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We are only passing through the shadow

If one listens to the news one will soon be overwhelmed with a sense of gloom and doom. Take heart dear ones, there is still enough goodness in this world worth fighting for. Enough light still burning to illuminate the path to awaken others. Even if at times you are only able to see the darkness that surrounds our earth. We are simply moving through a shadow.


I have never seen such activity on Mount Shasta as I have in the last few days. A phenomenon occurring in the celestial skies that is beyond ones reality. Even the non believers have witnessed a strange celestial light occurring in the evening on the mountain as well as strange activity during the day. Images of dragons, phoenixes, and celestial beings gliding into the mountain.


Strange cloud formations that many identify as extraterrestial star ships hovering above the mountain.

For two months fires have raged in a complete circle around the divine mother mountain cloaking her at times and creating a sense of deep purification and cleansing.


After a powerful experience to Canyon de Chellys, the source of the dream in the Northern Hemisphere at Spider Rock, we have returned to the sacred mountain. I will share more about this magickal journey to Spider Rock in another Weave the Web. With the timing of the Autumn Equinox celebration I wanted to share this with each of you first.

Last weekend many gathered with me for an inner journey on the amethyst mountain as we wove the spider web of dreams back to this sacred place.


We were greeted with the divine mother mountain finally showing herself after weeks of being cloaked. Mount Shasta is the root chakra of the planet and those who are now being called to her will be experiencing a personal transformation. One will find themselves rebirthed into these higher frequencies of light. For several months the sacred mountain has been going through her own transformational process and and those who have answered her call have found themselves catapulted into change. She will bring up ones insecurities, fears and doubts, she will bring one to the shadow but she will also guide one through the doorway of illusion. For the one who is courageous and truly wants to make change she will provide all that is needed. Clarity, healing and balance are her gifts.


In the Northern Hemisphere the Autumn Equinox is occurring over the next couple of days. It is the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere. This is one of two days when there is an equal portion of shadow and light upon our water planet. The equinox creates a grand opportunity to step between worlds for glimpses of ones future and provides a tremendous opportunity to see what lies in between the spaces that we call our reality.

As another group gathers with me on the mountain I encourage each of you to take the time over the weekend, to celebrate with heartfelt thanks, the positive things you have in your life. It is always a choice where we place our focused intention. We can choose to look at lack, focusing on what we are missing, or we can celebrate this journey that we are on.


Only in reconnecting to those parts of us that have become scattered can we find wholeness and solid footing for our earth walk. This is a powerful time to align with ones purpose once again.

Woman Looking at Reflection

It is important for us to remember that in the end of our earth walk, it will not be the amount of money you have successfully secured in your bank account, it will not be the titles, fame or accolades you have received. It will not be the validation from others that will matter, nor the size of your home or the car that you drive that identifies success. It will be how well you have loved. Have you loved without judgment, or expectation? Have you loved unconditionally others as well as yourself? Where have you loved and how deeply have you loved? Have you dismissed others in your life because they did not act in accordance to your expectations or have you allowed those around you their own journey? The equinox provides an opportunity to look deep within our own hearts to answer these questions.

The actual time of the equinox is Monday, September 22 at 7:20pm in California. Based on the UTC time it is 2:29am on September 22. Please click to find the time it will occur in your area. Anytime between the 19th and 23rd of September the Equinox is celebrated. It varies a day each year.

I am one who follows the old traditions and the first religion known as the Earth religion. There is something deeply meaningful to me to honor the old ways and those of the natural world. It creates a foundation for my faith and my knowingness that we are moving in the right direction. It helps to give me solid footing in this fast changing world we walk in and it fills my heart with light to share with others.

For those who may wish to join me in their own celebration I offer a ritual for you to perform anytime during the Equinox alignment.


It can be done with others or a personal celebration. Prepare an altar that honors the four elements, incense or a feather to honor air, a candle to honor the sacred fire, a bowl of water or a shell to honor the healing waters and a crystal or stone being to honor the earth mother. I always place my sacred objects within a rose petal circle. (any color is fine) Rose creates a vibration of love. On this night have a white and black candle.


Prepare two lists. One is to identify all that you are grateful for and all that you wish to attract into your life. The other is all that you wish to let go of. Scroll the two lists together and tie them with a string. Place them in the center and light your black candle. Breathe into your heart and allow the shadow, your fears and insecurities, angers, resentment, jealousy and hurts to be bathed in the light of the candle. Breathe and allow them to be transformed with the gentle healing light of forgiveness and love.


Next, light your white candle and feel that celestial light flows into your heart activating the seed you carry that is your full creative potential. Place all of your thoughts on the things that you are grateful for and ask your heart how you can love more unconditionally? How can your light shine brighter? Sit in stillness and feel into the experience. When your personal ceremony is complete offer the water back to the earth mother and confirm your commitment to be her guardian. Burn your two lists and allow the sacred smoke to carry your dreams and desires to Great Spirit. Allow the candles to completely burn on their own. (Use small votive candles for this ceremony)

I send each of you love and light as we continue to weave the web together.

Blessings of starlight and joy, Robbyne

For our German speaking family I wish to acknowledge one beautiful light who has gifted us with the gift of her translation for many years. Carola Fragner has woven the web through this gift in translating Weave the Web and also the ritual book for the last several years. As she grows and prepares to soar she will no longer be able to provide this service. She has also assisted us with coordinating the journeys and activities this last year but this too is coming to completion. If there is anyone who would be interested in becoming the coordinator for White Wolf Journeys in Switzerland we would greatly appreciate any assistance. This is the first year that I am not returning to Switzerland in 14 years. I am hoping to return next year and we certainly would like to continue to offer Weave the Web and the ritual book in the German translation for those who need this support.

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