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We have reached the Nexus Point

Southern Right Whales

With the recent total solar eclipse, I was guided to be with the southern Right Whales in Western Australia.  My love for the sacred blue seems to have me navigating on the migrational path of the whales.  I knew how strong this eclipse cycle was going to be and I also knew for me personally I needed to completely disconnect from the fast world and be in nature.  Being caught up in chaos and drama is a choice, and one I choose to not do.  I had heard the whales calling for weeks and felt that call deep in my heart to be on the water.  It would take three flights and a long drive in the car to arrive  to this remote part of Australia.  There was no guarantee the whales would be there and yet I knew they would.

Nullabor caves

There is something ancient and mystical about the Nullabor plain.

Nullabor Roadhouse

First appearance is an endless landscape of flat land that is treeless, but beneath the Nullabor plain is an intricate water table that has created a series of caves that hold the history of our water planet.

white rainbow

I had never been with the southern right whales as I have such a connection with the humpback whales, but these were the animal beings calling to me.   These amazing beings are found in the southern hemisphere and make an annual migration from Antarctica to the waters off the coast of Australia.   On the morning of the solar eclipse, we drove to the bay.  There was no one on the road and I had such a feeling of excitement, like a little kid on Christmas morning.   On the road leading to the water, I looked up and a magnificent white rainbow had appeared.  Rainbows themselves are messages of hope and communication with the celestial realms but a white rainbow is quite rare and a definite sign of magick in the air.  We drove right through it and I felt we shifted into another realm, as though we entered through a dimensional doorway.  We were blessed with a gorgeous day of calm seas and sunshine.

Southern Right Whale

Within ten minutes of being on our boat, these magnificent beings began to appear.  I had positioned myself on the bow of the boat and could feel this incredible wave of energy and excitement move through me as a mother and baby approached.

Baby Southern Right whale

The baby began to breach and excitement filled my heart.  At one point we were completely surrounded by whales.  They had come… I quietly waited to receive their message as I closed my eyes.   We were now fully in the energy of the total solar eclipse.  All of a sudden, I heard the captain yell, “Look down they are coming right to you”. I felt the 33 petals of the mystic rose open in my heart.  I looked down and one of these magnificent beings was beneath me.  I began to cry as I was so overcome with emotion as waves of love moved through me.   I had come to pray for the sacred blue, to establish the alliance between human and the natural world in the birthing place of these beautiful beings.   This species had been near extinction, but the numbers were coming back.   The message the whales had was clear, we need to do everything we can now to keep our vibration high.  We need to gather with our tribe, our pod, to find strength and courage when we feel weak.  We need to remove ourselves from negative environments and situations and rise above our fears.  We need to be love!!  They needed our help.  We as a global nation needed to make decisions that would protect the sacred blue.  We needed to put the environment and a sense of humanity ahead of corporate greed and profits.  We need to stop arguing and bickering amongst ourselves.  We need to take action, each of us in our own way to make a difference.

The upcoming full moon on July 16/17th, brings a lunar eclipse which completes the cycle that began in January with the total lunar eclipse.  This Eclipse is influenced with its position in Capricorn.   Capricorn brings us to our core story and reminds us of the importance of staying true and in integrity. With Chiron and Mercury now retrograde, it highlights deep feelings and emotions about our past. This moon in particular tends to bring up anything that is really ready to leave you, anything that has been weighing on you. During an Eclipse Season, there is tremendous room for growth, expansion and continued evolution. Each Eclipse opens a portal for us to step through allowing us to speed up our evolution.

The energy of the Eclipse Season can feel intense, as we often have to face things in our life that we have been trying to ignore or deny.  You have to be honest with yourself as the recent total solar eclipse will focus on the untruths we live by and push us forward.  It can be quite uncomfortable until we surrender to the process.

lunar eclipse

With the upcoming lunar eclipse continually ask yourself, “Who would I be without this thought/behavior?”  “What will I get if I choose to give something up?”  Remember we have to make room for what we truly want, by giving up what we are settling for.  This is an opportunity for great personal transformation.  We have reached the nexus point, the ending of our old self and the beginning of our new self-expression. These energies are coming in hot this month, but things are moving slowly.  This gives each of us a grand opportunity to review and redo, gaining clarity on changing the course of the path you have been on. Where you put your focused intention will attract more of that in your life.  If you focus on what you don’t have you will create lack.  If you focus on gratitude you will create more of what you are grateful for.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a ritual for this powerful full moon lunar eclipse and will post a guided audio meditation in the next few days.  Click Here

Be gentle with yourself.  Use these gifts from the celestial heavens to guide your journey.  Find your courage and embrace your magnificence. Move boldly into the second half of 2019 where your greatest potential is birthing a new you.

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Love and cuddles, Robbyne

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