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We All Get Lost Sometimes….It’s How We Learn and Grow

lost your way

As we continue to move rather rapidly through this year of Sacred Relationships, Divine Partnerships and Holy Alliances we are feeling the birthing pains of a global community trying to give birth to a heartfelt world.  No matter what you are personally experiencing or what you observe going on around you, do not lose sight of the vision that you have always had.

Each day we grow and change.  Change we must if we are going to create and birth the collective dream we have.  Confusion, indecision, anxiety, a feeling of being lost as well as joint pains and feelings of tiredness are a result of tremendous solar flare activity and the recalibration of our emotional bodies due to the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31st.  All part of the energy of the dragon lineage awakening.

Lady of the Lake

We can all use a little magick in our lives and a sense of direction to guide our journey.  March 31st/April 1st is a glorious full moon known as the Merlin moon. It is Merlin that can awaken your mind to new possibilities and make your dreams a reality through his guidance into the realm of magick.  Being a year of partnerships this is a night to invoke the loving energies of the Lady of the Lake to receive her support in receiving glimpses of your future.  For those who are members of our online subscription series I have posted a ritual to assist one in opening to the magick of the Merlin and the Lady of the Lake as well as a guided meditation to invoke their magickal presence.  Please click here.

Dragon Rose

Just a reminder for those who are interested, I will be traveling to Tasmania in April to share the teachings of the Path of the Rose and Awakening the Dragon.  There are a few spaces still available.  I am also scheduling Soul Life Readings while in St. Helen’s.  For those who may be interested please contact me directly.

Now that I have settled into life in New Zealand I am again taking appointments for Soul Life Readings.  These can be done via Skype, Viber, WeChat, FaceTime or What’s App.  Contact Guy at [email protected]

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Wishing you all a magickal Merlin Full Moon.

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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