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Whales of Magdalena Bay & Teothihuacan

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Floating Libraries of Magdalena Bay And the Return of Eb to Teotihuacán Place of the Gods

March 5 – March 13, 2009

Interaction with the whales known as the Floating Libraries of Light by the First Nation People is an experience everyone should have at least once in a lifetime. These magnificent gentle giants, the grey whales of the Pacific, make an annual migration from the waters of the Arctic North, place of the Grandmother Wisdom Keepers to the warm lagoons of the crystal clear waters of Baja, Mexico every year. An encounter that is just as important to the whales as it is a magnificent gift to the humans who make the journey to be in the sanctuary of these amazing beings.

Every year between January and April the whales return to two lagoons. Here some will mate; seeding light into the waters and others will give birth to the next generation. These whales are only found in the Pacific Ocean and it is these waters that are closely connected to the ancient civilization of Lemuria and considered to hold the consciousness of God by both the native people of the Americas as well as the Maori of New Zealand. The whales are floating libraries containing all that is stored within the Akashic records, star beings that have come from the watery planet of Sirius. They travel the oceans maintaining balance and the remembrance of the origin of our world and our souls. They monitor consciousness and transmit that awareness to the star beings assisting our earth through its evolutionary changes. These guardians of the earth are closely connected to the crystal grid that surrounds the earth and it is their sound frequencies that help us to unlock the mysteries currently held within the crystal skulls. As we rapidly approach 2012 their secrets and the mysteries of the crystal skulls are being released back into consciousness. To be with these beings can change your life forever and heal deep wounds of the heart from many past life memories.

Our experience begins with arrival on March 5th into Loreto, Mexico where you will be met at the airport and transferred to our hotel with the afternoon free to explore this quaint seaside town. This evening we will meet for the first time as a group to enjoy a traditional Mexican meal, followed with an introduction to our naturalist guide who will share fascinating information regarding the gentle giants and their water sanctuary. Afterwards we will have an opening meditation preparing and uniting our energies for the incredible experience we will share over the next several days. (Dinner included)

Day 2
March 6th
This morning after breakfast we begin to travel across the peninsula Laguna Ojo de Licone with time to explore the Baja desert and towns along the way. We will stop for lunch in one of the quaint towns before continuing our journey. Tonight we will connect to our heart song by journeying inward through a powerful process to prepare the mind, body and spirit for our early morning encounter with these floating libraries. (B,L,D)

Day 3 and 4
March 7th and 8th
I have arranged for a total of four very special encounters with these gentle giants. On both days following breakfast we will have a two hour encounter with the ocean spirits and these magnificent beings. These close encounters between the world of human and those of the natural world, looking into the eyes of pure love can transform you forever. The Pacific Ocean is connected to our emotional bodies and time spent within these waters can increase your own intuitive abilities. Water is the blood of the earth mother and one will feel an incredible sense of nurturing and purification in this nature sanctuary. After lunch we will again go out to experience the grey whales in their natural habitat as we are greeted with the mothers and babies. Each evening we will recreate our experiences through meditations and Shamanic journeys. (B, L, D)

Day 5
March 9th
Today we travel back across the Peninsula, staying once again in the waterfront town of Loreto for the afternoon and evening with a final meditation under the stars. (B, L, D)

Day 6
March 10th
This morning after breakfast we will be transported to the airport for flights home for those ending their journey here. For those who wish to continue the journey, we will fly to Mexico City where we will be met and transferred to our hotel in Teotihuacán.

Total Costs for the Whales of Magdalena Bay include:

  • Airport transfers to Loreto
  • All accommodations
  • Ground transportation
  • (4) four encounters with the whales in our private boats
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinners
  • Services of a world renowned naturalist serving as our guide

Not included: your international airfare, gratuities and any incidental expenses.

Teotihuacán which means, “Place of the Gods” was inhabited long before the Mayan and Aztec by a mysterious civilization that dates back prior to the Egyptian civilization that built the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. Until the early 1900’s the Pyramid of the Sun was covered with a massive one foot thick sheet of granulated Mica. The mica had been transported from thousands of miles away in South America. Many believe this rare stone was used as a highly efficient energy conductor as part of a retrieving device for long wave length celestial radiations. The incoming celestial star light would have been captured by the pyramids sacred geometric construction and focused into the snakelike cave beneath the pyramid.

The original ceremonial site was within the small natural cave located beneath the Pyramid of the Sun. Even though the mysterious Mica has been removed one can still tap into the powerful energies of this sacred place. It was Teotihuacán, where I was guided by the Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull to stand on the top of the Pyramid of the Sun at the precise moment of sunset on the day of Destiny August 12, 1999. The next day a chance encounter with an Aztec Shaman would take me beneath the Pyramid of the Sun into the sacred cave of the snake. At the time I didn’t know this was to prepare me to become the guardian of the obsidian crystal skull known as EB. Since that day EB has now been carried to all eight continents and is being returned by this group of spiritual travelers who feel the call of their heart song to be part of this powerful alignment between the earth and the Sirian Star system, between our reality and the fifth dimensional civilizations that exist just beyond our vision.

We will be staying within the energy field of this mysterious city of celestial light at a beautiful resort and shall gather the first evening to prepare for the experiences of the next few days. You will feel an acceleration of your light frequency and begin to receive the radiation of starlight still stored within this site in the fifth dimensional city that exists just above the city itself. Many of you will be visited by the Masters and the ancient ones as this city was once a part of the great civilization of Lemuria. (B) Tonight I will be available for private sessions as the Full Moon rises in the sky above Teotihuacán.

Day 7
March 11th
Today we will enter into Teotihuacán and explore the spiritual center with our guide who will share the significance of the various buildings and the culture of the inhabitants of this mystical center. We will be met by an Aztec Shaman in the morning to perform a special ceremony at the Temple of the Moon. This afternoon you will be free to explore the remains of this mysterious power center on your own, spend time in quiet meditation back at the resort or for those who would like a private session I will be available during the afternoon. We will gather tonight for meditation and a powerful shamanic journey. (B,D)

Day 8
March 12th
This morning after breakfast, we will gather together for a meditation and each of you will have time to spend alone with the obsidian skull as we prepare for the afternoon visit to the Temple of the Sun where we will return EB to the top of the pyramid for our special ceremony. Tonight all that has been retrieved through Eb serving as a conductor of celestial light will be transported into your own consciousness. (B, D)

Day 9
March 13th
This morning after breakfast we will return to the Mexico City International airport for our return flight home as carriers of the celestial star light and a sense of purpose and direction for the next part of our individual journeys. (B)

Total costs include:

  • Airport Transfers
  • All accommodations
  • Meals as specified
  • Access to Teotihuacán all ceremonies and experiences
  • Ceremony with the Aztec shaman

Not included: airfare, gratuities and incidental expense.

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