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Uluru – 777 Gateway Event

Aus Uluru

Join me

For a profound moment in time


777 Event, Uluru Australia

Facilitated by Robbyne LaPlant

Thursday, 06-07 through Sunday 09-07, 2023

07-07-2023 (777)  is a special portal event, the opening of  a celestial door  revealing  ancient mysticism. During this time a cosmic doorway opens sending forth an energy of creative expression and heightened awareness. The universe is calling each of us to bring our personal earth walk into harmony with the larger divine plan that your soul is a part of.   We choose… we can be swept up in the fear and anger moving across the sacred blue or we can step up and become all that we were born to be by holding a new vision as a faith keeper.  The infusion of light available during this time encourages your true essence to step forward in full grandness as spiritual knowledge is passed down from higher powers. During a “7” year, we are motivated and inspired to seek truth, wisdom, and Spiritual Mastery.  7 symbolizes the Mystic, the magick within and the Wise Sage.   Mysticism is defined as having a deep connection to the divine.  Some describe it as Zen or a state of Nirvana.  Others describe it as a shamanic experience aligning one to commune on a deep level with the spirit world, and the ability to receive messages from other realms.  For the Tuatha De Danann, it is a way of life being able to access the liminal spaces.  The number 777 signifies that your spirit and soul are in alignment.

Liminal spaces serve as a transitional or transformative space.  The between place of what you are leaving behind and what you are stepping into.  When we tap into these places, we have the feeling of standing on the edge.  As the old reality continues to break down, we have a significant moment to connect with the dream walker, our future self and solidify all we wish to create into current reality.  The opening of this special doorway allows you to step into spiritual clarity, a time to make sense of all life experiences that have led to this moment when we are moving through a period of confusion or doubt or when you need a solid reminder from your spirit guides that you are indeed walking the right path.

Uluru is a liminal space considered sacred to the Aboriginal people and believed to represent the solar plexus of Lady Gaia.  It is the lifeline supplying energy to all living things.  Landscapes are alive and the stories woven into their history are metaphoric symbols of our own life journey.  As our world faces a dramatic time of evolution and growing pains, prayers and ceremony, focused intention for the creation of a new reality, are more important than ever.  The Dreaming has been described as “a sacred narrative of Creation that is seen as a continuous process that links traditional Aboriginal people to their origins”.  Song lines connect places and creation events, with the ceremonies associated with those places.  These are walking tracks on the surface of Lady Gaia that weave a story of humanity.  Similar to Spirit lines and dragon lines.

My guidance to be present at Uluru at this significant time has come with my own resistance.  I began to hear the call of the whales in February, guiding a journey along the whale song lines in Maui when our tribe gathered for sacred ceremony at the water’s edge.

The inner call came again as I visited Star Dreaming a magickal place in New Mexico, a place for vision, inspiration,  healing and dreaming,   Here I would  walk the sacred labyrinth of the temple dedicated to the Rainbow Serpent where I heard a clear message to follow the whale song line to Uluru.   Then the dreams began and I could hear the song of the whales.   I have always had magickal experiences at Uluru but was unclear why I was being called at this time.  After four years I am finally going home to my heart home in New Zealand where I planned on being in stillness.

Seeking clarity and guidance I asked for a clear and definite sign.  Being in Sedona which is considered the power chakra of America, sitting on the dragon line connected to Uluru I should not have been surprised at the sign I received while driving home as we pulled up closer to the car in front of us.  Spirit never ceases to amaze me and the message on the license plate before me was clear.

This cosmic event seemed so powerful after that sign that I had our star child look at the astrology of this time. The solar eclipse last week was an activation that started to awaken the ancient knowledge held in the land of Australia and the people connected to this continent.  There are significant planetary alignments to powerful fixed stars that will be occurring during this time. When planets in our solar system align with stars, it connects our place in the galaxy to the greater cosmic web.  Take a moment to read the astrology of this event.  It is lengthy but shares such powerful information for this time.

On 7 July 2023 in Uluru, Australia 1:17am – The Moon aligns with Cygnus X-3.  Some say Cygnus X-3 is a black hole, others say it’s a neutron star, while some believe it’s a unique star made of quarks which are the building blocks of matter. There is a theory that Cygnus X-3 is connected to the God Particle, which is the invisible force behind all of creation. One researcher/historian also believes that Cygnus X-3 (as well as other Cygnus stars) seems to be attached to Earth via a an  invisible umbilical cord.  When this umbilical cord between Earth and Cygnus X-3 gets activated by a planet aligning with it in our solar system, evolution in human consciousness is made possible on a cosmic level. The Moon aligning with Cygnus X-3 right at the start of 7/7/23 is not a coincidence. At 2:30am the Sun will conjunct Sirius.   When our Sun aligns with Sirius, it’s called the Sirius Stargate. Our Sun only aligns with Sirius once a year. This is one of the most powerful Sirius activations that we get each year, the other is the Lion’s Gate portal in August. The knowledge and wisdom that Sirius holds gets activated and then dispersed upon our planet through the Sun’s light during the Sirius Stargate.

Further examination of the timing – 7am and 7pm on 7th of July in Australia, reveals even more of the celestial magick about to occur.   At 7am Cancer will be rising and at 7pm Capricorn will be rising. Cancer is the sign of the Divine Mother and Capricorn is the sign of the Divine Father. This indicates that something is being birthed or reborn at this time… and specifically at Uluru and Australia.  (a new reality). Additionally, the Moon rules the 7am Cancer rising chart and Saturn rules the 7pm Capricorn rising chart.   Both the Moon and Saturn will be in Pisces on 7th of July.

Pisces is the sign of mysticism, spirituality, unseen realms, primordial waters of consciousness, psychic abilities, intuition, and creativity that is divinely inspired. What makes this even more powerful is that the Moon and Saturn will align with the fixed star Deneb on July 7th. Deneb is the most luminous distant star we can see with the naked eye. Deneb is the star located in the Milky Way where the Milky Way splits and becomes two separate streams—these two streams are called the Great Rift. In other words, Deneb is the bright Guardian and Gateway of the Great Rift of the Milky Way Galaxy. The Great Rift, also called the Dark Rift, is where stars are being born, and the ancients believed the Great Rift was the entrance to the Sky World and was also seen as the womb of the Great Mother/Mother of Creation.

The fact that the Moon and Saturn, the two Guides of the 7am and 7pm portals on 7/7/23, align with Deneb and the entry point to Great Rift of our Galaxy is profound and powerful. On the 8th July, 2023 in Australia 12:19am: Sun conjunct Canopus Shortly after the 7/7/23 alignment, the Sun will align with the fixed star Canopus. This is called the Canopus Stargate. The Sun only aligns with Canopus once a year. Canopus is the second brightest star in our sky, the first is Sirius. The name Canopus has a connection to an expression in Egyptian meaning “Golden Earth.” And in Vedic wisdom, the star Canopus “is said to be the ‘cleanser of waters’ because turbid waters become clean when it rises.” This Stargate occurring only 20 minutes after 777 shows that any blocks that still linger that cause fear or doubt of one’s dreams, path, or vision have the opportunity to be cleansed, cleared, and released on this day.

As a wisdom keeper of the ancient lore of the Tuatha de Dannan, I have used ritual and ceremony to journey through the liminal places on our beloved earth.  If you are called to join with others of like mind to experience the magick of this significant opening, a portal into the future you wish to create,  I will create the vessel to support your journey and provide the tools of nature that will assist your own earth walk and awaken you to the divine expression of light that you came here to be.  This will be a weekend of communing with nature, discovering your creative passion, experiencing ritual and ceremony.  Together we will dream a kinder, gentler world as you step into your full potential.

If you feel a stirring in your heart and are called to join, please contact Guy for more details and costs at [email protected].  Please note you are responsible for your own airfare and accommodations.  Once I know how many are interested in joining, we can look at ride sharing.  We will be visiting both Uluru and Kata Tjuta as these sacred landscapes become our living classroom.  If you would like a roommate, I will do my best to connect  everyone together to share. I will be sharing ritual and ceremony as you journey between worlds throughout the entire time we journey together.

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Kia Kaha, Be Strong.  These are challenging times but we need to  be greater expressions of kindness, compassion and love.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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