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Many of you have contacted me regarding the online subscription series.  Due to family emergencies and the extra glitch courtesy of Mercury Retrograde,  we are still unable to launch the new website which would allow the renewal of the online subscription for the Moon Cycle and Sacred Sabbat series.  Because of the significance of the New Moon and Full Moon of January as we now move forward into the Year of Self Mastery I am gifting the following two rituals to our spiritual community to ensure those of you who have requested these receive them in a timely manner. This will not affect the personal message that I will be doing for those who re-subscribe or subscribe for the first time when the system is operational.  Thank you for your patience and we hope to announce the system is up and you are able to subscribe next week.   I am excited to share the new teachings and rituals of 2016.   Once we are able to accept subscriptions I will be doing the personal messages.  

Following the ancient traditions can restore a sense of balance and calm during these times of continuous transition and change. Honoring the moon cycles can empower the Master within and align you with the unseen world.


First New Moon of Self Mastery – January 10th

The new Moon is about moving inward and learning to trust the unknown, the dark void where all is possible in this place of creative potential. New Moons are a blank page on which to speak your dreams out loud.  It’s the moment when the old passes away and the new is not yet here. The dark moon takes us into hidden realms of the soul, the place we hold our memories and experiences, and the place we can draw wisdom from. Working with planetary energies links you to the power of the divine. Each month at the new moon we have an opportunity to rededicate our intentions by reviewing and renewing our personal wish list. Part of preparing for the new Moon is making sure you are clear about your intentions.   When it comes to setting goals or planning ahead for your future there is no better time to get started than during the new moon. Any intentions stated or written down carries power, so take care in considering the things that you really want. The saying “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.” is fair warning whenever setting your new moon intentions into motion.

For this new moon of Self Mastery, prepare an altar with pink rose petals placed in a circle. Place a rose quartz heart on your altar.   On a beautiful piece of paper write down what you desire to create this year.  Learning to access the sacred pathways to the world of enchantment can assist in the manifestation of your dreams.  Begin with the words…“I am so grateful for…..”   At the end write……“So Be It and So It Is”.   Fold the paper towards you and hold it over your heart center.  Breathe life into your heart and release the breath into the paper of dreams.  Place the folded paper in the center of the circle of pink rose petals.  On top of the paper add a white candle for purity of purpose.  Make sure you place a plate under your candle for fire safety or place the candle in a holder.   Everything we do this year in the Year of Mastery must come from the heart… NOT the ego.   Sit in stillness cupping your hands.  Envision a seed that vibrates with life.  The seed turns into a crystal sphere and you begin to envision your life stepping into your full potential.  Hold the sphere of light until you feel it vibrating with star light.  Remember the new moon is the dark void where all creative potential exists.  Breathe the sphere of light into your heart center where it activates the seed you carry within.  Listen for any guidance that comes this night and feel the excitement of the journey as it begins to unfold.

Full Moon – January 24th  is a Leo Full Moon


The Goddess of the January moon is Sekhmet.  She is one of the most royal and powerful of all Goddesses.   In ancient Egypt, Sekhmet, the lioness is known as the keeper of the sacred flame.   Sekhmet is the goddess of war and healing. Her name comes from the ancient Egyptian word Sekhem, which means power. She is revered  as The One Who is Powerful and the Lady of Life. Sekhmet is often depicted as a fierce warrior goddess with the head of a lion holding the Ankh in one hand and the staff of power in the other.   She is one of the oldest known Egyptian deities.   Sekhmet is the Goddess to call upon when one needs strength and courage.  Her name is used in prayers to cure diseases.  Those who are healers are under her guidance.   Physicians, healers, and skilled doctors, all revered Sekhmet. Under the Leo Full Moon we have an opportunity to face our fears and the obstacles we perceive that hold us back from stepping into our Mastery.


Sekhmet’s colors are red and gold.  These should be utilized in the altar you will prepare this night to call upon her for strength, healing and courage. Place a red and gold candle on the altar.  The stones that are associated with Sekhmet are garnet, ruby, jasper, citrine, and gold.  The image of the lion or lioness is key as well as her sacred symbol the Ankh. The Ankh is known as the Nile Cross and is used to transfer energy to attract things in or to remove them from one’s energy field.  An ancient and powerful tool of transformation.


Place the image of the Ankh on your altar. In the center of the loop which represents the womb place a red and gold candle.  Call upon the Goddess Sekhmet.  Breathe her life force into your power chakra.  This is a night to gain courage and insight for the journey that you will undertake in the Year of Mastery.  It is also a night to imagine all that you are intending and placing in the womb of the Cross of the Nile. As you call upon the Goddess ask for her guidance in overcoming the challenges you may be facing.  Ask for courage to make the changes you need to make.   Take a vow that you speak out loud stating your commitment to be of service.   This is not a year of hesitation.  This is a year of action.  The three year cycle that began on the 12:21:12 is behind us.  There is an element of excitement and anticipation in the air as we move closer to our destiny.   Take the time to write down any messages or inspired thought that comes.  The more you practice stillness the clearer the guidance comes.  We need these times of honoring the moon cycles to step away from the chatter and opionion of others to clearly hear the voice of our heart.

Wishing you a magickal and powerful full moon of courage, strength and healing.

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Love and Moonlight magick, Robbyne

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