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labyrinth72Greetings everyone:

I have just returned from Mount Shasta having once again followed the path of the black Madonna.  This was indeed a journey of laughter and joy as we prepared to experience the Totality of the Solar Eclipse on the majestic mountain of Saint Germaine at the exact moment of the longest Total solar eclipse we will experience in our lifetime.  A wonderful group joined together which quickly felt more like a family.

We began this journey by setting intentions first in the labyrinth of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.   This was a completely different experience to walk the labyrinth with a group then it had been for me as I walked it alone earlier this year.  As is always the case every time one walks a labyrinth something magickal occurs.  There is even more power when walking the labyrinth as a group.  As each person entered the labyrinth they brought with him or her personal gifts, their wisdom, their disappointments and pains to be healed, their memories and their happiness, joy and love.  I realized as we walked together that the labyrinth seemed to be illuminated with more light each time someone else began the journey in towards the center.  This is very symbolic as to each of us on our personal journey and the times that we are in.  More and more people are now awakening and in so doing are seeking to find their truth, seeking to remember why there soul is here, searching to find a way to return to unity.  The labyrinth serves as a powerful tool to aid us in our search.


There is a choice a soul makes in following the Path of the Black Madonna, the dark mother Goddess who belongs to each of us.  We are all walking our personal journey, learning our lessons, and creating our own experiences that will help our soul to grow.  We each choose daily, the path  we will walk. We can choose to be expressions of light, love and happiness or expressions of lack, sadness, judgment and fear.  This is our choice and we truly make it each day.  The labyrinth demonstrates that our personal choices so significantly impact the cosmic spider web that has been woven around the earth by the Black Madonna. Some know her as Grandmother Spider; it is her web that weaves all of us together.  How clear this was to actually witness the energetic shift of the labyrinth when more and more entered.  I was the first to enter the center where I felt completely embraced with love.  It was even more magickal though, as each person joined me in the center.  How powerful was the message that we as universal citizens of the world must return to unity.  If we choose to experience the journey alone we miss so very much.  We isolate ourselves from the very thing we seek, being part of the energy of oneness, experiencing unconditional love and acceptance, being part of a whole, a sense of belonging and an even deeper feeling of coming home.    The only thing that prevents us from this is our own judgment of another.

This particular group was a very diverse group of souls, each one bringing something that made the group whole. Since I am one who always seeks the humor of the life journey, one moment stood out.  I looked around the circle where several of the husbands had joined.  It didn’t matter that they had not necessarily felt the calling to be here on a conscious level, but in loving support of their wives journey, they had unconsciously chosen to be present to support the group and what wonderful energy they each brought into the group experience. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the eyes rolling as the men shot looks to each other, with a mischievous smile.  This only made me smile and feel more joyful.  After all, the spiritual path is to be one of joy, laughter and most importantly humor.  They were the protectors of the Goddess and were fulfilling their role much as the Templar Knights of the past had done.  A spiritual journey and experience is one’s personal journey and cannot be defined as to what is right or wrong by another.  It just is a journey.  (My husband tends to quote me on this to his advantage, such as when I try to persuade him to eat healthier he will reply, “It is my journey!” as he gobbles down a pulled pork sandwich on a white bun).

Grace Cathedral is truly a place that is emanating the blueprint of oneness and holds the secret teachings of the Black Madonna.  It is a living temple of light that opens its doors to all faiths, all religions, and all life style preferences with open arms.    Growing up questioning the dogma of structured religion I felt very much at home in this place of worship because it embraced truth, unity, without division or separation.  Where else would you find one of the greatest mystery tools offered to mankind in the sanctuary of a catholic church?


While we sat together in silence, the Dark lady spoke her message… “I bring you hope, I bring you strength and I bring you courage for the days that are to come.  Not because you have something to fear as many who speak from fear have shared with you, but you need these blessings to guide others. As the clouds of illusion begin to breakdown, as the lies you have believed in become exposed, the light is about to become brighter and there will be a desperate attempt by those the light shines upon to hide and conceal the illusion they continue to promote from their own desire to control and their greed.  Your leaders must now come together and you must now assume your true destinies to guide others with your commitment.  Continue to join together with focused intention and prayer.  You must not lose your way; you must rise above your need to judge another.  It will be up to you to bring the beauty back.  Here you will find me when you gather together.  You will find me when you sit within nature.  I am always with you but you must find a knowing deep within. It is here that you will find me.  Inside of you”.

Check back tomorrow for the next posting of this journey to embrace the Solar Eclipse.  If you are receiving this from a family member or friend and would like to be added to our spiritual community please click here.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. Beverly Bonney

    Hi Robbyne,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your writings. I love your honesty and sincerity. I am going to see if Tim would like to attend tomorrow evenings gathering, but it is our wedding anniversary and I’m not sure what he will think. I would come by myself, but I think that would probably be less likely. I will be there in spirit if I/we don’t attend.