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We own nothing on the sacred blue


We own nothing on the sacred blue.   We as land dwellers have forgotten why we are here and who we are.  We are meant to be guardians of the great mother.  She is in our waters, our forests, our stones.  She is in the mountains, the clouds, and the wind.  Her children swim in the waters, walk on the land and fly as the winged ones.   We are meant to protect our brothers and sisters.

Sunset Uluru

I wish to extend to our tribe  heartfelt gratitude.  A beautiful, group of 40 souls gathered at the time of the 777, known as the triple gateway in Uluru, Australia as many more gathered in groups and sacred ceremony from all corners of the world to pray for a kinder, gentler world.  We could feel all the golden threads of the web being woven together.  The number 7 is a highly mystical number, so having it tripled made 777 very powerful indeed.  When one journeys to the sacred places of red stone one is working with ancestral soil and I call this Prescription Red.


We began at the sacred waters, known as the Mutitjulu waterhole before the sun rose.  This is the place of dreaming.  We were blessed this morning with perfect weather.  As we created sacred ceremony in such a powerful place, we were divinely protected as no one entered the sacred space until we were complete.   It is said that the rainbow serpent lives within the water.  A few days before, a great purification had taken place as rain came and filled the water hole.    This is a place to remember the dream that is dreaming through you and to join with others to dream a new reality.  A new reality where we rise above fear, judgment, hate and division.

group waterhole

We stood together, heart to heart and hand in hand at the magickal hour when the 777 portal opened. We honored the ancestors of the past, those who walk amongst us sharing their wisdom and those who are emerging.  Together we dreamed a new dream and a new reality.

Milky way Uluru

As the day turned into night, we stood together beneath the celestial realm working with the Nommos and receiving the neutrino energy from the stars.  Uluru is a mystical place that changes one when you commune with the stone.  When children of the stars gather together, everything is greatly enhanced.


Kata Juta

Our journey continued early the next morning to the sacred stones known as Kata Tjuta the place of the white dragon.  This has always been a special place for me and again we were blessed with a beautiful morning protected from any outside influences.

At the star gate, where the two Tuataras join, we prayed once again.

When the singing bowl was played, the camera took a picture on its own revealing the star gate had been opened.   There was truly magick in the air indeed.

Kata Tjuta

As our journey continued on this powerful morning, we stood in a sacred circle once again and committed to be faith keepers.  To hold the vision of the new dream and view the world from the lens of the heart.  The stones shared the wisdom that we need to be observers.  The chaos that is swirling around the sacred blue is merely creative potential breaking up the stagnant energy of illusion, exposing the untruths and false beliefs we have accepted as truth.  We were awake and we were being asked to hold the light to awaken others.

Our journey would continue to experience the magick of an ancient rain forest (Prescription Green) to Bunya Mountain.  Some call it God’s country, some say it’s where peace abides; all feel the magick in their own way. Aboriginal people historically used Bunya Mountain as a meeting place for the various tribes.   The bunya pine is considered a sacred tree known as the ‘’Mother Spirit’ or totem. It was a powerful place to ground the  energy of Uluru and continue to weave the golden thread of the web.

beach tree

To continue to commune with the standing tall ones, we would also journey to the  ancient rainforest which is home to the Antarctic Beech.  These magickal beings hold great wisdom.  They weave our world together with their wisdom through the world wood web and the mycelium which holds the history of our planet.  I was standing before greatness, and the tree spirits had much to share.  


EB was quite clear that he needed to be placed on the ancient roots of these trees believed to be over 3000 years old.  They held the story of Gondwana.  They were here during the times of the crusades and the dark ages.  They were here when the Church of the Rose was birthed to share the Earth Religion.  They hold the story shared through the world wood web of the Dark Hedges and the Tuatha de Dannan as beech is symbolic of the Queen of the Forest and known as a wisdom keeper and a tree of rebirthing.


As I sat in the forest with one of the grandmothers a powerful teaching was shared with me.  She whispered her message in the gentle breeze, but I heard her voice quite clearly….” It is easy to find stillness in the silence of the forest.  When you can find the stillness in your heart amongst the chatter of negative narratives promoting hate, judgment, fear, and separation, then you have found your mastery”.  I refuse to engage in any narratives that promote hate, judgment, blame and fear.  As a faith keeper, I simply observe and choose to politely remove myself.

The third part of our journey (Prescription Blue) was to return to the ocean where the whale song lines began.

I continue to follow the navigational path of the humpbacks in both the northern and southern hemisphere.  There is a special relationship I feel with them.  Their song calls deeply to my soul and we needed to continue to weave the wairua (energy) our beautiful tribe had created at the time of the 777 back to the source of the waters.  Another perfect day (thank you to the weather faeries).   These magnificent beings came to greet us and share.  I was in bliss breathing in the healing vibration of the ocean.  They were thanking us for weaving love and prayer into the whale song lines.

When I saw the rainbow breath, I knew they were recognizing we had come together as the rainbow tribe.

I shared the encounter we had with the sperm whales as we crossed the Tasman sea and returned to Kaikoura, New Zealand in a recent post.    The final part of the journey was to return to Kura Tawhiti also known as Castle Hill.  A very special place for me.  I had visited this magnificent sight in 1997 and been blessed to meet Barry Brailsford, a wisdom keeper of the old lore of the Waitaha.  This encounter would change my life and begin a personal journey of remembering.  I had returned many times since then but the stone elders were calling to complete the journey we began in the sacred stones of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

The forecast was a major storm was coming, it had already snowed all night long and the roads required snow chains.  (We didn’t have these).  By some miracle the road patrol allowed us to go on but warned us at the next checkpoint we would more than likely be turned around.  Guy (Captain Safety) didn’t want to go but I was convinced we would be fine.  We reached the second checkpoint and I saw a green GO sign (My sign). I convinced Guy…”clearly we are meant to go”.  We arrived at Kura Tawhiti and had this magnificent stone sanctuary all to ourselves.

castle hill

This university of Stone Elders humbles one when you step through the corridors.  The sun was shining, and we were gifted with a window.  There are many sacred places within this stone university  and I knew I needed to weave the golden thread back to the place of the whales.

Whale marae

These magnificent beings are limestone.  Limestone has the ability to absorb and release electromagnetic and psychic energies which is why this is such a powerful library of ancient wisdom.  Limestone contains marine sediments and holds the wisdom of the ancient waters.  I could hear the song of the Nommos as I stood in the holy sanctuary.  Our journey now complete I took the time to reflect on how powerful this sanctuary has been for me for the last 26 years.  We will return for the Wesak Full Moon in May, 2024.  I could have stayed for hours but the storm was coming and the window the weather faeries had gifted us was closing.

Feeling incredibly blessed and grateful.  Thank you to our beautiful tribe  which continues to grow and  comes together in prayer and  ceremony to hold the faith no matter what we may observe from the world of hoomans.  Kia Kaha… Be Strong.

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Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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