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When Spirit Calls

Greetings everyone.  I am finally back online.

2011 began for me with mystery, magick and the shedding of my old skin as we moved into the Year of the Rainbow Serpent.  It is has been quite the accelerated path beginning with the powerful Lunar eclipse on the Winter Solstice and then the solar eclipse that came just days after the first celestial wave of light on 1:1:11.  The serpent energy truly began to stir within me on this special day as 33 beautiful souls gathered to create the final circle of light at the sanctuary in San Clemente.  As I felt the serpent stir I knew my whole way of life was ending and I was stepping into the unknown.  As I looked around the circle that had gathered on January 1st I saw faces of my dearest and oldest friends, those who I had known since I first moved to San Clemente sitting next to new clients and students and to some I had never known before.  It was very special when a beautiful young girl walked in with her mother and grandmother.  I felt all three aspects of the Goddess were now represented within the sacred circle.

The first celestial wave of light being sent throughout this monumental year are gifts from the Andromeda star system and are beams of love to assist in raising the planetary vibration to awaken the human race.  That afternoon magick happened as my prayers to find loving homes for my furry four legged animal allies were answered.  At the time of the second celestial wave of love on 1:11:11 there was closure and the house sold.  All of my animals were adopted on this day.  (Thank you to Linda and Jim, Wende, Gerrie, Suze and Fariba who opened their hearts and homes to my beloved animals and especially to Linda who made it her mission to find homes for my animal allies).  It was a day that many tears were shed as I moved through a tremendous since of loss and death of the old way of being.  I continued to hear the words of my own Master teachers and guides telling me to allow the emotion to move through me.  It is the only way we as spiritual beings can reclaim our connection to the divine.  We have to empty the emotional congestion held within to become pure vehicles of light.  The greater our light the more we can assist in awakening those still sleeping under the illusion of the 3rd dimensional reality. Uncontrollable emotion of loss and death seemed to pour from every cell.  Night after night, dreams of past lives and people who had disappointed me came in to my consciousness.  Having been fearless most of my life, this was the greatest test I had ever been through.  To realize my dream I had to give up so much.  Those closest to me questioned why I would make the decisions I was making and yet I had no choice.  Something stronger than anything or anyone was guiding my journey.  I had always answered to the call of spirit and the voice was louder and more determined than ever.  I was becoming a spiritual gypsy and I was committed to this for the next year.  I didn’t know how difficult it would be to let go of everything you had ever known.

I left for Switzerland to activate the Rainbow Serpent and would be continually amazed at the synchronistic messages coming from the divine to confirm I was on the right path.   If we truly open our eyes and listen to the hidden messages of the unseen world, reassurance, confirmation, clarity, strength and courage are our gift.  Karin, my wonderful coordinator had selected the location for the activation of the Rainbow Serpent and confirmation came from another student Istvan who presented me with a picture taken of a carving near the entrance of a serpent spiraling upward.  It made me smile, as I had no idea when the guidance was given to activate the Rainbow Serpent that we would indeed be in this location.

One of the last days I would be the guardian of the sanctuary in San Clemente as I sat at the computer I heard a crash against the glass pane behind me and turned to see something fall.  I ran down the stairs to find a beautiful Robin had flown into the window, and now died in my hands.  This was too much for me and I burst into tears as I knew this was symbolic of me.  It could have been any other bird but a Robin (I had asked for a specific sign but this was over the top even for spirit) I carried the Robin to my sacred medicine wheel and let every bit of emotion move thorough me as the Master teachers had instructed me to do.  My heart ached as I longed for the comfort of some far away place that I knew could nurture my soul and was home.  I walked the sacred spiral one final time asking for guidance and courage to be the messenger I knew I was to be, to fulfill my destiny as a humble servant of the Goddess.  It didn’t matter to me who I had been in past lives; all that mattered now was who I was and my role in the awakening of 2011.  I questioned spirit if I could do all that I was being asked to do and instantly heard the words, “You are not alone”.

“Really!” I snapped back at the unknown presence.  “Well I don’t see anyone sitting here next to me and in this moment I am down right miserable.”

“This will pass, there is too much work for you to do and it is time,” replied the presence in a gentle and reassuring voice.   Realizing I was not going to get any sympathy from the divine I packed up the remaining objects I planned to take with me and left the sanctuary I had guarded for 17 years for the last time.  I DID NOT look back.

My last day in Southern California I decided I had to be by the ocean as it was an incredibly warm and beautiful day for January.  My husband, son, brother-in-law and I headed to the pier for lunch.   Still feeling emotional, I asked for one more sign.  As we sat down at the table, within five minutes I looked up from my menu to see two dolphin just outside the window as close as they could get to the pier.  I could barely contain myself as I jumped up in my seat and announced,  “Look its my sign, its my sign!”  As my husband rolled his eyes and my son wanted to crawl under the table, I realized the entire restaurant now knew I had received a sign and that there were two dolphins outside the window.  I knew everything was ok.  Where my heart had ached there was now joy.  My husband and son agreed I had lost my mind and my brother-in-law refused to comment (always the diplomat) I didn’t care however.  It was as if I was five years old and had just opened the greatest gift of all.

Another sign came when we realized we needed a much larger vehicle and one that was more designed for snow and harsher weather than one experiences in Southern California.   Imagine my surprise when the vehicle we picked up was called the JOURNEY.  Cars symbolize your life and we were indeed beginning a new journey.  The car was silver, which is the color vibration of the Goddess.  We left Southern California on a gorgeous day and as we drove away I DID NOT LOOK BACK.

We spent the first night with dear friends in Sacramento and my girlfriend presented me with my final sign of the day confirming we were on the right path.  She handed me a new t-shirt that said TRUST ME!  I love when spirit delivers messages in the cleverest of ways.  This was also a very practical gift as I realized my clothes were so tightly packed within the vehicle that my husband refused to unload the car to get my suitcase so this was a clean shirt for the next part of the journey.

Each of you are a part of this journey that has now begun and will take me to Mount Shasta, Oregon, New Zealand, Australia, Lake Titicaca, Easter Island, Switzerland, Canyon de Chellys and Bali.   It appears I am beginning my own version of Eat, Pray and Love to Awaken, Remember, Serve and Soar.

Join me tomorrow for a planetary update regarding the new energies we are moving through.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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4 Responses
  1. Catherine

    I can certainly relate to everything you write here.

    17 years on now and while it seemed harsh, i would not change the experience.

    Love and Joy to you in each and every moment.

  2. Mary

    Robbyne: Congratulations on your new journey-you are in my heart and will enjoy the travels with you thru the weaved web. Be safe and keep the writings coming.

  3. Claire Oakley

    While I was sad to have missed the 1:1:11 prayer cirlce, I know that those that were meant to be there were in attendance. Since then I have had a sense that something very big will also happen in my life and I feel afraid. Thank you for reminding me of the courage that this journey requires and of the sacrifice that sometimes must also take place. Blessings to you

  4. cathy Konop

    May spirit bless you through every new experience you encounter, Robbyne. You are truly a noble and brave soul, and I love following your wisdom and teachings through this web. May the Goddess continue to bless you on your journey, for you are truly not alone. Take care and thank you for sharing with me.