There are those that believe Dolphins are more intelligent than humans, especially when it comes to love. The capacity they have to communicate and create three-dimensional images in their brain is fascinating. These sea angels are star beings assisting mankind in an inner species connection that opens the heart of the human.

Our pod had gathered from both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Some had returned from last year and others were new to the pod all together. It was a beautiful synergy as I watched the golden strands that weave us into the fabric of the Goddess now weave us into a beautiful family. My guidance had been so clear the year before to return to the sacred Atlantean waters to be with the sea angels at the time of the WESAK Full Moon. The weather was stunning, crystal clear waters smooth as glass reflected the sun on the surface of the water world we would be privileged to enter. I never take for granted that we are entering a world that is not ours. We are visitors and the dolphin decide when and if they wish to share their water world. We would not be disappointed for each day we would be privileged with an encounter.

The first day in the water we all watched a beautiful dance take place between Nipun and six gorgeous dolphins. When you are in the water the rhythm of their dance has an energetic impact on the human. A sense of inner peace and harmony releases the stress we each carry from the fast world. The behavior of the dolphin seem to influence the human and quickly a family would form between the human pod. When we each first met in Fort Lauderdale I could see stress and exhaustion on the face of many who were joining us. I myself was ready to leave the fast world behind and enter the healing waters.  I knew the calling of the sea angels was timely.

The fluidity of the ocean was bringing each of us to a still point. On the second day we would have a joyous encounter with the dolphin in their world. We swam together as a pod as they swam between us. Aside from their protective qualities, they are nurturers and healers. If you’ve ever spent time with dolphin in the wild you can’t help but experience sheer joy. According to marine biologists, the vibrational energy a dolphin emits through its sonar sounds has an effect on our bimolecular structure.  What happens to us as humans when we encounter in the water these magnificent beings is their sonar frequency begins to break up negative energy. The sound sends a cleansing vibration to align and balance the chakras and support the human’s delicate nervous system. Deep seeded emotion and congestion begins to be released. Just listening to their song can help boost your endorphin levels and create a huge shift in your consciousness.

Community is very important to the dolphin.   They speak through various sounds, clicks and whistles as well as by moving their bodies. There is always a sense of supporting other members of their pod. As the days gently flowed by, our human pod began to display the same sense of community and support for one another.  The dolphin are here to awaken the heart light within the human.

The third day the dolphin would take us on an incredible adventure. Playing alongside the boat ever watchful and beckoning for us to follow. We could feel when we entered the vortex a wave of absolute peace and stillness take over.

All of a sudden the dolphin began to leap from their water world into the world of human.

They seemed to be  reminding us to find more joy and celebration.

It was the afternoon of the WESAK Full Moon and they were preparing us for the 8-minute celestial water blessing that is gifted to all on our water planet at the time of the Full Moon. Our hearts were open as we sat in stillness to receive the dispensation of celestial water.

That night we joined together to share the ritual of bathing the Buddha beneath the Full Moon as the Goddess glistened in her fullness,  illuminating a brilliant pathway for each of us on the water. I began to notice huge shifts in the energy field of everyone. I was aware many gifts had been given to each of us throughout the day from the dolphin and we were all now feeling the effects of the water blessings. The Wesak Full Moon is the one night when all faiths and religions are joined together to pray for peace and receive the wisdom and teachings of all great spiritual teachers. There is no separation and the blessing of love is gifted to everyone.

The fourth day would prove to be equally as special. We were each becoming aware of the affect we humans have on one another. We were in the schoolhouse of the dolphin and they had much to share. We had a special opportunity to swim above the Atlantean road.

For those who may not know the story, a great American prophet named Edgar Cayce in the early 1940’s had prophesized that in the late 80’s absolute proof of the existence of an ancient civilization would be discovered. In 1988 as he had predicted, a pilot flying a routine flight pattern he had flown many times looked below in the crystal clear waters and observed something he had never seen before. A road on the ocean floor. He landed his plane and hired a boat to take him to the road. The Edgar Cayce society was notified and samples of the road were taken to be carbon dated. The stones proved to be thousands of years old and not from this region. When one swims over the road, some feel it was a wall protecting the harbor of the great City; the vibration of the stones begins to release old fears and illusions. I had swum amongst these stones that were part if the ancient road many times, but was definitely not prepared for what I would experience. Crystal clear images came into my subconscious and a wave of emotion came over me. My physical body would instantly react and I found my throat tightening and my chest feeling as though a ton of bricks were lying on top of it. By the next morning I was having difficulty breathing and I knew I was grieving an ancient memory.

There are the most amazing healers at our Retreat Center and by luck there was one open space. I was so ready to allow this memory to go, that after a gentle healing massage I was vibrating with energy. Our final encounter with the dolphins later that day would restore the balance and clarity I was seeking.

Later that afternoon Guy decided to jump off the boat into the ocean followed by Chuck. (There initial motivation had been two scoops of ice cream instead of one for dessert). You could feel a ripple of excitement going through our pod. Soon everyone was leaping off the boat.

One at a time. We were leaping into the water world of the dolphin as they had leaped into ours the day before.

It wasn’t ice cream motivating the pod now it was the sheer joy and an inner knowing that this was a symbolic initiation.

We had been gifted with celestial light the night before with the Wesak Full Moon, wisdom, power and love. We wanted to celebrate together. We knew his represented a leap of faith and there was no turning back. As more of the pod found themselves in the water world it created and energy of support for those who were hesitant. I knew there were a few that were terrified. The pod cheered them on and each one leaped in. Our hearts were filled with joy. Chuck and Guy did get a well-deserved second scoop that night.

There was one little mermaid amongst us who was already in the water when the pod began to leap. The next day she too wanted to make that leap. As the pod gathered around, Jeanette took her plunge into the water. The sound of applause and joy could be heard around the island.

We spent the next hour snorkeling around the three sisters and were gifted with a gorgeous array of colorful fish and coral. Our final day together in these sacred waters we would have the most magickal encounter yet with the sea angels. They would come to each one of us sharing their wisdom and filling our hearts with light.

We had each come with our own story from the fast world but we would leave forever woven together. We were rejuvenated, recharged and ready to be the change we wanted to create. We gathered our last night to create a dolphin bubble and send light and love out to the world. None of us would ever be the same. We had stepped into the knowing that we already were everything we were born to be.

My last encounter with the elder dolphin provided a crystal clear image in my mind that we would return in 2018. This is the Year of the Goddess Awakening, next year is the Year of Union and Partnership. The sea angels were calling me back once again as the alliance between the world of human and the unseen world was returning.

These celestial beings of light are awakening humanity to their own divinity and reminding us this is a grand celebration that we are privileged to share with one another.

We will be returning in September 2018, at the time of the Shiva Full Moon. Swimming with the dolphin in the healing waters of Atlantis will change your life. Space is limited so we are taking reservations now for our 2018 human – dolphin encounter. If you feel the call of love in your heart and would like more information, please contact Guy at [email protected].

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Wishing you enchantment and wonder.

Love and dolphin cuddles, Robbyne

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