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What great thing would you attempt if you knew you wouldn’t fail and were indeed magnificent?

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I am hopeful, excited, and full of anticipation and wonder with the approaching turning of the wheel on the 21st of December as we energetically begin 2019. As I am spending this time in Maui, I will be walking the sacred labyrinth known as Dragon’s Teeth to set intention for the coming Year of Birthing the Divine Magickal Child.

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If you would like me to set intentions in sacred ceremony to nurture the magickal child of wonder and creative expression within you, send me an email with the answer to the following question. What great thing would you attempt if you knew you wouldn’t fail and were indeed magnificent?

 2019 has an amazing energy of creative potential as we are being supported by the other realms to step forward in the full expression the Goddess has intended us to be. I have been swimming in the Sacred Blue to connect with the beautiful whales who are returning to the birthing waters of the Pacific Ocean, seeding prayers and love. The song they are singing is one of joy, but also an urgency to step forward as they need our assistance. On the early morning of the Solstice, I will be carrying the Andara Crystal into the waters as the sun returns during the “tween” times to receive the message of the whales and the vibration of their song. I will be using the crystal of unconditional love, infused with the song of the Magickal Child in preparing the personal andara crystal elixirs for the Total Lunar Eclipse in January.

The Andara Crystal Elixir is created for each person individually, as I connect with your soul essence. You do not need to be present, it is simply your request that provides the cellular blueprint to align you with the high vibrational medicine available to each of us from the unseen world. The elixir is a natural healing support system that sustains and balances the mind, body and spirit connection, during times of stress, chaos, emotional upheaval, trauma and change as well as the celestial movement of the planets that influence the human. We have a powerful Total Lunar Eclipse coming on January 20, 2019 which will shift consciousness once again, elevating us to a new level of our divine humaness. Each elixir is created in a sacred manner and truly supports the process you are moving through helping to integrate the full cellular changes the lunar eclipse creates. The essences used in the personal elixir are a very high vibration from Mount Shasta, New Zealand, Australia, Maui, The Isle of Iona, and Avalon. For those of you who may not be familiar with flower essences they are all natural, dilute solutions made from spring water, and infused with the spirit of specific flowers, trees, fern, and minerals, from nature’s medicine chest. They are used to help balance the emotions and are extremely valuable to support our fragile nervous systems as we move through these times of uncertainty and change.

These essences will be prepared using a special water base placed in three different crystal singing bowls, alchemically created combining powerful crystal and rare mineral healing properties. The sound frequency elevates the vibrational healing of the essences. The first an emerald green/magenta ray-singing bowl, the vibration is accelerated to open and align the crown, third eye, heart, throat and psychic center known as the medulla oblongata. The sound frequency of a second singing bowl, rose quartz and platinum to heal the heart and raise your energy field to be a vessel of divine love. The sound of the third singing bowl, the citrine/indium was used to raise the vibration to an even higher frequency. Citrine is the stone of success and removes all congested energy of control, fear, and insecurity from the lower chakras helping us step forward with greater purpose and the wisdom of truth that abundance is a source within us not external to us. Indium is the rarest of minerals and works on rejuvenation of the body temple, removing the layer of illusion between the earth experience and remembrance of our divine self.

You will receive an in depth description (4 to 5 pages) of the essences you have tested for and how they truly support your personal journey as well as a description of the animal allies that walk along side you and the messages they bring for your individual journey. It takes me anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to prepare each elixir so the cut off for orders will be January 6th.

Individual Elixir with full written description – $95.00 plus shipping. If you would like to order a personal elixir please contact Guy at [email protected].

I will also be sharing the wisdom of the ancient ones, how to harness this exciting energy of potential in Southern California in January and I am returning to New Zealand and Tasmania in March to share as well. I will be sending out more details to those in the Southern Hemisphere on the dates and locations.

Happy Solstice.

Ocean Waves of Love and child like magick, Robbyne

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