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Worry is the most common torture we put ourselves through and is self-inflicted.  Our fear and doubts overwhelm us.  They grab hold and refuse to let go if we continue to energize them.  We worry about whether we have done enough, will things work out, what will our future look like. With the added stress of uncertainty and confusion of what is truth and what is not truth, these thoughts torment us, like an unending record playing over and over again. Stress, anxiety, isolation, loneliness and fear are leading to paranoia.  For many health and financial security is turning our world upside down.   THINGS ARE NOT AS BAD AS YOU BELIEVE if you shut the fast world of fear and political rhetoric out of your consciousness.  I have seen and heard all of the conspiracy theories.  I have heard both sides of the political spectrum. I have kept an open mind but now I choose to listen only to my heart.

It is a full-time experience to utilize my own personal practice that brings me into a place of balance and calm as we move through this time.   Each day I make a conscious effort to spend time in the garden.

3 humingbirds

I am touched daily by the natural world and remain in wonder that as soon as I show up, three hummingbirds come to join me.  Nature is my teacher and I have to believe I am here for a reason, so I choose to communicate with the consciousness of the hummingbird.  She is the enchantress calling me to follow her into realms of possibilities to find sweetness.  She is a tiny dancer of joy and teaches me to be fearless and enthusiastic about the changes that I am making and the changes that we as a collective consciousness have an opportunity to make.  I think about the symbology of three of these magnificent beings choosing to share with me and remember what brought me here to begin with.  It was the calling of the Goddess in January to be present as 33 beautiful beings came together to hold the space for the Grand Transformation and activate the 33 petals of the cosmic, mystical heart of Avalon.  33 being the master number that symbolizes the ultimate achievement in consciousness.

A reminder to take risks, to get out of our comfort zone and change everything we do.  May is a month of extraordinary planetary influences as I have shared in the last Weave the Web – May Planetary Influences. As we embrace the unknown and seek to find guidance, I wanted to share insight that came to me long ago as I follow the Path of The Rose.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old or succumbing to the fear-based noise but on building the new.   The new is anything we choose it to be.

Besides the three retrograding planets that will all begin their journey offering us a time of deeper reflection, the New Moon on May 22nd is all about Rebuilding and Recovering as we continue to reset to the new vibration Lady Gaia will offer when she exhales.   I have posted a special New Moon Ritual to assist you in working with the energy of this night of rebuilding and recovering.  Click Here

Working with the plant beings and nature spirits, I encourage you to invite the spirit of Hummingbird into your experience as we begin this deeper journey of self-discovery.  I also recommend the Hummingbird Oil for those who wish to connect on a deeper level.

Hummingbird oil

Hummingbird $50.00

Known as liquid joy, this is a very special blend of orange, lemon and lime from the sacred valley of Peru.  Infused with the andara crystal which holds the spirit of the hummingbird and the vibration of the emerald singing bowl.  Hummingbirds are the tiny messengers of the divine that remind us to pursue our dreams more aggressively. Not allowing self-doubt or fear to distract us.    Hummingbirds are the messengers of joy and happiness and a reminder of our true destiny.  Hummingbird enables you to connect with your inner being. It delivers spiritual messages to guide you through times of change. Hummingbirds move in a unique pattern of continuity, infinity, and eternity. This spirit totem wants to remind you to get the best things for yourself. It’s not enough to settle for second best.  This oil opens your heart to laughter and can ease the sense of anguish and hopelessness we feel from time to time when our load becomes too heavy and we do not feel we can carry all that we are being asked to.  This also assists when we are clearing out old negative imprints from our energy field.  Because hummingbird comes from the fourth dimension this oil can assist us in balancing the energies that are moving us into a higher vibrational reality.  Place on the wrists, temples, dream chakra and heart. Just breathing in the essence makes your heart smile.  Within 20 minutes you begin to experience joy once again.  To order please email Guy at [email protected].  I encourage you to use the power of this time to continue the journey of self-discovery and leveling up.

Wishing you sweetness and the nectar of life

Love and hummingbird kisses, Robbyne

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