As I awoke this morning having just flown back to the states from Germany, I was reflecting on my first journey of 2012 when the words…   “We are stardust…we are golden… and we have to get ourselves back to the garden”  came on the radio.  How appropriate I thought, my music angel was working overtime with confirmation of my recent experience in Germany.  My first journey of 2012 – The Year Of Grandmother Spider weaving the web and walking the Path of Beauty began with a personal pilgrimage to the Black Madonna of Alttoting, Germany.  I made this pilgrimage as thousands have done in the past but not because of any connection to the religious order of the Church of Rome nor was I seeking a personal miracle.  I made this pilgrimage because the dark lady had called me to her and I was seeking the way that would allow me to be her messenger.

The dark lady’s call had come so clearly to journey to this place of mystery, and would be repeated again and again when I would sit in stillness in the sanctuary of the Grandmother Wisdom tree on the sacred lake in Mount Shasta.   On both the morning of the Winter Solstice and again on Christmas Day, it was here I would be called to sit and listen.   As I walked the sacred  labyrinth in the secret garden in Mount Shasta at the time of the Winter Solstice I would receive the same guidance.  “Return home dear one” were her words.

The Black Madonna is a mysterious presence, often associated with the Catholic Church, but her presence has been here thousands of years before the Church of Rome was formed and long before the birth of Jesus.    She is known as the creative mother goddess or the Black Lady because she represents the source of creation, the earth mother.  She has made a promise to return whenever mankind is suffering and feels lost and hopeless. Her dark skin is representative of the Egyptian lands and the black fertile soil of the Nile River from which she is associated with Isis, the Mother Goddess.    She has come many times and can be found in every religion and culture when we take the time to explore the teachings found all over the world.   Although people identify her by a different name she is the same loving presence.  She has come as Isis, as Kuan Yin, as White Buffalo Woman to the Lakota nation of America, as the Lady of Kazon to the people of Russia and the Baltic Seas, as Grandmother Spider Woman to the first nation people of North America and as Pacha Mama to the people of the Andes mountains.  She is the Lady of Avalon for those who remember.

Even though we may worship in different ways and pray to a different presence, we are connected to this loving mother goddess, through a web of illuminescent light that extends from our heart centers and weaves us together much the same as a spider web.  If we find her in the stillness of our heart she will lead us back to the golden time and the remembrance we are golden starlight, here to create a beautiful vibration of love and light, for earth is the garden.  This is what we search for because we remember.  We remember the lands of Mu, Lemuria,  we remember Telos,  we remember Avalon.    It is encoded deep in our hearts and we search to return to the garden that once was the earth experience.  It is she that is connected to EB the obsidian stone being, the stone of the shaman and seer that I continue to carry, weaving the web.   She is connected to the andara crystal, the stone of unconditional love to the places that hold the blueprint.

The Black Madonna of Altotting, Germany,  is believed to have granted many miracles, the legend originating in the 15th century when a young child who had drowned nearby was brought before the altar by his desperate mother, whose prayers to the Madonna were answered and the child was revived. When one walks the path of beauty to places held sacred on the cosmic spider web, the souls memory is released and the way home revealed.  Guidance, healing and the release of ones burdens are gifted.  The interior of the chapel where the dark lady silently stands is painted black which gives an impression of entering the void and darkness of creation before it takes form.   In front of the altar are a couple of large solid silver statues, one commissioned by Emperor Karl Albrechy after his son recovered from a fatal illness, using 41 pounds of silver, the same weight as his son.Within the inner part of the shrine, the dark walls are covered by silver ornaments and from the ceiling hang silver caskets, containing the hearts of the Kings of Bavaria.

As I sat before her presence a clear message was given that she has returned, her presence stronger than ever, and can be found when we enter the stillness and sit within nature.  A great time of healing for those who hear her message to move forward on their journey, she offers guidance when we need it the most as we move through these times of change.  She can take away our pain when we are suffering if we only ask for her help.  She can give us strength when we feel weak.  For me I felt an overwhelming knowing that humankind would be all right.  She was here, she was present for those who were awakening and would help them to remember.

As I closed my eyes down I felt her breathe as though she was giving me life.  I saw a golden light before me and began to spin into the light as I had become stardust.  The next thing I saw, was me standing in a sacred circle of stone beings holding the andara crystal in ceremony.  I was in a beautiful robe with many ancient markings on it presenting the stone to the Lady of Avalon.  I was standing amongst my brothers and sisters, each of them in similar robes and we were making our vow and promise to return.  Standing next to the Lady was Merlin, one of the many incarnations of Saint Germaine.   It was as though I had never left.  This was home and I had merely been sleeping but was now awakening from the dream.  We had been guardians of the old teachings and the old ways.  We were all present and now finding our way back to one another.  We were connected to the violet ray and under the guidance of  Saint Germaine. The ceremony I witnessed that I had been a part of  so very long ago needed to be performed once again.  The Templar Knights of the past had sacrificed their lives to protect the secrets held within the circle that night.

This vision was the guidance I was seeking, to return to Avalon to perform sacred ritual before the turning of the cosmic wheel on 12-21-12.  I had felt this so strong for several weeks since sitting with the Grandmother Tree in Mount Shasta.  It had been the personal message I had received at the time of the 11:11:11 and now this vision, this message I was receiving from the Black Lady of Altotting confirmed it.

For those who will be called to join me I have begun to coordinate a mystical journey of the heart from Thursday, August 30 through Monday, September 3rd to Glastonbury, England.  If your heart is called, we will perform the ancient ceremony within the Chalice Well to awaken the memory of Avalon.  There will be private time to connect with Merlin to restore the magick and memory of the world of human joined with the world of the unseen. This is a truly special place, known to be the heart chakra of the planet and the place where the andara crystal first disappeared into the unseen world to be gifted back to the world of human at the time of the Harmonic Convergence in 1993.   Once the itinerary is complete and the pricing confirmed I will be sending out the detailed information for those who may be called to join me.

What I have always known is I am simply a messenger and a guide. I am here to assist in awakening those who have fallen asleep under illusion and guide those who are awake back to the Path of Beauty.  I am here to heal the web and activte the song and spirit lines through ancient ritual and ceremony.  If you are reading these words we are on the same journey weaving the web, remembering, healing and together writing a new story for humankind.

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