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Walk Gently in this world, remembering sacredness and sanctuary

sand foot prints

As we enter the third week of the final Mercury Retrograde of 2017, we are invited to enter the stillness on a deeper level.  It is in the stillness where answers lie that will guide us with the turning of the wheel on December 21st at the time of the Solstice. Pay even more attention to the signs and messages being gifted from the universe and the Goddess helping you to navigate on your journey.

Animal spirit guides are amongst the greatest messengers providing guidance on our earth walk and in our everyday life if we take the time to hear the message they offer.  I always pay attention to any animal that chooses to cross my path and feel honored with their encounter.

Dragon's tooth labyrinth

On the 12:12,    I walked the labyrinth of Dragon’s Teeth, a sacred place to the ancient ones and a place that I spend a great deal of time when I am on Maui.  Walking the labyrinth is threading the web with light and love.  In return I am always gifted with guidance and special messages.  Ceremony and ritual are deeply meaningful to me as they provide the tools I need to maintain balance and quiet my mind from the chatter of the fast world. They will be even more powerful in 2018.

Bali Fire Ceremony

I arrived at sunset and as I walked the labyrinth, I reflected on where I had been for the 12:12:12.  A feeling of warmth and light came over me and I smiled remembering the beautiful group that had gathered together in Bali for this very special time.  This time as I thread the labyrinth on the cliff above the Pacific Ocean, I retraced my steps for the last five years. So much had happened.  My life had changed in so many ways and I was now on the threshold of yet another significant change.  I knew I would be weaving the golden thread of Maui back to Mount Shasta for the first full moon of 2018, the Wolf Full Moon.  This night seemed important and even though I had walked this labyrinth many times it felt mysteriously different this night.  I could hear the sound of my own heart speaking clearly over and over..”You are a sovereign being of love”.

magical honu

The next day I would have a particularly magickal encounter with an animal being that I have a special relationship with.   I knew this was the messenger bringing answers to the questions I had woven into the labyrinth the night before.   Honu, the green sea turtle found in the Hawaiian Islands paid me a very special visit.  I have had many encounters in the water with Honu, but today this would be an especially powerful encounter.   Part of my journey to walk the Path of the Rose is to maintain a strong alliance with the natural world.  Ritual plays a key role in that relationship as it forms a strong bond with the Goddess.

Turtle beach maui

My daughter and her partner joined me as we walked the beach at sunset.  As we stepped on to the beach, I stood in disbelief as Honu had come from the ocean to greet us.  I found this encounter very special as Honu was simply waiting for our arrival and there was no one else on the beach. I sat a safe distance away from this wise messenger, honoring the sacred space Honu needed and began to breathe in the breath of the Goddess.  Honu and I were sharing the same breath and I was opening to hear the messages this magnificent being had for me.

Honu is sacred to the Hawaiians and seen as a protector and guardian who symbolizes good luck, it also symbolizes sovereignty.  Honu serves as the gatekeeper to the water world that is home to the whales and dolphins, the place of dreaming and the blood of the earth mother.  Being spiritually sovereign means that you are free of the illusion of being something that you are not.  When you are free from self judgment, your mind becomes quiet from comparing itself to others and you allow yourself to just be.

With the next breath it was a though Honu was now speaking the same words…..”You are a sovereign being of love”.  That message alone took away all the self-imposed pressure I had placed on myself.  I relaxed into knowing that I was ENOUGH just being.

Honu’s greatest gift to the human is teaching us to slow down. As a water being, Honu carries its ‘home’ on its back, reminding us that our earthly body is our spirit home. It can protect and shelter us, so we are asked to take good care of it. Turtle medicine reminds us that we must walk gently in this world, remembering its sacredness. A message that must be heard as world leaders decide the fate of national parks and the protection of our oceans as the human world continues to pollute the sacred waters for corporate greed.

Honu on Maui

Honu has often shown up when I need to be reminded to be patient and not lose sight of my dream. She reminds us “one small step at a time”. This Spirit Animal truly lives in the moment with simple, innocent acceptance.

A powerful lesson for humans who rush about meeting obligations and self imposed responsibility during the holidays, missing the magick that is right in front of us. Take your time before your next move, rest, breathe, everything has a gestation period and 2018 is the second year of a nine year cycle.  Don’t go jumping out of your shell until the time is truly right.  One final message that came from Honu… Life is something grand, a gift to be celebrated…not something to be managed.  Be content with what you have…Rejoice in the way things are…When you finally discover there is nothing lacking…the whole universe belongs to you.  When we have gratitude for everything we have and can embrace everything in the moment the universe opens us to miracles.

Just a reminder, Mercury is retrograde and will impact emotions, communication, travel, schedules and time.  Use this time wisely and you will be more than prepared when the sacred wheel turns again on the 21st.

Tomorrow on the 19th of December, Saturn, the planet of karma, an intense planet to work with moves out of the sign of Sagittarius where is has been since December 2014. This has meant three years of challenges in all the areas of our life, challenges to our beliefs, the stories we have believed about ourselves, limitations we have accepted and guilt we have carried far too long are ending. As Saturn finally moves out of Sagittarius we get to push the reset button and put the wisdom and insight we have gained into practical use.   Use the New Moon energy wisely, take the time to celebrate the upcoming turning of the wheel in sacred ceremony on the 21st and get ready for an exciting year.  If you would like to join our subscription series for 2018 to receive Rituals and celebrations for the New Moons, Full Moons and Sacred Sabbat celebrations as well as monthly guided meditations, please click.  The format will be different this year as all rituals are designed to establish the alliance once again with the natural world through passing on the sacred teachings of the Path of the Rose.

I will be sharing the energies of 2018 and how to work with them in sacred ceremony in a one day celebration in January.  This one day event will include the wisdom of the teachings of The Path of the Rose in Austin, Texas.  We still have a few spaces open for those who are called to join us.   Private sessions are available during the weekend as well but must be scheduled in advance.

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Wishing you a Happy Winter Solstice and may your lives be enchanted with the spirit of Honu.

Love and sea turtle cuddles, Robbyne

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