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What’s The Point of This Earthwalk….

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To Move Towards the Light and Shine.





Many times on our journey through life, we are asked to make a course direction. Even carefully organized plans will change. I always share with anyone who joins me on a White Wolf Journeys adventure to expect the unexpected for this is when the magick happens. Some obstacles are put in our way to keep us from going down the wrong path, others are an integral part of our process to grow and become all we were meant to be. Everything and everyone is a teaching.

Many times these unexpected changes, give us opportunities to trust that when we are asked to make a course direction there is something even better around the corner, that we have not yet seen. This would occur the day that was intended for our first whale encounter.


Another early morning departure as we needed to drive to the other side of the island. I had chartered our own boat months before so it would be just our group to share the experience. Twenty minutes into our drive from the retreat center to the harbor, I received a phone call that the engine had just blown in the boat. For me cars, boats, planes, any form of transportation is always symbolic of our lives so I questioned what this message could possibly be about. In the meantime I needed to make a course direction as it was clear we were NOT going on the boat this morning. The woman on the other end of the line assured me they were doing everything they could do but there was no possible way the boat would be fixed this morning.

Mercury was retrograde and there was a huge message somewhere in this mix I knew, but for now I needed to make the decision where we would go. It was a rainy cloudy morning and as I looked out at the ocean it looked rather rough, so perhaps we were detoured for a purpose we had not yet discovered. Already our group had become a family. Many had been on other journeys with me before, so they were used to the changes that take place on a White Wolf Journey. Everyone trusted that “in the end, everything would be all right”. Like life, we have control over very few things, what we have control over, is how we respond to the road blocks, detours, sudden and unexpected changes that are placed on our pathway. This is when the spirit of White Wolf is felt. The white wolf sees nothing as a failure, merely an opportunity to grow and explore territory not yet explored.




I was guided to drive to the other side of the island to walk the labyrinth. I knew I would find my answer there. When we arrived the rain seemed to stop and the skies began to clear. We walked the path to Dragons’s Teeth, a place where many of the dragon lines merge together. I could feel the power of the lines beneath my feet. Months before on the New Moon, Solar Eclipse in November last year, we had walked this same labyrinth as many from all over the world joined us to pray at that time to heal the Pacific Ocean. We had deposited Lemurian seed crystals in the sea, so it was perfect to return with this spiritual family.


To walk a labyrinth is a walking prayer or meditation. Before we started, I asked each person in the group to make a prayer for themselves, to make a prayer for our spiritual family and to make a prayer for our global community. As we began to walk, I looked out to the sea and the whales began to breach. Perhaps we didn’t need the boat I thought to myself…. at least not today. It was apparent the whales knew we were here.


When we are born we are gifted with three things, Wisdom, Love and Power. We spend a lifetime learning the one we need to master at this time on our journey. Brigitta would lead us into the labyrinth playing her singing bowl to open our wisdom center, Lorrie would empower the love energy by holding the space in the center with a second singing bowl to open our heart center and at the end Ming Ming followed with the third singing bowl activating the power center.

As we walked silently into the labyrinth I had gifted each person with an amethyst crystal point from Mount Shasta that we would eventually gift to the ocean. As we walked holding the amethyst over our hearts, the melodic song of the singing bowls when they met from turn to turn was taking me into another dimension. My heart was opening, my third eye was throbbing and I could feel the mother’s heart beat beneath my feet.


When I first started to walk the labyrinth, I felt a heaviness and deep ache in my heart. When one walks to the center of a labyrinth, it is as though one is retracing the steps of their souls journey and emotions can be strong. I looked up and saw a young boy approach the labyrinth behind us. I watched as his mother told him no. Determined he needed to be a part of what was happening, he entered and our eyes met. He saw that I had my hand over my heart and he too put his hand over his. Instantly the heaviness of the labyrinth changed as the innocence and fearlessness of this young boy entered the labyrinth and he joined our group. Shortly after, his older brother joined, also placing his hand over his heart. Then his sister came, followed by the older sister and finally the father joined his family.


With each member of their family joining our family the energy became lighter and more joyful. We all met in the middle. I had exactly five more amethyst points in my bag and smiled to myself as I now understood Spirits Divine Plan. We prayed that day to heal the earth of man’s ignorance and to honor the sea beings. We prayed to send light to the Pacific Ocean and intended those prayers be carried with the whale’s song. We understood that it would take all of us coming together with a collective vision to make a change.

I shared with the children that we were passing the stewardship of this beloved water planet on to them. The young boy looked into my eyes and I saw our future through his eyes. It was a joyous future where we were living in harmony once again. Tears ran down my face. As I looked around I saw we had all been touched that day as many others also had tears in their eyes. For a moment I had to pinch myself as I thought I was standing with the four children of Narnia. I looked at the father and smiled. “You have no idea what you just entered do you?” He smiled back.


We all prayed together that day for a better world. The youngest boy led us out of the circle. The older boy stood as a guardian until everyone had left the labyrinth. I walked over to the mother who sat on a nearby rock to thank her and acknowledge her beautiful family. She shared with me that it was the oldest daughter’s birthday. She had turned 16 that morning. Numerologically that was a seven. 2014 is a seven year and known as the year of the Seed of Life. We had planted the seed of a new vision that day and I knew these children were a part of it. Now I understood the reason for the course direction we needed to make that day.


We spent the rest of our time at Dragon’s Teeth, watching the wondrous display of the whales from the cliff overlooking the ocean.


Join us tomorrow as we are blessed with an incredible encounter with the whale beings.

Love and Rainbows,


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