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They Are Waiting For Us?

DOLPHIN – HUMAN Connection of  Healing

They Are Waiting For Us to weave the web

with love


There are no words that can describe the sensation you experience with such a personal and close encounter when a human being is accepted into a pod of dolphin known as the sea angels.  The human is forever changed when the dolphin choose to communicate within their natural environment.   Free, dancing through the ocean and wanting to share their messages with the human world.    Bimini, a small island in the Atlantic Ocean is like another planet.  Located on an interdimensional plane existing between worlds, somewhere between the ancient past and what has yet to be born on this water star.   A place to release your traumas, guilt’s, regrets and disappointments.   A place to open your heart for love.


The crystal blue ocean would become our schoolhouse as the dolphin came to teach us stillness, gentleness, inner peace and most importantly love.  They opened our hearts and provided tremendous healing to each person in our pod.


Far from being an isolated incident, dolphins often serve as guides and protectors to the human.   Living on a water planet one forgets the world of blue that we are a part of.

The sea angels have so much to share with the human through an interspecies connection.  They teach us the art of stillness and wonder when we open to receive.


You cannot have an encounter with the sea angels and not feel something inside of you shift.

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It is not your imagination, according to marine biologists; there is something about the vibrational energy of a dolphin and its sonar that has an effect on our biomolecular structure.


Dolphins can break up the negative energy we as humans hold on to. Even just listening to them can help boost your relaxation response and endorphin levels.


We would have the most amazing experience of having them completely encircle our pod surrounding us with higher frequencies of light and opening us to the wonder of this blue planet that is 70% water.   Dolphins play often, leaping with joy from the crystal blue water, serving as a reminder for us to take life a little less seriously.


With an ability to communicate with one another miles away, they have acute telepathic abilities.    The dolphin seek to assist in raising consciousness so we as humans become more loving, forgiving and relax into a joyous existence.     When we breathe into the moment we feel a deep sense of inner peace and allow ourselves to float effortlessly into a sea of possibilities.

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Communication is another important aspect we can learn from the dolphins. They speak through various sounds, clicks and whistles as well as by moving their bodies. Each dolphin has its own unique individual signal.

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The dolphin teach us to speak our own truth as individuals while communicating in a variety of ways, always reminding us we are part of something grander than just ourselves.


Dolphin function well together in pods. They are quite capable of working with outside groups or pods to form a super pod as  community is very important to these animals. When a dolphin is sick or hurt others will come to its aid, encircling and protecting it. In a similar fashion, when a mother gives birth, the pod will assist and surround the mother and child shielding them from predators.   I observed this with our very own human pod as one or two needed assistance and our pod was always there to assist.  If only we could carry this message to our entire human family.  These beautiful angels of the sea could very well hold the key to uniting the worlds together.

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So powerful was my  encounter with the Super Pod, that it became clear we were to return again in 2017, The Year the Goddess Awakens.

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Swimming in the midst of the Super Pod, there was an elder that approached me sending a wave of energy through me and a clear message on how we can align with the dolphin to support our water planet. We would be greeted each day by these magnificent beings from the stars and each day the experience would be different. As we continue to Weave the web threading the dragon lines, song lines and spirit lines around our beloved blue planet we will carry this energy next to Stradbroke Island in Australia just after the turning of the wheel at the time of the Solstice. We will  gather together to connect with the dolphin and whales beings in the Southern Hemisphere and create another Super Pod of Human – Dolphin Love Consciousness.

After the guidance of the elder, I have now reserved the entire retreat center at Wild Quest once again, exclusive for our group at the time of the WESAK Full Moon, May 7 through May 13, 2017,  and am quite excited to share this beautiful encounter once again.  A transformational experience that will change your life forever.  WESAK is the one time of year when all faiths, religions and cultures are joined together to receive the water blessing of the Buddha.  Together we can send prayers of oneness and high healing that will be carried across the blue planet to awaken those souls still sleeping and create a more loving planet. Can you imagine the magick of this night in the heart of the Atlantean waters with the dolphins?

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We sold out very quickly this year so if the dolphin call to your soul, I would highly recommend that you register as soon as possible as space is limited.   If the spirit of the dolphin, the spiritual messengers from the stars, call to your heart please contact Guy at [email protected] and we will send you details once we have everything organized.  Be the change you wish to see by changing yourself to become all you were born to be.   


Our beautiful retreat center provided a wonderful base for our experiences between the worlds.  The rooms were beautiful, the food magnificent and the guardians of this special place created an experience beyond description.   Amlas, Atmo, Jwala, our wonderful captain Vijan, Patrick, Max, Sukhama and Tara, chef extraordinaire who provided the healthiest meals prepared with love.   Nala served as the perfect liaison to assist our group in the coordination of details.   The entire staff provded loving and caring support for which we were all grateful.

The massages and body work provided by the staff were exquisite and Sandy the four legged animal ally and security guard, was there to meet us each morning as we walked along the white sandy beach and in the evening when we returned from our amazing encounters with the dolphin.

This is not only a once in a lifetime experience but your life will truly change.  We are taking names for those who are interested in this amazing encounter in May of 2017.  There is only space available for 19 participants.  Please contact Guy at [email protected] for more details.

Love and Dolphin Cuddles,  Robbyne

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