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Total Solar Eclipse and Message from the Animal Kingdom


Greetings everyone:

I am just now able to return to Weave the Web as the last couple of weeks I have found that the animal messengers have become even more active in my yard.  Things I have never seen before are occurring on a daily basis and a huge increase in visitation and activity from the winged ones, the four legged, and the nature spirits continues to be so very strong on my personal journey.  Even the experiences within the medicine wheel continue to amaze me.  I have found that for the last several days as I am called into the wheel after making my offerings I seem to fall into a trancelike state and on several occasions have found myself falling asleep within the wheel only to experience interdimensional shifting.  Yesterday as I awoke from my trancelike state, I found a lizard had wedged his way beneath me making my connection to the earth mother even stronger.  I also continue to hear from many of you that you are having similar experiences which are a strong indication that the relationship between the human world and that of nature is growing stronger in this year of Partnership, alliances and unions.  This is most necessary for balance to be maintained as we go through not just personal shifts but global and universal shifts of consciousness.  For me another confirmation of the times that we are living in and the fulfillment of many prophesies.  The message that always rings true to my heart is one spoken long ago by Chief Seattle…. 

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.”

This increase in activity it appears as I reflect began just prior to Beltane. As I began my day, I saw reflected in the mirror that two crows had flown into my backyard.  Their arrival created such intense energy that I dropped what I was doing to join them in the yard.  As soon as I arrived I found them perched in the trees.  The largest one looked down at me and began to let out a cry that was unworldly.  Within a few seconds, six other crows flew into the yard and perched themselves in the trees.  I knew that we had all been summoned to a meeting.  As I watched and felt my entire body begin to tremble I clearly heard these words from the crow that had let out the cry summoning everyone to the circle, “Sit, it is time for you to be still and listen”.  After delivering his message the large crow took flight and immediately the other crows followed.  For weeks two crows have been following me wherever I go.  They were with me in Oregon, in the redwood forests, in San Francisco and now seem to appear daily.  There was even a large raven that would walk the hillside by my house daily.  I knew I was being put on alert and needed to go deeper to find the message.

Two crows are the animal companions of the Black Madonna and they have made their presence known whenever she is near. I knew these were not ordinary winged ones who had flown in to my yard, but held the spirit of Templar Knights who had guarded and protected those who followed the Dark Lady.  They were her messengers and had become sentinels in my yard while the messenger delivered his message in its entirety. Two crows have now become my constant companion, if I drive to the grocery store I find them waiting in the parking lot, if I walk the trail behind my house I see them appearing to let me know they are present.  When I go to check the mail they are standing watch at the mailbox.   It no longer matters if it is early morning, high noon or dusk the crows will make their presence known, determined to let me know they are always with me and carrying a message of deep importance.  I almost feel a sense of urgency when they join me on my path.    Always two, and the more time I spend seeking their guidance the clearer the messages are becoming.

Part of their message is a strong guidance to journey to Mount Shasta for the Total Solar Eclipse that will occur in July.  With short notice and summer being a busy time for the mountain I thought it would be near impossible to secure accommodations at my favorite place the Mount Shasta Bed and Breakfast Inn, but when I called only the two days that the energy of the eclipse will be felt strongly were available.  Imagine that!  Actually for me it was confirmation.  I was almost testing Great Spirit with my thought if I am to journey to Mount Shasta for the Total Solar Eclipse, then open the doorway if that is the journey I am to make. Later that day as I was cleaning out boxes in the garage I came across a box that when I opened it had a flyer from a journey to Mount Shasta that had occurred in 2003 at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse.  The same journey where the guidance regarding the andara crystal was revealed to me.  The andara stone is connected to the ancient civilization of Lemuria.  There were many more signs that day as the messengers made sure I was clear on the importance of this journey.


I wanted to share with you the significance of this Total Solar Eclipse and the mystery behind Mount Shasta for those of you who may feel called to join me on the mountain to experience the energies that will be strongly felt at this time and will most definitely accelerate the awakening and spiritual growth of our universal community.  This is about the personal journey each one of us are experiencing and the importance of joining together as a spiritual community to receive the energies of a new vision and a new way of expressing ourselves in harmony with everything around us.  A Solar Eclipse can occur only when the Moon is in its new phase (on a new Moon day) when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from the Earth.  A total eclipse occurs when the Sun is completely obscured by the Moon. The ancestors consider total eclipses rare events. Even if you are unable to see the eclipse everyone feels the energy long after the impact up to six months after.   At the time of Total Solar Eclipse huge light frequencies are emanated to the earth creating absolute and sudden change.  It will have a huge personal impact on each of us, as our shadow side will be exposed to be brought into harmony with the divine side within this year of partnership, duality, alliances and unions.  There is both a tremendous opportunity for enlightenment to occur and the seeds of truth to be illuminated as well as an opportune time to pray for peace and oneness.  It will be a time of choices as to which path we will choose to walk.  One thing for sure, no ones life will remain the same.  When one uses the power of an eclipse to illuminate their personal journey and receive guidance especially in sacred places of holy sanctuary tremendous guidance is available.

A phenomenon occurs with a total solar eclipse, which is revered by many cultures around the world.  The black Jaguar is a guardian of the dark lady, the creator goddess identified as the Black Madonna.    It is believed by the ancient Mayan and Aztec that at the time of a Total Solar eclipse the Black Jaguar steps through a multi-dimensional doorway into the physical realm and begins to expose untruths.  The black jaguar walks alongside the Dark Lady, illuminating where there is darkness on the earth. The message I have received from the crows, her sentinels, is the Total Solar Eclipse marks the return of the Black Madonna and the awakening to the remembrance of her teachings. It has been said that the dark lady, the Black Madonna holds the key to oneness as she transcends all religions and all cultures and can be identified in many lands.  Although she is often connected to the Catholic Church as a depiction of the Virgin Mother Mary and her son Jesus, the Black Madonna has been around for thousands of years, long before the man known as Jesus walked upon the earth.  There are many stories and legends about this mysterious icon.  Her presence has come many times to assist mankind when we are struggling and going through major transitions and changes.  She has come as the divine Goddess presence known as Isis, and is depicted as the Mother Goddess holding her beloved son Horus who incarnated to fight against evil.  She has come as White Buffalo Woman to the first nation people of the Americas, as she came to teach them the ways of the Peace Pipe.  She has made her presence known as the Lady of Kazon in the countries of the Baltic Sea performing miracles for the faithful who asked for her assistance. She has come as Kuan Yin with messages of compassion, mercy and forgiveness, the feminine counterpart to the Buddha.    She has personally come to me many times since 1999 guiding my journey to weave all people, all nations and all faiths together.  She has come as Grandmother Spider Woman and can be found in all four corners of the world.  She is the universal mother goddess and belongs to all.

Mount Shasta is the mystical home of the White Brotherhood, the realm of the Master teachers that join together in oneness, the home of the mystery school of Saint Germaine.  It is also the doorway to the ancient Lemurian city of Telos and an etheric bridge to the sacred mountains of Shambala and the Wesak Valley.  Since my first experience on the Mountain in 1994 I have returned many times and always have experienced something from another world. From the actual physical encounter with ancient souls from Telos on more than one occasion, to the appearance of a road that led into another dimension, to a surprise visit from a wolf and encounters with extra terrestrial presences.

For those who may be called to join me on the sacred mountain for the alignment of the Total Solar Eclipse, we will first experience the healing waters through the ancient bathing ritual at the Sacred Mineral springs to prepare the energy of the Eclipse alignment.  This is such a powerful healing experience to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, balancing the chakras and opening one to higher levels of awareness prior to the Eclipse moment.   I have always considered nature to be the most powerful schoolhouse of universal knowledge and much will occur during the three-day experience on the sacred mountain.  We will spend time connecting to the spirit of the mountain and join with the ancestors who would approach this holy mountain with great respect and ceremony long ago.  We will join together at Medicine Lake to receive guidance form the standing tall ones, the ancient trees who have been eyewitness to changes and shifts and hold a deep memory of how to survive and move through these turbulent times of transition and uncertainty.   One will certainly feel the shift occur within them as an opening to higher wisdom and knowledge to guide your journey.  It is a time of great healing for those who feel weary from their earth journey.

I will be posting the details of the Mount Shasta experience within the next few days but wanted to put the message out for those who need to plan in advance and feel called to join me on the sacred mountain.  The Mountain Shasta experience will be a three-day retreat to the sacred mountain.  For those who would like to prepare for the journey I will also be taking a group to walk the sacred labyrinth and into the Cathedral of Nature, Muir Woods.  Details will be posted shortly.  If you have not had a chance to read about the experience of the labyrinth and the Redwood forests click here.

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10 Responses
  1. Susan DiPilla

    Robbyne: I have had a black crow come the wall just outside my kitchen door for the last week or so. He has brought me a dead rat three different times. He leaves it on the wall and flys away. No other birds touch it. Does this have any significence? When I go outside, he isn’t afraid of me. I get very close to him and he doesn’t move away. It is such a wonderful feeling.

  2. Rob

    Hi Susan:

    Thank you for sharing your incredible story, once again confirming how our animal allies journey alongside of us bringing guidance when we take the time to listen to their message. The crow is a very special messenger and to the one whom crow flies near, the crow will teach you power and balance of light and dark, spiritual and physical. Crow is the keeper of sacred laws and helps us to go deep inside the shadow to heal our deepest wounds that have made us doubt the gifts we carry, so we can step into our true potential. The fact that this messenger brings you the gift of the rat indicates that you have overcome many of the doubts and fears that in the past have held you back. You have chosen to eliminate the old energies that no longer serve you and crow will assist you in understanding the magic we are entitled to experience. It brings a message that there is more joy, more happiness and more abundance on your path and that part of your soul purpose will be to assist others from darkness by showing them the light of the journey. You have been truly blessed with this messenger. Crow comes to those who are open and sensitive to energies. If you would like to learn more about working with nature and the magic that these beings bring, I might encourage to you join us for the Faery Magick workshop on Sunday, June 7th which will be at the time of a very special Full Moon.

    Wishing you magic.

    Love and rainbows, Robbyne

  3. Alexandra Telluselle

    Bliss! I had a very special encounters two days ago here in Sweden. I too felt a “summon” to go to a nearby woods and speak to Owls and Deers. Now I see how this connects with the whole. Thank you! If you’d like to read about my findings, please go to my blog (recent post) at http://www.myspace.com/telluselle

  4. Michelle

    Greetings, dearest Robbyne, thank you for sharing this beautiful experience with us.
    I know you through many lifes and time…
    We have been Priesters of the Crystals on Lemuria
    and Atlantis later on…
    Be blessed, sweet Light Sister, your energy is so
    With love… from my heart to yours

  5. Kibbie

    You move me dear friend. Thank you for your sweet soul. It feels like friends around a camp fire laughing and enjoying each other. I to will be there and would love to meet you. Please email me info.

    Blessings dear soul friend!


  6. Sharon

    Hi there from Australia!

    I would just like to share an experience I have only just had with my neighbour 30 minutes ago.

    We were having a very emotional discussion about the death of her brother and how much pain she is feeling presently. She is finding circumstances sometimes overwhelm her and she can’t make sense of or control how upset she is. She lost her brother 2 years ago. As we were both sitting on the couch discussing this, a crow flapped about at her front door which has large glass panels. After making such a racket, and knocking at the door, my neighbour got up to see what was going on. The crow then looked at my neighbour and flew away. I am adamant that this visit was my neighbours brother trying to show her that his energy is around. That he can hear her, and he would like her to make a concerted effort to heal and move forward.

    I would be very interested to hear what you think.


    • Robbyne

      Dear Shaz:
      Crows are mystical beings and most definitely messengers that come from the unseen world. They are also the constant companion of the Black Madonna who is the divine aspect of the Goddess and comes to those who need her assistance and healing. Yes, this was indeed a messenger from your friends brother calling her back to life. A part of her has been dead since his passing. She has been going through the motions of life but not completely embracing life. It is his desire that he be allowed to live the joy through her. It is time to let go the need to find answers to the questions that haunt her. There are some things our human minds can never comprehend. Have your friend find a stone being that calls to her. Take the stone and hold it over her heart, asking the stone being to help take away her grief. She needs to close her eyes down, breathing deeply into her heart and exhaling the breath through the heart center into the stone. Do this three times. Release the stone to flowing water, the ocean, a river, some body of water that is moving. This will allow the heart to open and she will feel a reconnection with life. Her brother lives on through her heart. Celebrate life. Love and rainbows, Robbyne

  7. Sharon

    Hi again Robbyne!

    Well another experience with a crow but this time it was at my window and stayed for around 1 minute. If only I could understand the message! My husband and I are looking at relocating interstate, and we are in the midst of trying to change our lifestyle. This certainly is a big move for us and I have been very anxious in the last few days. On the weekend a crow flew into our car and was killed while my husband was driving it. We both agree that we would like to travel around our beautiful country and relocate somewhere, but we are not sure where. Oh how we wish we could understand the message. Is it because we are so open to the universe at the moment? Can you help us? I could go on and on but that is the main gist of the story!

  8. Sharon

    Oh and just wanted to say thank you for responding to my first post. 🙂

  9. Sharon

    I think I got it. Now the challenge begins.