Returning home to the Amethyst mountain after our powerful journey to the Hawaiian Islands, the mountain felt even more alive than before we had departed to Maui. I have always known there is an energetic triangle that exists between Mount Shasta, the Hawaiian Islands and New Zealand. I have been called to this mountain for 20 years and have had the privilege of living in this sacred place part time for the last four years. She is the mountain that calls to my soul, the place where I find my answers and gain direction for my earth walk.

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Once again an unexpected turn of events would provide crystal clarity for my journey as an earth walker and keeper of the Dragon lore. I knew this mountain was sacred to many different Indian Tribes. What I didn’t know was the powerful connection between the people of the McCloud River, the Winnemem Wintu tribe and the indigenious people, the Maori and Waitaha of New Zealand.

I had gone to see a new Documentary entitled Standing On Sacred Ground at the local gallery. I wasn’t sure why, I just knew I needed to be there. When we arrived we were informed there had been a mix up with the film and instead they would be showing Dancing the Salmon Home. Several people would leave. I saw this as another course direction and would soon understand how this change in the movie would have such a profound impact on me.


The Winnenman Wintu tribe are the people of the river, the Salmon people. Their creation story reveals that from the sacred fires deep within Mount Shasta life was born. From the mountain emerged the many different life forms. The eagle, the mountain lion, the bear, the wolf. The last to come before the human was the salmon. When the human stepped forward from the mountain it was clear to the fire spirit that the human would need help if they were to survive in this unknown territory. The salmon realized this as well and turned back to gave their voice to the human so they could speak to find their way. They asked only that the humans of these sacred lands protect the waters. Such was the journey of the Winnenman Wintu people. The salmon were sacred to them and they fulfilled their promise.


During World War II, the Shasta Dam was constructed and the sacred lands of the Winnenman Wintu people were flooded. The Winnenman Wintu lost their homes and the sacred salmon runs were blocked. The salmon are an integral part of the McCloud River watershed and there has been a disturbance in the sacred hoop. The fisheries attempted to save the Salmon by distributing them throughout the world. There was only one place where the salmon survived and thrived, the rivers on the South Island of New Zealand.

The Winnenman Wintu believe that when the last salmon are gone, humans will be gone too. They fight today to return the salmon to the McCloud River. For me there was a hidden message in this movie, confirmation that New Zealand held the original imprint in the land of Lemuria. New Zealand for me is the heart of Lemuria.


In 2010 members of the Winnenman Wintu Tribe traveled to the South Island of New Zealand and were welcomed by the indigenous guardians of the rivers there, the Maori and the Waitaha. They danced to the salmon and prayed that they would be returned to the rivers that flow from the sacred mountain.


The indigenous people of many lands speak of the Whirling Rainbow. Something I have seen in my dreams since I was a child. They speak of the time when the White Buffalo returns and a time when the white eyed children would be born. The prophecies say that these souls would seek to find new ways of understanding themselves and others. They would be a sign that the ancestors were returning in white bodies but they would have the blood and the remembrance of the red race inside. They would seek to walk a path of beauty, to walk in balance with the Earth Mother. They would seek to bring change by looking to those of the red nations who have not forgotten the true connection to the divine.

These souls would birth the fifth generation. They would not follow a religion, they would seek truth and follow a dream to create oneness.

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Many believe this awakening of the white eyes would come in the year of the Green Wood Horse. In Chinese Astrology we have now entered the Year of the Green Wood Horse. The newborn horse would try to use its legs to walk but would wobble. The wobble would be felt by the Earth Mother and changes would occur to the earth, the soil and the water. The wobble would stir the memory and deep emotions of many lifetimes that would throw the human off balance and cause many to lose their way. The changes would create worry and doubt but if we were strong, if we shared our wisdom and came together to pray we would find our way.

The salmon gave their voice to the human world. We were entrusted to guard the sacred waterways, which are the blood of the mother. We have broken that promise and now the water is pulling away from us. The earth is a planet of polarity and all must be balanced. Water is the divine feminine and fire the divine male. One of the tribal members shared that night, that fire will go in search of water, which I believe, is why so many places on our beloved earth have experienced horrendous fires and why the volcanoes are becoming active once again.

Those who carry the voice of the salmon are strong and can persevere when others are not able to. They usually choose a life filled with challenges knowing that within each challenge lies a positive goal and opportunity for growth. Salmon people have strong spiritual desires and work tirelessly to manifest them. The Salmon’s aim is to overcome all obstacles that may present themselves. They aim to be reunited with All That Is.


I was deeply touched by the story as it made sense of my journey. There was no accident the film was changed at the last minute. I understand clearly that within Mount Shasta the place of the spirit fire, the violet flame, there is also the source of the sacred waters that hold the ancient memory of Lemuria. I now understood even more the significance of doing ceremony at the world’s spinning fire vortex Haleakala on our recent journey to Maui and why I am being called to return to the world’s spinning water vortex, Lake Rotopounamou, in New Zealand later this year. I have always known of the dragon lines that connect Mount Shasta, the Hawaiian islands and New Zealand but now I clearly understood why my heart remains in Aotearoa, the Maori name for New Zealand, and yet the mountain spirit of Mount Shasta calls me to be her steward.

We can each do our part to pray for the return of the sacred waters, the healing of the earth mother’s blood. We were given a voice; we must find it and honor the old alliances. We must come together and fulfill our legacy as the Rainbow Nation.


Sawal Mem, Sawal Suhana (Sacred Water, Sacred Life) it is our responsibility to protect the waters and to pray for their return.

For those who may be called to join me on this mysterious mountain, I will be creating sacred space for celebration at the time of the WESAK Full Moon. This is the one time each year when all faiths and beliefs come together to receive a special water blessing from the Masters. This is a very special night to pray for peace and healing of the sacred hoop. To sing to the waters and reestablish the alliance between the world of human and that of the unseen. In the Year of the Seed of Life this will be a most powerful night to nurture the seed and dream we each carry inside our heart. I will be sending details regarding this special event shortly.

Sending you dragon magick, sacred fire to ignite the passion within and healing from the waters that flow from Mount Shasta, 


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