Self Mastery

Weekend Retreat

Mount Shasta, California

February 12th – 15th, 2016


From the time we are born of this world, we are conditioned by our cultures, religions and society to become a sheep even though we were born a lion.  We lose our true divine essence to feel safe and be accepted.  We begin to live a life that is expected of us instead of the life we were always intended to live as the Master we are.


Unless we connect to the Master within, life will continue to repeat itself like a wheel. Success and failure continues to go round and round.  When you go deep within the wheel you will find the patterns that define you, the expression that has been created from the opinion of others.   This is the place where the lion lies sleeping.

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There is a story told by the ancient ones of a young lion who was raised by sheep.  The young lion grew up believing he was a sheep.  Only when he met a wise old lion who took him to a reflection pond was he able to see who he really was.


Mount Shasta serves as a school house of great learning for the seer who comes with an open heart and a desire to remember.   Known as the realm of the Masters where the presence of Saint Germaine is greatly felt. In the wintertime as the sanctuary is covered in snow, there is a stillness not found at other times on the mountain.  A mystical silence falls upon the landscape creating an even greater power to assist the seer in looking deep within their soul to awaken the lion within.

A seer is one who sees into the unseen world, the place of the second sight.  The second sight is the ability to communicate with the spirit world.  It is a practice that requires dedication, and commitment.   The rewards gifted to the human who forms a heartfelt relationship with the unseen world is one that far exceeds our wildest dreams and desires, for your life becomes enchanted.


To establish this relationship one must follow the Code of the Dragon and honor the old traditions.    If these words resonate in your heart it is because your soul has already made the vow to live by the Code of the Dragon long ago.   Somewhere you lost your way and fell into the illusion of the human world.   Mount Shasta has four guardian dragons that stand at the doorway of the unseen world.


The second sight is a gift given by the enchanted ones to the human who has developed a relationship of respect, truth and love with the unseen world.    We are born of this world and are known to those of the unseen world as Surface Walkers.   Deep within us is a dream walker that remembers the dream woven into the golden web that joins us each together.      To find mastery we must reconnect to that part of our soul essence that holds the truth of who we are.  It is the source of the quest we have all been on, to reconnect to the Master Within, to our dream walker.


Magick occurs when the human walks in partnership with the unseen to create visible changes in the world around them.    There is a vast world of ancestral memory stored within our living waters.  It takes the power of a sacred place to open the channels of memory once again.  Mount Shasta serves as such a place being the root chakra of the planet and the source of the Violet Ray.   It is the reconnection of the Dream Walker and the Surface walker that returns the magick to our lives and the true power to manifest.   Ultimately, more than anything we seek a sense of inner peace and joy.  To be an expression of love and to be loved.  When we become enchanted through the alliance with nature we remove the stress and pressure of becoming by relaxing into just being.

Join with others of like mind to reconnect to your Dream Walker and explore the potential of all that you were born to be.  Discover the Master within in the planetary year known as the Year of Self Mastery.

This inward retreat to awaken the lion begins with sacred ceremony on Friday evening, February 12th.  During the days we will navigate the sacred landscape of the natural world.   Afternoons will be free for reflection, private sessions, and stillness to journal or simply be.   Mount Shasta also offers wonderful retail therapy.    Our evenings will be spent in meditation and inner journeying.   If you truly want to change your life you must connect with the Master within.

You will need to be in Mount Shasta by 4:00pm on Friday the 12th.  Our journey will end Monday morning the 15th around 11:00am for those who need to catch a plane.

**You are responsible for you own accomodations, transportation and food.**

The total cost of the journey for this four day transformational journey of Self Mastery is $575.00 this includes the following:

  • Sacred teachings of the unseen world
  • All ritual tools for ceremonies and meditations
  • Inner journeys of self-discovery
  • Gifts from the unseen world that will become powerful tools of enchantment
  • I will also be available for Soul Life Readings to bring greater clarity for your earth walk, as well as Healing and Integration sessions which open one to the four pathways of the natural world with the celestial elemental chimes and crystal singing bowls. These need to be scheduled in advance to ensure there is a time for your session.  Through sacred sounds, congested emotional energies and karmic imprints can be transformed.  Ancestral memory restored and a sense of overall well being occurs as one becomes enchanted.

For those flying in the nearest airports are:

Medord, Oregon approximately 1 1/2 hours from the mountain

Redding, California approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes

Sacramento, California approximately 3 1/2 hours

San Francisco, California approximately 4 1/2 hours

There are several recommendations for accommodations for all budgets and preferences:

Shasta Mount Inn (my favorite) owned by a very special soul, David Knowles.  David as your host, will make you will feel as though you have come home.  This beautiful B and B sits directly on the dragon line and offers beautiful views of Mama Mountain.  4 rooms available at the Shasta Mountain B and B

Chalets at the Mount Shasta Resort.  –

Best Western Treetop Hotel

For those who would like to rent a room there is a lovely space available offering two rooms.   Please contact Wendy at [email protected].

For more details and a registration form please contact Guy at [email protected].  I am also currently scheduling private shamanic journeys for those who prefer a more intimate and deeper experience during the month of February and April.   Please contact me directly to design a personal journey of Self Mastery  to align with the enchanted world and return the magick into your life.

Wishing you a magickal moment.

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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