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Welcoming 2023 as the wheel turns on the Solstice

turning wheel

On December 21st we will experience the turning of the wheel at the time of the Solstice. We have all heard of the 12 days of Christmas.  Before there was Christmas there was the earth religion celebration of Yule.  It begins on the winter solstice and continues for twelve days ending on January 1, 2023.  During this time, it is important to honor the lessons and gifts that 2022 brought to each of us.

phoenix rising

The last few years have been intense, as we have watched the world appear to go upside down.  We have all experienced endings, been given nudges to make changes and when we hesitated the universe began to make them for us.  2023 will feel like we are rising from the ashes of our old lives.  The Hawaiian goddess Pele has spoken loud and clear as 2022 comes to an end with the volcanic eruption of Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the world’s largest active volcano, which began erupting recently for the first time in nearly four decades.  A few days ago, it ended, leaving behind the creation of a new landscape.

erruting volcano

As I look for the guidance the natural world offers, volcanoes remind us of the goals we aspire to reach, the journey to get there, and the value of the climb to the top.  Pele is the goddess of volcanoes and fire.   She presents trials and challenges to humans with the expectation of producing strength and spiritual growth within those she tempts.  When eruptions do come as messengers of nature, we must remember, regeneration, growth and renewal follow in its footsteps.  The aftermath of volcanic explosions allows for wondrous new growth as the nutrients of rebirth are gifted to the landscape.   In an intricately connected universe what we observe in the natural world has personal meaning for us.

labyrinth maui

Every year the island of Maui calls me to experience the Winter Solstice and commune with the whales as they return to their birthing waters singing the new song of the year.  Every year I listen to my heart as I thread the labyrinth and choose a word that will be the focus of my attention for the year.    This year for me it is expansion.  As I follow my practice of threading the labyrinth and once again dive into the sacred blue, I allow the song to move through my living waters, I set intentions for myself, our tribe, and our global community.

sky dragon

I allow the ocean to take me in as I listen to the messages of guidance for the coming year. I have made my commitment to step into the full expansive expression of myself.  I realize this will require many changes, but I am ready.  As a pod of dolphin swam by, I looked up to see the dragon energy was present.  We each need to remember that the ultimate purpose in this life is to bring our unique music, our unique song, our unique expression into this world.  I have come to harmonize with the song of the sacred blue that the whales are singing for 2023.

maui camelian

Many messages presented themselves with visitations from the other realms.  One was a beautiful messenger that the Hawaiians say is a rare sighting.  The beautiful chameleon is a messenger of transition.  Because they can change color and are symbols of transformation, the chameleons spiritual meaning represents the idea that we are in the process of spiritual growth and evolution. If one crosses your path, nature is wanting you to focus your intentions and attention on the same goal and not become scattered by the outer world of the land dweller.   You don’t need to make a mad scramble for the thing that you want because it will all come to you in the right time if you focus on the same goal and desire without allowing fear, self-doubt, or feelings of lack to enter the new reality you are creating.  Make up your mind and stick to it.  Stop making excuses.  There will be changing landscapes so learn to thrive and survive in them.

We all want the world to be a better place.  You will not allow your light to shine if you are pulled into the drama and stories that others write.  Hard and clear boundaries will need to be created in 2023 and decisions as to who you allow into your sacred space and the situations you create, will continue to be a theme of this coming year. 

As we complete the cycle of 2022 it required the process of creative deconstruction. and deep self-refection.  We all experienced inner disturbances as we struggled to rewrite our old stories. To say that process is complete would be a false statement as it will continue depending on the willingness to make the deep dive into self.  For those who did, we will begin to feel the creative construction process embracing the Phoenix from within.  It has been a year of learning to go within when we experience inner disturbances and to find our center once again by seeing the external beauty around us.  This will continue as the theme of 2023.  Look for the beauty in the moment and keep your eyes on forward movement. The past will be triggered, embrace the moment, feel the emotion, gain the lesson, and move forward. Nature will continue to be our greatest teacher.  Learning to inhale and exhale with the rhythm of the earth mother.

The Year of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes is about emerging from the creative deconstruction of 2022, stronger, smarter, and more powerful.  According to legend, each Phoenix lived for 500 years. Just before its time was ending, the Phoenix built a nest and set itself on fire. After a 9-day incubation period, the new Phoenix would rise from the ashes. 2023 will create further opportunity for each of us to master the art of being.  In the BEING, a non-reactive state of the now…you open to the flow of the universe as you align with magick and miracles, that we often miss when we are in a state of constant doing.  My personal earth walk has taught me to slow down, go within when faced with challenges and struggles.  There is always a solution to the seemingly impossible.  We may not know the answer, but our heart does.  When you allow yourself to embrace the spirit of the Phoenix you feel renewed, rejuvenated and you begin to reinvent a new version of you, allowing your gifts and talents to be expressed in the world.

number 7

2023 is a 7 year.  The numerology of a “7” year, is an invitation to take a step back from the external disturbances of the outside world and pay more attention to your inner emotions. Clear your mind and take a moment to come up with new ideas that will aid your personal growth in the present as we each create the future. We will continue to have opportunities to deal with the ego mind which is a creature of habit and creates a reaction to external influences and fear narratives. Things that happen in the external world can impact us, but the real impact is if they inspire us to go within and regularly work on letting go of the ego.

Lessons and challenges we have moved through in 2022 continue to prepare us to cosmically level up to be the full expression of our divine, sovereign selves.  If the human species wants to survive, we will need to adopt a radically different way of thinking. We absolutely must stop promoting fear, hatred, and the energetic thought of THEM AGAINST US.  I encourage you to find your tribe and join with others in sacred gatherings to strengthen your heart awakening and nurture your soul.

angel presence

The angel number of 2023 is an auspicious number that can herald good luck in your life. It is a divine message from your angels to encourage you to take the leap of faith and follow your intuition to reach your true potential.

When you see the angel number 2023 it is an indication that you have achieved great success. It can be seen everywhere in your daily life, including phone numbers, license plates, house numbers, lottery numbers, winning numbers, product serial numbers, etc.  Pay attention to when it appears.  When you notice this angel number in your regular life, you are put on notice to stay optimistic. You are on the road to success, and positivity will be your constant companion. It is very much an invitation from your angels to work toward your spiritual growth. This angelic number gives you the fresh idea to be innovative and create something new for yourself. Your creativity will be enhanced when you focus on your thoughts and listen to your heart.

The number 2023 asks us to open our mind and look at life through the lens of the heart.  The mind is your most potent weapon, capable of doing miracles for you. You can accomplish anything if you stay focused and create positive thoughts. Your guardian angels are there for you to boost your confidence.

There will be those who step forward to be a voice for those who have none.  This is not a perfect world, but we can strive to create a reality of kindness, gentleness, and compassion as we hold that vibration by not succumbing to negative talk, and the continuous flow of fear-based information and narratives.

black water rabbit

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2023 is the year of the Black Female Water Rabbit. Water is very yin, and the element of water is associated with the color black. It is necessary to balance the Yin energy (female) with the Yang energy (Male) if we are going to maintain an open heart and find balance in a world still moving through dramatic change.

Yin creates an inward motion – it is fluid, receptive, intuitive, allowing, soothing, nurturing and most importantly allows us to relax into the moment and the experience.  Yang is expanding outward movement.  Yang grows and flourishes because of Yin. Yang is all about logic, structure, control, assertiveness, thinking. Two flows of energy coming from one source.  When we balance the Yin and the Yang one comes into wholeness, we heal our emotional wounds, we create greater happiness in our life, and we align with right relationships and partnerships.  The year of the female black water rabbit will facilitate significant growth as we embrace the Phoenix within.

For those who desire a navigational map to serve as a tool for the coming year I continue to offer Soul Life Readings, intimate group, and private retreats.  If you would like to schedule a session or inquire about a personal retreat, or upcoming event, please contact me directly to at [email protected].  If you would like an astrological overview as how the planets align with your birth chart in 2023, I highly recommend scheduling an overview with Natasha at [email protected].

Wishing you a year of inner peace, clear focus, an open heart, courage to be all you came here to be and love.   Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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