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When the Tides of Life seem to turn against you

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Having a close connection to the animal kingdom since childhood, I always look to these allies for guidance and direction. The activity here on Mount Shasta seems to be accelerating in every aspect and the animal kingdom continues to provide such clarity. For me my place of worship and connection to the divine always takes place in nature. It is as if my soul needs to nurtured by the great standing tall ones, the wind and stone beings on a daily basis for me to find my center. Sitting in the arms of Grandmother Wisdom Tree always nourishes my soul. I am not the type that can sit in the Lotus position and meditate. I can sit beneath a tree however and I can ask for guidance as I am walking through the forest.


On my way to Grandmother Wisdom Tree, I was asking for the animals to give me guidance. I was ten minutes into my walk when I saw something popping up and down in the lake. In all the times and all the years I have taken this walk, I have never seen an otter swimming in the sacred lake, so my heart was overjoyed. It seemed to appear just for me. As I watched the otter dive into the water and resurface several feet away for several minutes, I heard the sound of wings above me. As I looked up, I again was blessed with another animal encounter, a magnificent bald eagle. Not soaring high in the sky where you need to squint to get a clear image, but right there only a few feet above me and directly over the path of the otter. He seemed to come swooping down to make sure I saw him. I was like a little kid jumping up and down in excitement. The natural world never ceases to bring me to tears or excitement when they greet me and today my heart was pounding with joy. It was clear these two animal beings had a message. Not just for me but for our spiritual family, so I wanted to share their message as guidance for your personal journey today.

OtterFrom the otter:

“When the tides of life seem to turn against you and the current upsets your way of being, don’t waste those tears on what might have been, just lie back and float. Let the stream carry you to a place of new beginnings”.

Otters are honored in both Celtic and Native American cultures as the masters of play. Part of Otter’s vibrant energy is associated with its deep connection to water, where this animal spends most of its time. Water symbolizes receptivity, allowing life to be rather than stopping the flow. Be careful not to hang on to the material things? in your life that bind you or become a burden. Otter is a signal that you need to take more time for you. Otter appearing is a reminder to focus on all of the wonderful things that surround you right now. Use otter magick to help you let go of all the stress in your life. Joy is found in the little things, a walk in the woods, a glass of wine or tea with a friend. It is time to allow yourself the freedom and pleasure of relaxing and letting go of all your daily concerns. The power of otter is in the knowing that you have to take care of yourself first in order to be of service to others. Find joy and wonder in the small things that give you pleasure as an adult and that gave you pleasure as a child. Otter reminds us to accept “what is” in your life and move forward without resisting the changes that may now be required. This form of embracing the good with the bad and seeking out the joy of the moment will manifest a new freedom of love and acceptance. Honor the right of everything and everyone to be as they are. Simply allow things to unfold in your life.


To many Native American tribes, the wings of the Eagle Spirit represent a balance of the male and female. The Eagle can see life in its entirety, both the good and the bad as is known to have eyesight eight times greater than a human. This clarity reminds us we should regard both positive and negative events as experiences that can serve as a higher purpose and help us to grow. The perspective that the Eagle spirit brings allows us to see through situations and find the true meaning that is beneath the experience. From eagle we learn that life looks different from an aerial perspective. We may need to take a new view on the challenges in our lives. If we don’t readily find solutions it may be because our vision is too limited to see the solutions that are obvious from a different vantage point. This is when we need to step away and follow the guidance that otter brings us to honor the playful side. Eagle connects you to the power of Great Spirit so you can let go of fear and uncertainty in your life. Eagle helps you break free from limitations so you can truly soar.

Both messengers are asking us to see that everything has a purpose in our life. May today bring you moments to soar so you can see your life through different eyes and may the otter remind you to find those moments to play. Surrender to the current and allow things to unfold. You never know what is just around the corner.

Love and magick from the mountain, Robbyne

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  1. grainne

    Want to have a vision to help me overcome my problems desperately need strength right now to help my husband get through his fifth redundancy and my children who are all adults seem to be experiencing problems which I feel unable to help with it hurts so deeply just want to be stronger for them all