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Venus’s Full Moon


Full Moon – Friday September 4th


Upcoming Planetary Influences

This Full Moon known as the Harvest Moon, the Wine Moon or Singing Moon, illuminates our relationships so we can see clearly where we need to make changes.  We are becoming clearer as to which relationships need to be nurtured and supported and which relationships need to be let go.   We have an opportunity to identify new roles in our friendships, romantic partnerships, business alliances, and the relationship we have with ourselves.   If we have been ignoring any of these after the recent eclipse energies this will all come to our awareness.  The September Full Moon falls on a Friday night and is known as Venus’s night. A powerful night for enhancing all of our relationships, a time of giving thanks and gratitude, reflecting on all the relationships that enrich our lives.  Let all the worries and stress go and focus this night on those relationships that bring you happiness and joy.  Family, friends and our animal allies.  Those of you that are owned by a cat (I have six of these wonderful animal allies) this is a very special night to sit with them.  Our human energy field spins in a spiral motion, while the energy field of a cat spins counterclockwise.  It is for this reason when we are sad or frustrated; to sit quietly with a feline friend and pet the cat gently has a remarkable calming and healing affect on our energy bodies by bringing us back into balance.  Those of you that have my Moon Cycle and Ritual book I highly encourage you to create the altar and celebrate this night with the rituals that are listed.  (I am currently working on the 2010 Moon Cycle and Ritual Books and will be taking preorders shortly).  Those who order early will receive a personal message regarding the influencing energies of 2010 and how they will affect you in the coming year.  These will be available by November 1st.   If you order for family or friends as a holiday gift I will also do a personal message for them.

A couple other planetary influences I want to share with you that are significant are the following.  Mercury will be going retrograde on Monday, September 7th for three weeks but you will definitely feel the influence coming off the Full Moon energy several days before.   Mercury retrograding will amplify the affects we are continuing to experience from the recent Solar Eclipse (remember we will feel the impact of this for minimum of six months as it will continue to illuminate areas in our life that we need to clean up and things we need to clear out).  The strongest guidance I can give during this time is DON’T overreact, sit back, emotionally detach yourself from the situation and reflect on the mirror being shown to you for the three weeks that Mercury is Retrograde.  This is the planet that affects communication and decision-making.  So when it comes to making decisions make the decision right now that you won’t make any decisions when Mercury is Retrograde.  Curb the desire to jump in with both feet as we are still exploring our options before we can move forward and still gathering information.  The other thing I would advise, BEFORE you speak, feel the words in your heart, move the words to your head and then open your mouth.  You will avoid having to go back later and repair any damage you cause because you spoke harshly and reacted with over sensitivity.  We will have lots of opportunities to change our perspective on life with the impact of this Mercury Retrograde.

On September 11th Pluto is finally going direct after five months of traveling backwards.    Pluto is challenging our perception of our current life situation, and the solutions we may come up with.  Our actions are halted by our inability to conceive the right solution to the problems.  The need to change has been in the works for awhile now, and if we hadn’t started before, we must be careful that we are thinking clearly and straight forward.  I have had numerous roadrunners crossing my path over the last few days which always put me on alert to listen carefully to the animal kingdom when an animal makes appearances more than once over a few days.  Especially when I am preparing a message of insight for each of you.


Although speed is its ally, time is irrelevant to the roadrunner. It can do several things at once.  This is partly due to its great mental agility represented by the crest on its head. Many native cultures believe a “crest” symbolizes quick and efficient thinking capabilities. The roadrunner is a vocal bird producing a variety of sounds from crows, chuckles, clacking and coos. Roadrunner asks us to use sound to benefit ourselves. Distract unwanted influences or say the right thing at the right time.  Roadrunner reminds us to quickly shift a negative thought by making a positive affirmation   Instead of making a comment that all is hopeless, we need to verbalize, I am moving forward through this time of uncertainty with grace and ease.  I am in the right place at the right time. Sound as well as speed can pierce through a situation and change its energy. Roadrunner teaches us the importance of honoring our personal needs first before giving to others. Some might think of this as a selfish act but in truth it is a balanced one.   Roadrunner carries the message of survival. Take care of yourself first and then assist others   The roadrunner is considered an animal messenger of changing directions on a moment’s notice.   Knowing this about roadrunner, prepare yourself for a wild, and interesting ride toward an unexpected final conclusion which will more than likely be different from where we thought  we were going, but ended up elsewhere. Be aware of important messages during this time, and make sure you understand the communication, and what the proper action is to be initiated.  The messages may be sent to you personally or it may be signs that we as humanity should take heed.

Remember we are in a Master Year so the lessons will be more intense, the challenges even stronger but so is our strength and our wisdom.  It is all a matter of how we look at a situation.  The eclipse energy is meant to bring our feelings to the surface.  Our Western civilization is afraid to feel so we have masked the emotions with drugs, alcohol, and addictions to shopping, gambling, temporary means of filling the void, anything to prevent us from feeling.  With the eclipse we are going to feel.  Embrace the emotions as they surface for in this Master Year we are cleaning House, physically and spiritually.    Use the retrograde time to review, reflect, refresh, recharge, reinvent, renegotiate, reapply and repair our lives.

Before Pluto goes direct do a final house clearing, both physically and spiritually, if it’s obsolete IT HAS TO GO.  Pluto symbolizes opposite forces: both the darkness and the judgment within us, as well as the light of Truth, which dispels darkness and heals our unconsciousness.   Ultimately, we must look deep within ourselves, be honest with ourselves, and lovingly appreciate ourselves. This deep inquiry involves looking into what we are really seeking to gain from our desires, and whether these desires can really give us the peace we are looking for. This love of oneself includes the choice of balance and simplicity in our lives that bring us more joy.

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Happy Full Moon and many blessings from the Goddess of Love.

Love rainbows and hugs, Robbyne

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