed to integrate all the experiences of the North Island.  Everyone was where they were supposed to be and it made the exact number possible for the boat.  About 20 minutes into our boat trip the dolphin appeared.  We were gifted with a very rare sight.  Just in front of the boat one beautiful sea angel leaped completely from the water acknowledging we were there.



Twelve of our group decided to get in the water to swim with the dolphin.  The winds seemed to pick up and the waters became choppy teaching those who went into the water how to find their balance when the personal challenges in life come to throw us off balance.   For those of us who remained on board we were gifted with a beautiful display of the dolphin.  As always when these beautiful sea angels appear my heart was filled with joy.  Several in the water did not realize they were completely surrounded with the dolphin as they couldn’t see them.



They just needed to be in the water to receive the healing.  The dolphin were teaching us that even though we don’t see our guides and spirit teachers they are always with us.  For those of us on the boat it was a great reminder that when we remove ourselves from the situation and the emotional drama of the stories we create in our mind,  we can see things completely different.   It allows one a better vantage point to see the situation more clearly.   I knew everyone was having the experience they needed wherever they found themselves.



Later this afternoon we visited the Giant’s House.   Created by a beautiful and awe inspiring woman Josie Martin.  I remember the first time I met her years ago she was a source of great inspiration for me.  Her vibrant blue hair and gorgeous smile.  This woman is the epitomy of youth, vitality, beauty and inspiration.  Her gardens of mosaic images inspire all who enter this world of color and light.  She seem to grow younger each year and I realize it is because she lives her dream and follows her passion.  She never stops growing or creating.


One piece in particular always appeals to me as I walk through these enchanted gardens.    Inspired after being so emotionally touched by the events of  911,  Josie created a white egg from fragmented pieces, representing that from the shadow events in our life we can put back the pieces and see that it leads to new beginnings. Together we danced and sang.   We allowed the child inside to connect to the magick.

Sometimes it is in the simple act of creating a new experience and what we choose to focus on that we give birth to something new and exciting.  It often comes  as a result of an old illusion shattering or finally letting go of an old belief.  After a relationship is shattered or we lose a job or loved one.  The dream we thought we were holding on to when shattered, provides the pieces of the dream we really want to live.


We each spent time in the wonder of the magick finding a place to just be.   Time seems to stand still in this enchanted world of color.



Each person took a turn entering the chamber of mirrors to see what illusions we carried so they could be shattered prior to our journey the next day  to Castle Hill. 


It was indeed a magickal day where the child in each of us came to life.  The Giant’s House is one of those special places where you can stay for hours mesmerized by sheer beauty and imagination.  Here the artist is inspired, the writer seems to overflow with creative expression, the singer must sing and the dancer can not stand still.   My child was delighted to just be amongst the color and the beauty of Josie’s vision.

Love and childlike magick from the Giant’s House, Robbyne

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