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Walking in the Footsteps of Greatness


The Black Madonna guides the path of those souls whose purpose is to lead and to guide.  Some will step forward in the public eye to do this and others will quietly go about their purpose in a humble and silent manner.  Each serving a unique purpose in fulfilling their destiny and to move humanity forward.  Such has been the journey of those who humbly serve the dark lady.  This is also the teaching of the wolf spirit, to walk humbly and respectfully in the footsteps of those who have walked before and to guide those who now search for their personal truth.

I left for Washington DC following a powerful vision in the dreamtime from the dark lady.  I had hope in my heart and never doubted the times we as a global community are experiencing but I didn’t realize all aspects this journey would present to me.  I knew this was a journey I was not taking alone, as hundreds would join with me through prayer and meditation all over the world.  This was not just a journey to the capital of the United States of America, but a journey to one of the many power centers of our world and one that needed desperately to be activated with pure intention and collective prayer from citizens of the earth.

For 10 years I have answered the Black Madonna’s call.   It seems I have followed in her footsteps since early childhood.  I have learned to trust in the journey with no expectation other than to be guided and to serve.  The Black Madonna had a special plan for me and serving as her messenger I joyously share with you an account of the recent journey and her message of hope.  Prior to departing for Washington, DC, I had gone into my medicine wheel to pray for guidance and set the intention for this journey.  As I do every day, it is here that I hold the vision of light surrounding our planet and make prayers for those who are in need.  As I walked through the back door and bent down to prepare my offering, the screen door came flying off the track and smacked me quite abruptly in the back of the head.   Exactly at the point known as the Medulla Oblongata.

Still in a bit of a daze, I made my offering at the entrance of the medicine wheel and stepped in.  As though someone pushed me, I tripped, losing my balance and fell forward into the wheel.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw something that seemed out of place in the wheel.  As I focused I noticed an animal ally had come into the circle from the South, the place of the child, the place of passion, creativity and for some tribes the place connected to the sun and the source of power.  Snake is a powerful presence as it always symbolizes transmutation, shedding of the old way of life and preparing to embrace a new way of being.  Probably the most important message that snake brings has to do with the need to come into balance again with Mother Nature as this animal is closest to the earth.  It’s entire being connected to the earth mother at all times.  It is aware of every movement through the vibration of the earth and one of the teachings of the Black Madonna is to reconnect to the Divine Mother of Creation and to follow the guidance of the intelligence of nature.  The snake did not move. I walked around the circle and made my offering to each of the directions.  Only when I completed the circle and stood in the North honoring the animal allies and the ancestors did the snake move into the greenery surrounding the wheel.  It was now very clear the dark earth mother was truly with me and guiding every step of my path.  I needed only to listen.  She had sent me a great messenger to remind me of my purpose.  I lay on the ground with my eyes closed down, feeling my own heart begin to beat in harmony with the earth mother.  Since childhood I would lie on the ground and create the image that Da Vinci called the Fibonacci man.  Long before I knew what it was, I instinctively would create the symbol of a five pointed star and always lay on the ground.  This was my way of connecting to the earth and it would always bring me a sense of calm as I connected to the natural world.  I would feel comfort as the earth mother’s loving energy would curse upward from the earth and vibrate through my body.  When I was sad or felt lonely I would lay on the earth.  I gave thanks that I was allowed to be the guardian of this sacred wheel. I reached for the Grandmother Andara crystal that has been carried to every continent and spins in a copper spiral directly over the center of the medicine wheel.  I held it over my heart envisioning the world lit in one light and prayed that our world leaders be guided to make right choice.  I prayed that the President be protected and surrounded with advisors that could assist him.  I prayed he would find the courage and strength to lead this country through the challenging times it was facing.  I prayed that his heart would be filled with light from the Black Madonna and that she would guide him. I returned the Grandmother Andara to the copper spiral and went inside to pack.

The morning of the full moon I awoke at 5:00am and was told to be at the Lincoln Memorial very early before anyone else arrived.  It was important to be standing in the presence of Abraham Lincoln before the sun rose on this day and to place the Andara crystal on the exact step where Martin Luther King Jr. had stood 46 years before.  (Following the path of the Black Madonna does not necessarily mean you will get a full 8 hour of sleep.  In fact I can’t remember the last time I actually did)

Prayer at the Lincoln Memorial


I have had my husband take pictures to share the magic of the moment.  It was the magenta ray that came with the rising of the sun early yesterday morning.  As the sun rose I heard the dark lady speak, “I am and have always been with you, each of you. Great men and women have been born to guide you through these times of change.  Great leaders from the past have returned.  What will make them great is their courage, their faith, their humility and their desire to fulfill a destiny.  They will join people together.  They will follow the footsteps of those who came first.  They will remember the ways of the past but will bring a new vision to the wisdom that has been expressed as humanity has grown”.  I was truly moved by this experience.

I picked the Andara crystal up from the place where Martin Luther King Jr. had stood and could hear the sound of voices from those who had gathered in this hallowed ground before.  They had come to listen to his words and carry that dream in their hearts.  I thought about the man who had become the 44th President and the message he carried.  Change had indeed now come.  Could we now as a global community come together to support that change?  As I returned the Andara crystal to its protective bag, Pauline and I walked down the stairs to the reflection pool.  I always carry a crystal wolf with the Andara as this is the animal spirit that has guided my journey sense I was a child.  I turned back from the reflection pool and saw a clear image of Abraham Lincoln standing, looking at me with a smile on his face.


Many of you know the story of the Andara Crystal and the mystery of this stone.  In 2003 it simply disappeared in Glastonbury England.  When we returned to the hotel room after the Full Moon prayer and meditation yesterday, I went to retrieve the Andara crystal and realized it was missing.  The crystal wolf was there but the entire bag with the Andara crystal was missing.  In the last minute before I packed I had returned the Grandmother crystal to the copper spiral above the medicine wheel.  Why I had done that I wasn’t sure but I had brought another Andara crystal.  This one had just been in Chartres, France with the Black Madonna and now it was missing.  I am always so very careful of the Andara and had no remembrance other than when I had picked it up from the stone at the Lincoln Memorial.  Pauline had no recall of anything either other than physically seeing me pick the crystal up and return it to its protective bag.


Knowing the strange mystery of this stone and my last minute guidance to leave the Grandmother Andara in the medicine wheel I knew something from beyond our world was taking place and surrendered to the thought that perhaps it was intended for the Andara crystal to remain in Washington DC, in the heart center of the United States.  After this discovery I felt I needed to retrace the steps of the ancestors and founding fathers of the United States of America.

I believe I must have walked several miles as I have the blisters to prove it and the hours of time seemed to fade away.  I decided both worlds needed to be honored and so began the afternoon with a visit to the Native American Indian Museum.  On the top floor 12 tribes have been asked to share and display their spiritual beliefs and share messages from the Great Elders of the past.  These are the powerful and timely words of the great Chief Seattle as he presented a letter to the President of the United States. “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” A powerful message a great Indian Elder had delivered.  These words rang true to my heart and I heard them over and over as I continued to walk through the streets of Washington DC now to the White House. Barack Obama had just returned after his well publicized trip to Europe and the Middle East. Later that day I would visit the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and was awestruck with the words that I read on the wall….

“I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions.  But laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed more enlightened and new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change.  With the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times.  We might as well require a man to wear still the same coat which fit him when a boy, as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors”.


For me these words carved into the marble walls were the voice of the past now guiding the future.  We can no longer do business as we have done in the past, we can no longer be governed as we have been in the past or by governmental leaders who still cling to the Piscean ways of thinking.  This is the energy of this new Planetary Year of Partnership and the current review cycle we are in with Venus in Retrograde.

Just when I thought I could walk no further I decided to visit one last site and there I found words that reflect on the challenges the civilizations of the past have experienced.  For America, this country has risen to greatness and fallen into darkness with the treatment of the Native American Indians.  It has risen to greatness once again and fallen into a terrible darkness of separation with the division of a union of states and the struggle over slavery.  It rose again to greatness and then fell into a great depression.  During these times, great men rose to power and guided the country through times of doubt and fear.  The last place I visited was the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial and once again was touched by the words I found in the stone… “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”.  These are words for a global community not just the country of America.  President Roosevelt also spoke “Let us not just find an end to war, let us find an end to the beginning of war”. These are the words that have always guided my journey as I have traveled to the four corners of the world creating circles of light to pray for oneness and peace.

The Black Madonna had spoken truth.  Great Leaders were born to guide our world through times of trouble and as promised the Dark Lady has returned to awaken those who will listen to her words and answer her call.   During the Full Moon meditation and prayer,  I felt each of you as we joined together to anchor the magenta ray.  A collective energy of light and we became the Dream.  I am forever grateful for the continued support I am shown and the commitment of each of you to serve in your own way.  We can not dream alone and as more and more join together the dream becomes a living expression.  Now the journey continues and I follow the call of the Black Madonna.  I invite you to be a part of each step as we walk this path together.  I will continue to share.  If you would like to also share your experiences we can grow this spiritual community into the web of collective light we were always intended to be.

Mi Taku Oyasin…..we are all related.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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