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We Need our Dreams More Than Ever

The enchanted lands called to my soul once again through the dreamtime. Many of our tribe joined me for an incredible journey through England, Ireland and Scotland.  My ancestors, the Tuatha De Dannan known as the tribe of Danu, had a strong relationship with both the stars and the land.   They knew to navigate their earth walk was to maintain a harmonious relationship with nature.   I was going home once again, and the excitement was hard to contain.    In these ancient lands where time stands still and doorways to hidden worlds open, we would experience a deeper connection to the dragon lineage and the enchanted world of the fae.

footprints in sand

As our individual earth walk begins with our birth, we go on this journey together with all the other souls who have chosen to make this same earth walk.    We choose a different path, but the purpose is the same, to expand, to grow, to experience.  We are born with different gifts and talents and we choose the life experience that will support our journey to evolve.  When we begin, we know that we will forget and so nature has provided us tools to help us navigate.  WE need only observe, listen, and speak with nature to find our way.

This was a journey of remembrance for those who had been called to join me.  There were lessons gifted to us each day, but we would individually choose how the journey would be for each of us.  My intention was to support the journey through ritual, ceremony and sharing the ancient ways.  I had asked each member of our tribe to set their intentions.  What unfolded was magick and enchantment beyond what I had expected.

I will share some of the highlights from each country where our journey would guide us but there were so many more.  So many personal moments of change within me.  I wanted this to be a visual journey, so I am sharing some of Guy’s amazing photos to take you on the journey with me.

avalon tor

We traced the steps of the priestesses of Avalon beneath a powerful astrological alignment that would support our journey during the entire time we were there.   We began as we stepped through the portal on the top of the Tor, shedding old layers and leaving our illusions as to who we thought we were behind.

tor rainbow

The first of many rainbows would guide our path and each day would bring more magick along the way.  From the dark clouds and mists that covered the landscape as we began when we finished our ceremony and prayer, the sun would return and a magnificent rainbow would appear in the sky.


Walking amongst the ancient stones that serve as acupuncture needles in Stonehenge would be beyond magickal and I would observe many beautiful experiences as we were each reset with new codes and patterns.

stonehenge sunrise

We walked into the mist at the “tween time” just before the sun rose and walked out of the sacred portal with the golden light of the sun illuminating our path.  Stonehenge is a ceremonial place of death, where we would leave behind the old parts of ourselves that we no longer wanted to carry.  For some this was a profound moment of completion.  I have stood amongst these stones many times but today something beyond words occurred that would change each of us forever.

farey trees

We continued this magickal day with a journey to one of my most favorite places, the faery trees where Tolkien would sit as he channeled the story “The Lord of the Rings”.  An incredibly enchanting place that allows one to enter the world of the unseen.  When you sit with a tree, you find truth.   You become the spirit of the tree.   If you look into the unknown, you find the answers your heart seeks to share with you, and you are profoundly changed.  Nature becomes a mirror for the one who seeks to find truth.


The final part of this day would be a rebirthing ceremony in the magickal stones of Avebury.  We shared a prayer for peace and a kinder, gentler world in our circle.  Praying that the leaders of the world would make choices from the heart, that humanity would remember we are an intricately connected universe.  Every thought we have affects the reality we live in.   Every word we speak is recorded and heard throughout the cosmos.   Walking through the birthing chamber of the stones, one has an opportunity to create a new reality.  The weather faeries had given us the morning with no rain for which I was grateful.   We returned to the coach and the gentle rains began to come.

chalice well

Legends and lore of Avalon awakened memory and each ceremony supported our journey of remembering.  A golden light as the sun set would provide the backdrop for our final ceremony together in the Chalice Well.  The ancient yew trees that serve as guardians brought many messages.

chalice well

The stillness we found at the well as we made our prayers of gratitude, would prepare us for the next part of the journey.


We continued to the emerald green island known as Ireland. The magick of the lands of the Tuatha de Dannan brought incredible joy and profound wisdom as we began with a solar walk through an enchanted forest that would take us to the Dragon Stones.

dragon circle

The stone circles of Beeghmere in Northern Ireland were ancient, thousands of years  where many secrets for the spiritual pilgrim who would take the time to listen were found. The Dragon’s teeth stone circle is a portal and one can feel a deep connection between the celestial realms and the landscape.  Again we came together in sacred ceremony to honor the ancestors and pray for guidance for our journey as well as a kinder, gentler world.

dark hedges

One of the most mystical and profound places we experienced was the Dark Hedges.  A mystical portal of beech trees.  The beech tree is known as the Tree of Learning and when one communes with a beech tree, the purpose of one’s experience is revealed. You are able to see and understand the purpose of past experiences and relationships through the eyes of the heart instead of the ego mind who judges and writes a story.  This was a profound moment we were given to write a new story if we chose. The beech tree is the Queen of the forest and is said that the Beech tree faery will grant the wish of those who approach with a pure heart.

forest chair

My favorite moment was the journey we made to the enchanted Altadaven forest. Incredible beauty and enchantment were felt as we walked in silence through the forest.  It is said that Saint Patrick banished the Druids and the Fae believing they were demons.   We had come to welcome them back and I could feel the veil opening between two worlds.  Long ago the alliance between the unseen and the world of hoooman was broken.  An emptiness I had felt in my heart all my life was healed that day and I am forever grateful.  I will return to this enchanted place where innocence and childlike magick is found.


The Giant’s causeway where stone and magick come together.  These amazing hexagram shaped stones formed from an ancient volcano begin here where the dragon rests in the landscape and extends miles to Scotland beneath the sea where it surfaces on Staffa Island just beyond Iona which would be the final part of our journey.

giant causway

Legends claim that the causeway was built by a giant who was creating a pathway that would help him find his way to his true love.  Being a romantic I choose that story.


The final part of our journey to Scotland brought us to the edge of worlds.  It is said that crossing deep waters, on a spiritual pilgrimage, is a journey of the soul back to one’s divine self. The ancient Celts identified this as an Imramma. When one stands at the edge of the sea where land and waters joins together the boundaries of two worlds align and one can slip through the mystical doorway that eludes most humans.  We would enter the unknown on the powerful full moon.  Iona is a place where time literally stands still, and you feel you are not of this world of hooman.


Our first morning we were greeted with a palette of colors in the morning sky.  The Goddess displaying her magnificence was welcoming us to the this place of mystery.  It had called me before and each time my reality would change when I again crossed these waters.


As our ancestors have done from the beginning of time, we would honor the cycles and the seasons that remind us of the ever-changing flow of life that we are a part of.  Ritual acts give life meaning. They also honor and acknowledge the unseen web of Life that connects us all when performed at key intersections on the dragon lines.   We would spend several days embraced in the magick that is Iona.   We shared a powerful moment on the full moon in the Oran Chapel, the oldest structure on Iona, as we worked with the sacred rose and the gifts of the Tuatha de Dannan.  Stephanie would sing to the stones, and they would sing back as she awakened them.  A beautiful and hauntingly distant song would emanate from the stones in response to Stephanie’s beautiful voice.

beach hill

The winds of change would bring messages from the ancestors as we climbed to the top of this mystical place of meditation and angelic presences.  Working with the sacred sword  I knew in my heart great change was happening.


We joined together in sacred ceremony at the Bay known as the Back of the Ocean where we would enter the portal of remembrance.  All that has ever occurred on the sacred blue is recorded in this mystical place and one can tap into the Akashic records that hold the story of one’s soul journey.  The incredible beauty of this bay always touches deep into my soul.

hermit cell

Known as Iuma, “the place of a distant heart”. we would perform ritual and ceremony in the Faery Fortress, a place of initiation connected to Bridgit.  A place of magick and manifestation of dreams and wishes.


Saying goodbye to Iona, I made a promise to return.   Another rainbow appeared as confirmation  that together we had stood as one to hold the light and infuse the dragon lines with love.   A crystal map of places to journey was revealed as I gazed into the sacred blue.  (I’ll share with our tribe the messages I received that day after I break the news to the photographer).   The journey is just beginning.

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Be gentle with yourself.  Kia kaha… Be Strong

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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