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Time to Celebrate – Mercury Goes Retrograde today Let’s Take a Positive Twist

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Mercury begins today its retrograde and review cycle. The final opportunity of 2013 to do a life rewind and gain clarity as to the changes you absolutely must make in your life prior to the turning of the cosmic wheel into 2014 on December 21st. Mercury is a small fast moving planet known as the Messenger of the Gods. Ruler over communications, transportation and decision making. Mercury deals with education, truth and intelligence. When Mercury goes retrograde these areas tend to go out of balance so be extra careful when travelling, communicating and starting or buying anything new. Avoid signing contracts and entering into agreements as things may change or fall through.


It is an important time to take care of old projects and tie up loose ends. Things that you put on the back burner or forgot about may suddenly pop up and remind you that they need attention. Back up computer files daily. Before you open your mouth to speak, breathe the thought into your heart and be sure you still want to say the words that have just popped into you head. EVERYONE is overly sensitive and hears things in the wrong way. Expect delays, missed appointments, a communication snafus.

We are just coming off a Lunar Eclipse so things are even more heightened. Each Mercury Retrograde is unique and carries a completely different energy depending on the sign involved.


With this particular retrograde, Mercury will move through the Sign of Scorpio intensifying the influence. Scorpio is secretive, investigative and loves drama. During this retrograde period, its energy could bring up our personal secrets or rattle old skeletons in the closet. Dredging up old wounds might sting, but this is an opportunity to really clear, learn the higher purpose of our lessons and transform them. DON’T PANIC, this is truly a wondrous opportunity to continue to facilitate change by being committed to the process, to organize what you need to do next to move toward your dreams.

packing to go on vacation

Welcome this Mercury Retrograde to cleanse the mental baggage we still may be carrying. This is an ongoing journey. It took us many, many lifetimes to load the spiritual suitcase with our lessons and it will take many retrogrades to assist in the process of clearing it out.


I choose to look at the positive energy that Mercury can bring, always aware of the Mercury Madness spinning around me, but doing my best to stay centered and avoid confrontation and conflict if at all possible. During this time friends and lovers from the past tend to surface, creating opportunities to revisit situations in our life to see if we have grown, reminding us of patterns we may be repeating that we need to change.

When Mercury is Retrograde I always remember a wonderful teaching shared to me by an Indian Elder, which I am passing on to you as a powerful tool when we are spinning through this Retrograde. Again this is a reminder that there will be a sting with the Scorpion influence, if we do not take a different approach to matters in our life that are not in harmony.


The elder shared with me the example of the great standing tall ones that flourish along the sea coast of northern California known as the Redwood trees. These magnificent beings begin as a tiny seed. Never forgetting their purpose as the intelligence of nature is never clouded with ego, fear, worry or doubt, each grand being in nature simply goes about its life purpose, never comparing itself to another, always growing towards the light.


The tiny seed is nurtured by the warmth of the sun and the rains of the heavens. Held safely in the womb of the earth mother. As the seedling grows and becomes a tiny tree it will spend many years experiencing times of torrential rains, extreme winds, scorching sunlight, at times periods od drought. It learns to adjust to the external influences. That redwood tree stays focused on its purpose growing towards the light gaining more strength each day. These magnificent beings can grow to be hundreds, even thousands of years old.

There is a small beetle that can very silently, undetected burrow into the trunk of a great standing tall one. It finds its way into the center and there completely undetected begins to eat away at the heart of the redwood tree. This tiny beetle no bigger than the size of your baby fingernail over time can destroy the life force and actually cause the death of this magnificent tree spirit. The elder shared with me that the beetle is an old anger, a hurt that we allow to get deep within our center and can’t let it go. We make excuses. Perhaps it is a fear we refuse to embrace but over years it can destroy our dream, eat away at our purpose, fill our lives with anguish. As we begin this retrograde cycle, take the time to light a single candle and sit in stillness. Envision you are a Redwood Tree. Look deep inside and find that beetle which is a source of pain or disharmony. Place the intention that this retrograde cycle creates the opportunity to gain complete awareness and understanding of what you are holding on to and what needs to change. Be committed to this process. Dedicate a journal to write in over the next three weeks. If you embrace this Mercury Retrograde it can lead to significant and powerful change for you.

We all deserve to be loved and to experience love. If we are to be that expression of light and the vessel of peace and love we seek to be, we have to continue to clear as we prepare for 2014, The Year of the Seed of Life. For those who are interested in learning more about the energies of 2014, I will be sharing this in a workshop in Connecticut in early December Click Here and again in Southern California in January. I will be sending details for the Southern California workshop in the next few days.

Wishing you a magickal time of reflection and change.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. Kaytie

    Wise words as always, Robbyne. Thank you.
    I experienced Mercury retrograde yesterday as a delay in travelling ‘cos I missed the ferry from Auckland to Bayswater! So I spent the intervening hour shopping for goodies I wouldn’t have otherwise had time to do. Divine timing, even with Mercury retrograde!
    I’ve also had dreams of past lovers…Hmm, interesting!