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Treat the earth well…we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children…..Ancient American Native Proverb

earth day

Earth Day is April 22, 2022.  This is a day; I consider a holy day.  A celebration that is special to my heart and one I honor every year.   It is an opportunity to put aside the chaos that swirls around us and put focused attention on our beloved planet, the Sacred Blue.

Earth Day is an annual event that occurs every year on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First held on April 22, 1970, it now includes a wide range of events coordinated globally by including 1 billion people in more than 193 countries.

The official theme for 2022 is Invest in Our Planet.  This is a call to action.  Even the smallest act of honoring the earth can make a difference.


Take the day and write yourself a Self-Care Prescription.  The blue prescription is to spend time near the water, flowing, reflecting, dreaming, receiving, being.  I will be preparing to depart for our journey to commune with the dolphin in the sacred blue waters of Bimini.  A reunion my heart and soul look forward to every year.  To prepare, I will journey to the playground of the dolphin and whales in the Sedona hexagram.  A place where one can still hear the soulful song recorded in the elder stones from the ancient playground of these magnificent beings.
grand canyon

Perhaps it is the Prescription Red you seek.  Spending time in the red stones, in the boulders or granites formed in canyons by the elements of the past, or the Green Prescription, where your soul seeks to spend time walking amongst the standing tall ones exchanging the breath of life while you do a little forest bathing.


Wherever you are and whatever you are called to do, I encourage you to take this day and spend time in Nature. Your soul will be nourished, your body temple nurtured, and a sense of inner peace will move through you.   Take a spirit walk where you walk slowly, connecting to the earth mother, listening with your heart for guidance for your earth walk.  Take your shoes off and feel the mother’s skin beneath your feet as you do a little Earthing.

Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate this day:

  • Make an offering to the water, the forest, the canyon or the stone beings
  • Grow love within a seed jar (especially enriching if you live in a city and are unable to connect with nature.
  • Focus on recycling
  • Pick trash up from the beach
  • Plant a tree or donate to our organization that does
  • Sit beneath a tree and spend time in stillness
  • Hang birdseed ornaments.
  • Get involved with your local environmental organizations
  • Experience a sunrise or sunset
  • Pack a picnic and go for a walk-in nature
  • Purchase a water bottle instead of using plastic bottles
  • Invite others to experience nature with you
  • Look at healthy eating habits that keep the health of the environment at the forefront.

Food has both an environmental footprint and an ecological footprint. Food production can negatively alter ecosystems and conventionally grown food requires enormous resources to produce. Instead of eating these foods and buying food products that are transported halfway around the world to reach our homes, we can change our buying habits in such a way that supports both personal and environmental health.  If we consider this our responsibility, it becomes an exercise in self-care and respect for our planet.

  • Eat seasonal foods
  • Eat foods grown locally
  • Eat organic when possible
  • Don’t Waste Food
  • Bring your groceries home and opt for a reusable shopping bag
  • Buy less processed foods – Processed foods, apart from being harmful to our health, are mostly packaged foods that generate more waste and have a multitude of ingredients and additives that contribute to increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

We need to focus more on the environment and what we can do. This should be our focus daily, but at least celebrate and make it your focus on Earth Day.

Wishing you a magickal and nurturing Earth Day.

Kia Kaha, Be Strong, Be Kind and most importantly show up as an expression of love and joy.

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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