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We Must Be Willing To Get Rid of the Life We Planned, so we can have the life that is waiting for us…Joseph Campbell


If I have learned anything in these last few years, it is to master being in the flow and that we absolutely must let go of expectations for ourselves and others so that we can create a new dream.  2023 the Year of the Phoenix Rises from the Ashes is a year  to Reinvent Yourself…. Breathe….Recharge….Nurture….Heal….Revive and Repurpose your true gifts. Being in nature we can learn to Be Still…. Listen to Our Heart…Live…Love and Know Who We Came  Here to Be. This is what the sacred hexagram of the Sedona landscape offers.  Find the rainbow after the storm.  Long recognized by Native Americans as a sacred landscape, sometimes your heart just tells you where to go when you are searching.


Amongst the stone elders of the high desert there are concentrated vortexes where the spiritual energy is amplified. Found in the natural desert landscapes, these magickal places are easily accessible and serve as sacred temples for prayer and meditation.  Sedona, Arizona is known as being a powerful center of spiritual energy that attracts artists and spiritual pilgrims from all over the world, not just the country. It is a place where numerous dragon lines emerge into the landscape. A place of memory to embrace the ancestral soil for healing.

You begin to settle in, allowing healing and a deeper connection to the natural world to begin the process you seek.  Here you find your center, your balance and your joy.


The color palette of the Goddess changes with the seasons.  The reds and orange, pale cream and greys of the stones set amongst the lush green vegetation symbolize rebirth and renewal.   The crystal-clear water of the flowing river and stunning blue sky as a backdrop, take you instantly into the dream state.


When life gets difficult or challenging this spiritual retreat can recharge your soul, awaken your memory, navigate your journey and ignite the creative spark within.  The incredible, breath taking beauty stimulates your senses and inspires you to go deeper into your own spiritual journey.


Mountain and mesa trails into the unseen world enhance meditation and prayer.  Following trails along the flowing river, through magnificent canyons or journeying into caves provide deep introspection allowing for healing and rebirthing. There is a rose glow that permeates deep into your soul when you sit amongst the elder stones in Sedona.  You breathe in stillness and exhale anxious feelings of uncertainty.   You relax deeply into your own knowing, far away from the chatter of the fast world.


Considered the power center of America, Sedona it is a place to reclaim your power.  The true definition of power is heart centered intention born in an expression of love, manifested into physical form.  Sedona is a place to reinvent yourself and fall deeply in love with the magnificent being you were born to be.

full moon

A place to experience the promise offered by a magnificent sunset or a full moon hike to do some moon bathing beneath the celestial realms.

Milky way

Star gazing beneath the celestial bodies offers a unique and special journey  to receive the healing neutrino energies.  Sedona is one of only 20 certified Dark Sky communities in the world.  A different experience in the red rocks offers alchemical magick at its best.


I have been guiding journeys and answering the call of the ancestors for 30 years.  Nature has always been my schoolhouse and the corridors of learning offered in the various chambers of wisdom provide the tools to support the human during this time of the Grand Reset.  Each journey is custom designed for the individual.  Level of fitness, intention behind the journey, the calling of your soul is thoughtfully considered  in designing your sacred time.   As I guide you to walk amongst the elder stones, the guardians, the gateway vortex trees, I also share the ancient teachings of the Path of the Rose and the sharing’s of the Tuatha de Dannan. I provide shamanic tools, the offerings for sacred rituals and personal guidance from the natural world. There is time to breathe in the beauty and healing of the landscape, time to sit in stillness and feel into the moment, time to rest, rejuvenate and rebirth.  Sound bathing and soul life readings can be added to enhance your experience and activate your own intuitive channels.  These can be individual, small private group experiences, retreats for couples to create a stronger bond and union, shared with friends, siblings or children.   I also offer ceremonies of unions, vow renewals at First Man First Woman, weddings, rites of passage and soul initiations.


Perhaps you seek balance and guidance to recalibrate after a traumatic event or loss, a place to be nurtured and time to recover to find solid footing once again.  It is said the desert never lies.  When you are seeking truth, the sacred desert will wrap you in a warmth of protection so you can journey into the chamber of truth.


Perhaps the Spirit of Sedona calls you to journey inward to embrace the divine feminine, communing and awakening the Goddess within. With this journey I focus on the sacred sites connected to Isis, Maria Magdalena, the Goddess Aine, sacred to the Tuatha De Dannan, as a Faery Queen, a goddess of the earth and nature, an expression of the lady of the lake. It was believed she brought luck and good magick to those who invoked her and to Boann, the Celtic river Goddess of Inspiration and Fertility.  Through ritual and journeying into the enchanted kingdom one can find inspiration and magick.


Beneath the endless beauty beats a healing heart.  Sedona is a place of refuge, a cathedral without walls. Let me guide you on a spirit walk into another world of wonder, beauty and mystery, as we thread labyrinths, commune with the gatekeepers and allow the Sedona magick to transform your life. A place where the earth seems incredibly alive with spiraling energy.   If your soul is ready to answer the call to journey the Path of the Rose and you would like to experience the magick, please contact me at [email protected]  These Custom Journeys can be created to correspond with important celebrations such as anniversaries or birthdays, new moons of new beginnings, full moons of illumination and completion.  Girls reunion.  They can be 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, a weekend or even a deep immersion into a weeklong experience.

Listen to the voice of the ancestors speak through the winds in the powerful Raven’s Cave.

Experience the healing energy of my favorite vortex tree to set intention and receive guidance as you share the breath of life with this standing tall one.

So much magick to be discovered you will want to return again and again.

Looking forward to sharing the magick of this incredible landscape with you.  Around every corner is something new and mysterious to discover.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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