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Time Between Worlds

Sacred Journey to Iona, the Isle of Dreams,  Findhorn, Moray Firth and Roslyn Scotland

 for the

Final Total Lunar Eclipse

Spiritual Journey and Retreat into the Unseen world

September 24th to October 1st


Iona is the “motherland of dreams”, the ethereal ground of imagination and an energetic vortex that can unlock the ancient Atlantean seed fear of failure that lies deep within our memory.   The totality of the eclipse will occur on the Isle of Dreams between 3:00 and 4:00am, known as the bewitching hour and the time of high magick.

Iona is also known as the island of the Druids.  These ancient seers understood the workings of the natural world and knew how to work with earth magick to open the doorway into the unconscious. They knew how to utilize nature as the key to tap into the memory of the ancient of ancient civilizations.  It is said that the mermaid and mermen that guard these waters are the original Atlantean form when we were once both of water and land.

The recent total lunar eclipse in April will continue to push us to be all we were born to be bringing into our consciousness more and more memory of a time forgotten. Influences of the moon illuminate the emotional imprints stored in our living waters. The fourth and final Total lunar eclipse in the powerful tetrad (series of four) will take place on September 28, 2015 visible in Europe, Africa and the Americas. This final lunar eclipse will be particularly rare, because it is a harvest moon, taking place on the day of the closest super moon of 2015.  The spiritual significance of this final eclipse is Stepping Fully into Personal Mastery.


Sacred sites are like tuning forks providing intuitive openings, clearing of past life imprints and earth healing.   Iona’s history is related to sea gods, King Arthur and Merlin, legends of the Holy Grail, St. Brighid and the Goddess Sophia. Its mystery and magick includes tales of the Templar Knights, elves, faeries, and the Sidhe or People of the Hills.

The_Lost_City_of _Atlantis

Iona serves as a time machine carrying us back through all lifetimes to tap into our soul story.  To be on this mystical floating island connected to the library of Atlantis, one has an opportunity to shatter all illusion in the totality of the eclipse and come into the wisdom of the universe.  A cosmic doorway will open during this three day window created by the final lunar eclipse, offering a unique opportunity in the history of humanity to reclaim truth and set one’s soul free.  The ancient imprint of the Goddess being suppressed and the reuniting of the grail and sword in a sacred union is said to take place this night.

There is a Celtic saying that heaven and earth are only three feet apart, but in the thin places that distance is even smaller, allowing Second Sight through the veil.  On this mystical island that exists between worlds,  the dragon lines connecting to Egypt and the Mayan lands are strongly felt.   At the exact moment of the eclipse we will gather in sacred ceremony beneath the moon to play the crystal singing bowls and perform the ancient ceremony of the divine marriage.


The journey begins as we travel to Inverness and the mystical lands of Moray Firth to connect with the sea angels.  I have always had a strong connection to guardians of our oceans, the whales and dolphin who through their sacred sounds maintain the balance for our water planet.


Best known for its resident population of dolphins, the Moray Firth is one of the best places in Europe to connect with these magnificent beings in the wild.  Experts estimate that around 130 bottlenose dolphins live in the Moray Firth. The dolphins often leap clear of the water close to the shore.  Harbor seals, porpoises, white-beaked dolphins, minke whales, pilot whales and killer whales are often seen in these waters.  Otters can be found throughout the area and ospreys can be seen hunting for fish.


On the southern shore of the Moray Firth, the Culbin Forest stands on one of the largest sand dune systems in Britain. A magickal and enchanting forest home to the faery folk and those of the unseen world.


To connect deeper to the natural world we will visit Findhorn a magnificent eco village dedicated to the alliance of the human world working in harmony with nature.   From the very beginning in 1962 the community was founded on the principles of inner listening, co-creation with nature and service.

avalon barca morgana

As we enter the eclipse energies always felt three days prior to the Total Lunar Eclipse we travel across the water on a spiritual Imramma to the Dream Isle of Iona.  It is said that crossing deep waters, on a spiritual pilgrimage, is a journey of the soul back to ones divine self.  The ancient Celtics identified this as an Imramma.  When one stands at the edge of the sea where land and waters joins together the boundaries of two worlds align and one can slip through the mystical doorway that eludes most humans.

Iona is a living Infinity Sign as it exists within the world of human but not of the human world.  It is a mirror reflection of a world of truth and harmony reflecting back to the human ones truth a potential.  Our days will be filled with an earth connection as your experience the different energy portals on the isle.  Our evenings will be the integration of the day in sacred ceremony and meditation.


Our journey will end as we travel from the Highlands back to Edinburg where we will visit the enchanted glen of Roslyn as well as enter Roslyn Chapel.  The Glen holds a magick all its own.

The mysterious chapel  described as the Church of the Holy Grail known as the high initiation point of the Templar knights holds the secrets of transformation and alchemy.   Descendants of the Holy Bloodline known as the House of David built this mysterious chapel.  Roslyn is the most exquisite medieval sacred sanctuary in Britain, known as a “Book in Stone”.  It is here legend claims that the Holy Grail was secretly placed by the Grand Master of the Order of the Rose Cross.  One of the Grand Masters of this order was Sir Francis Bacon, who was an expression of Saint Germain.  Another incarnation of this Master teacher was the Merlin and of course our journey before to return home to Avalon will take us to the ceremonial cave of Merlin so this is a perfect completion to a very sacred journey.


I have been to this mysterious place many times and each time I am moved to tears.  It is one of the points on the cosmic web where twelve dragon lines join together and the essence of Maria Magdalena is strongly felt.  We will walk these sacred lands shifting the ancient imprint of  denial of the Goddess in ceremony within the magickal Glen.   This Glen is alive with magick and when one performs ceremony to honor the unseen world all of nature responds.

If you are called to join me at this most powerful time.  The opening created during the total lunar eclipse is very similar to the 11:11:11 as well as the 12:21:12.  A tremendous shift in consciousness.   For more information, costs and registration please contact [email protected]

Love and enchanted dreams, Robbyne

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