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We Are Living Life Now

Having taken a giant leap of faith to leave the familiar and old foundations behind I embrace everything that now awaits me, everything yet to be discovered, the hidden magick around the next corner and what lies in the great expansive unknown.  If we just step through that final fear and last emotional hurdle that stands between us and the new dream, unlimited potential awaits us.    Not only is 2011 the Year of the Rainbow Serpent but according to Chinese astrology, tomorrow with the New Moon we enter the Year of the Rabbit.  For the Native Americans, rabbit’s medicine teaches us to move through fear, living by ones own intuitive instinct.  Rabbit reminds us to not be afraid,  as  fearful thoughts reproduce and multiply creating the very thing we fear.  As we enter the Year of the Rabbit….. it is important to rid yourself of all negative thoughts and  false truths.  Rabbit medicine is also about fertility,  to instead place that focused intention on your new dream.  New Moons provide us with fertile energy to nurture new dreams.

Everything we experience has a soul note, all humans, animals, trees, and plants.  Even buildings and cars.  Nature holds its soul song and creates the most beautiful symphony of sound vibration, which is why nature is so incredibly healing.  We lose our soul sound and our connection to the divine when we become consumed with the stress and pressure of our lives and don’t ever realize we are not truly living life.  After my recent posting I received so many wonderful messages of support and love from each of you that touched my heart so deeply.  Thank you for sharing your story and your truth with me, I read everything and try to respond to everyone personally.  I may be the one making this journey but I carry each of you in my heart as a messenger for the Goddess and we are making this journey together.   As I write this I think back on my experience in New Zealand at the Maori Pa and how that prepared me to take this step and move forward.  I did purchase new hiking boots that not only fit me perfectly but also carry the image of the Wolf Paw so I am ready to venture wherever this next year will take me.

We are settled in as the temporary guardians of this most magickal land in Oregon and have spent the last few days being still in nature.  Every tree seems to call to me and the animal allies are forever present.  The second part of the drive to Oregon took us through Mount Shasta, which has summoned me on numerous occasions.   This time the Lady of the Mountain came to me in a vivid dream. I have been making a spiritual pilgrimage to Mount Shasta numerous times since 1994 and every time something special happens.  In 1998, I met two individuals from the inner center of Telos who guided our group down the mountain when our sunset meditation lasted longer than anticipated and we had no light to guide us down the path.  They seemed to step right out of the mountain and when they had led us to safety simply disappeared.   Another time the path would be blocked and we needed to take a detour into the forest where the Standing Tall Ones had called us for ceremony.  When we left we were greeted by another individual who seemed to come from nowhere and stood beside a magnificent wolf, confirmation of the work our group had done.  Now it was clear with this move and journey I had begun, that something of great urgency was summoning me back to the mountain and so I have found the perfect home to rent that sits amongst the magnificent trees and faces the mountain when our guardianship in Oregon is complete.   I know I am being prepared for the work that will take place when I depart for New Zealand and Australia.

Another celestial wave of light is being sent to the earth at the time of the Spring Equinox and the Full Moon in March.  I am creating a Shamanic Dream weekend for those who are called into the place of the dreamtime at the time of this wave of light being sent to the earth, to create a circle of unity with the andara crystal.   The mystery surrounding Mount Shasta has called several Native American Indian tribes to her meadows and valleys seeking vision and clarity for hundreds of years. Thousands come to the mountain each year to remember and awaken.   She stands as a great healing temple visible in the world of man.   It is what lies deep within her that is assisting all of humanity at this time.   Hidden within a higher vibrational frequency is the city of Telos and within the great healing temple is the source of the Andara Crystal, the stone of love, which I have carried to all eight continents.  As the Andromeda star continues to send waves of loving celestial light to the earth it is through the andara crystal that the celestial wave is filtered and emanated to the earth grid.  Knowing I would return, I wanted to take a picture of the mountain.  As I looked through the lense a brilliant sphere of celestial light appeared before me. Startled I snapped the picture but pulled the camera away to see what had suddenly appeared.  The celestial sphere was gone.  When I went back to look at the picture I had captured the image.  This was NOT the sun.

At the exact moment I took the picture a jolt of energy cursed through me.  I felt a sense of inner peace and joy, excitement that the message I had received that last day in my medicine wheel that I was not alone, was true.  (I never doubted it but when one is tumbling through the spin cycle of an emotional dryer you do question everything).

We arrived in Oregon, to the same sacred  land where the Great Horned Owl greeted us just after my last journey to Mount Shasta at the time of the Venus Full Moon.  As we drove down the pathway I looked at my husband and said, “I wonder what we will find this time on the path to greet us”?  I would not be disappointed as we came closer to the house , walking across the path were four magnificent Canadian Geese.   Walking, instead of flying was pretty significant as the message for me was the time I was to spend here, meant it was time for me to slow down, to walk upon the land and be still. In the stillness and the silence when ones mind is clear one can remember and receive the clarity one seeks.

When we come across certain animals in our lives it can be an indication that they are put in our path to give us messages from Spirit about what it is that we need to focus on in our personal healing at that moment in time.        Canadian Geese remind us of the Sacred Circle, how life cycles on and about family.  The migration of Canadian Geese marks the passages of the Great Circle of the Year, and reminds us of the sacredness of the cycles of our own life.  The goose is also about traveling to distant places, it is about breaking free from one place to move on in your life in order to survive.  If you are stuck in an old pattern, goose can help you move forward bringing new patterns in.  I smiled and gave thanks to  these animal allies.

If you are interested in joining me in Mount Shasta at the time of the Spring Equinox and Full Moon for the Shamanic Dreamtime for more information please click here. This will be a very different experience than any of the past as you enter the dreaming time to manifest your new dream and connect with the Rainbow Serpent energy.  Collectively we will dream the new dream for the planet in this year of the great awakening as we move closer to the 11:11:11.

Every year I create new oils that hold the vibration of the shifts the planet is experiencing and provide the support we as humans need to move forward. This year the oil is the Rainbow Serpent.  For more information please click here.

If you have been feeling a shift in your own energy field it is courtesy of Saturn.  On January 26th Saturn went retrograde and will remain in the retrograde cycle until June 12th.  Saturn can have a significant impact on one’s life.    Saturn in retrograde can assist in giving us that push we need to move beyond our own self imposed limitations that come from the illusion of lack and self doubt we still carry.  Remember in the year of the Rainbow Serpent, anything and everything is possible but we must continue to clear out old illusions and build a solid foundation from which to grow.  Saturn gives you the ability to see more deeply into people, situations and things around you.   Use these next few months wisely to create a solid foundation for the new dreams and be willing to let go of anything that does not align with that dream.  If you have been sitting on the fence, making excuses, creating distractions, Saturn will push you off that fence, willingly or with a mighty thrust,  it is up to you to choose.

Wishing you magick.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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