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When We Lose Our Focus All We Can See Are the Obstacles

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Full Moons can support us in regaining our balance, gaining clarity, reclaiming our power and assisting us in finding our focus. The full moon has long had an aura of mystery and magick about it, celebrated by cultures all over the world who followed the first religion, known as the earth religion. The moon is connected to our wisdom and intuition and many cultures around the globe choose to celebrate the full moon with a monthly ritual to connect with the Goddess. Full Moons impact the living waters within each of us, sometimes wreaking havoc with our emotions. The full moon completes a cycle, representing death, change, tying up loose ends, and the end of a chapter.


She can support our journey by shedding light on the things that we no longer need to hold on to. Our ancient ancestors relied on the movements of the Sun and Moon mainly to guide them. Ritual and ceremony is an important part of my journey and the final Full Moon of the year carries heightened energy for completion and change. Two events remain for us to share and celebrate as a global community. The first is the final Full Moon of 2013 on December 17th and the final celebration of the Year is the Winter Solstice on December 21st.

In the Northern Hemisphere we have entered a time of stillness and reflection as the days grow shorter, while in the Southern Hemisphere the days grow longer and brighter as the season of summer has arrived.


No matter what your spiritual beliefs, or what part of the world you live, we all share this powerful night of completion and reflection. We can utilize the magick of the Full Moon to find our way back to our divine selves. As 2013, the Year of the Venus Star comes to an end and we prepare for the energies available to us in 2014, the Year of the Seed of Life, I am grateful for so many things. This year has been filled with many opportunities to grow and create change within ourselves. A few bumps and bruises along the way but everything is a choice how we live our life. Our experience is what we CHOOSE to make it.


We carry within us the same wisdom as the spider and are constantly weaving the reality we choose. If we don’t like the experience WE have created, we can utilize the magick of a Full Moon to gain awareness as to the changes we need to make, to weave a new reality. We are all connected through the cosmic web and every thought, emotion and feeling we experience is woven into the delicate web that surrounds our earth. You either infuse the web with love, beauty, passion, harmony, courage and balance or your infuse it with anger, fear, dissapointment, frustration, and hopelessness.


To celebrate the final Full Moon of 2013, create an altar and connect to the tree spirits. Use twigs and branches from the indigenous trees of the region you live in to create a circle. In the center place a white candle, a bowl of water, a stone or crystal being and a feather or stick of incense. For those of you who have the Wisdom of the Forest Oil use this to prepare your candle. Light the candle and incense. Turn off all the lights. Sit in stillness and allow the power of the moon to illuminate your fears or concerns. Feel the power of the Goddess illuminating the pathway that leads to the desired outcome, providing you with strength and courage. Breathe in and feel light coming down from the celestial realms into the branches and twigs of your altar serving as a conduit and magnet to receive the light. Feel the celestial light enters through the top of your head and use your breath to send the light to every cell in your body. Feel that it moves down your spine much as the energy moves through the trunk of a tree. It aligns and balances the energy centers so that the chakras are all spinning in harmony. Move the light completely through your body temple into the balls of your feet and create your own root structure connecting you to the earth mother.


Just allow the light to move through you and ground this energy into the earth by rubbing your feet on the ground. It is important to remember that Our purpose is to move towards the light so that we can be an expression of light. Ask for guidance how you can be of service. It is easy to be distracted by outside influences and old belief systems we are still clearing. Don’t allow someone else’s drama to throw you off balance. Receive any guidance or messages from your Master Teachers or guides this night. When you feel complete, offer the water back to the earth mother with gratitude as you make your commitment to be an expression of light. Send love through the cosmic spider web to places on the earth still in darkness. Send love and healing to the Pacific Ocean and see that the toxic and distorted energies of Fukishima continue to dissipate with the power of love. Remember the change begins with us.

A committed practice of ritual and ceremony can support our earth journey. For those who ordered the 2014 Sabbat Celebrations and Moon Cycle Ritual Book, these have been mailed and should all arrive before Christmas. If anyone would still like to purchase one, we have a limited amount left. They are available for both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere as well as a German translation. I will also be sharing the energies of 2014 and the tools that can support you in maintaining your balance and activating the Seed you carry in your heart in January in Southern California. If you would like to participate please click here.


In the next few days I will be sending more information on how you can celebrate the Winter Solstice, the turning of the wheel into the New Year on December 21st. Our Maui journey is now completely sold out but there is still space on the Mount Shasta journey for those who would like to experience the magick of this sacred place and journey inward to activate the Seed of Life. For those who prefer a private shamanic journey these can be scheduled as well for March and April click here. The mountain has never been more vibrant. I wanted to share a picture taken yesterday at sunset.

Wishing you an enlightening and nurturing Full Moon.

Love and moonbeams, Robbyne

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