If we as a human race would connect once again to the natural world we would find all that we need to navigate through these times of change, unexpected events and the challenges we all must move through for our soul to grow.  In the year where the sacred symbol of the Infinity Sign is the reminder of our human experience on a water planet of polarity, we absolutely must find our way back to the natural world.

The Goddess, expressed through Mother Earth is our greatest teacher, like a mother trying to share with her children.  Her teachings do not speak of separation, they do not judge.  They offer love for the one who listens.  She sends her messengers in many forms to the one who sits in stillness.  I never cease to be in awe of the divine timing that occurs when I listen to her guidance.  A delay and change always has a purpose behind it.


As I sit with the stone beings at the waters edge the moss and algae have a brilliant emerald green color, and I feel myself melting into the landscape.  The forest that surrounds me displays every shade of green as though an artist carefully painted this living landscape.  The stillness of just being clears my mind and I experience being in the present moment.


The roots of the great standing tall ones wrap around the stone beings, each supporting the other.


I AM reminded once again of a teaching passed on to me 20 years ago by a Cherokee Elder.  There are hundreds of trees within this forest, some ancient, some just beginning to grow.  Some growing straight as an arrow, others bending.  Some twisted into magnificent shapes, some just bursting through the soil reaching for the light.


One thing that is evident in the forest is that not one tree looks to the other and compares themselves.  Not one tree feels less than another, and not one feels superior or more powerful. There is no anger held within a tree, there is no saddness.   Instead each tree knows its purpose, which is to grow towards the light.  To provide shade and shelter for the animal beings, to yield nourishment and medicine for the human world.


The great pines, firs and conifers use their needles as antennas to bring the healing energy gifted from the stars to the human world.  The maples and birch never worry if their leaves are greener than others.  They focus on being present and fulfilling their destiny.  They are not separate from one another as we humans have become.

I speak to the river that once flowed with salmon sacred to the Winneman Wintu Tribe and  I ask for her teachings.  She is the blood of the earth mother, she is full of life and as I put my bare feet into the cool waters I feel here flow through me.  I think about the water blessing we as her children will receive with the next Full Moon on Sunday, known as the Wesak Full Moon.  She speaks and tells me to watch her movement and remember.

I have walked along the shore and observed where certain places of the river are tumultuous, raging almost out of control, then the waters calm and you can see almost as though looking through glass at the stone beings that lie on the river’s floor.   I have decided to sit and be still to listen deeper to the rivers message.   The moment I look towards the tumultuous water, from nowhere a great Osprey swoops down from the trees and dives into the churning waters only to submerge with a fish.  The messenger has gifted me with a powerful message.


An osprey doesn’t wait for the fish to jump out of the water to meet him, instead he splashes in headfirst into an element that he could not survive within.   He teaches us how to plunder our resources and the necessity to move outside of our comfort zones in order to do this. Osprey teaches us to take risks, and to not be frightened of grasping opportunities just because they seem like they’re out of our reach.   Sometimes opportunity sticks around for a while, but most of the time it doesn’t. Osprey teaches us precise timing.  For me this was a powerful message of trust.  I had hesitated to take the time to sit at the rivers edge, thinking I would go a little further and yet the river spoke and told me to sit.  Had I been further up the river I would not have seen this magnificent messenger.


The next part of the river there are huge boulders that the water must flow over and then it calms once again.  The river speaks assuring me this is the natural order of life.  The tumultuous waters are the times when we are facing challenges, perhaps a relationship has ended, perhaps we have suffered a loss and are fearful of the unknown.


Yet the river flows.  We do not see that just beyond this churning energy the waters become still creating a reflection pool where we take the time to examine and review our life.   We gain strength and wisdom if we don’t hold on and allow ourselves to flow.  We are taught to come back into the present.   Then, when we have gained our strength, we are ready for the next opportunity to grow.   The waters may churn again, but we remember just around the next bend of the river is the stillness.   Here we celebrate the journey and find new love, a new job, clarity and deeper understanding.  Such is the way of this water planet.

My time with the river  has reassured me of the journey and filled my heart with hope.   She also speaks that we must protect our earth, we must become more aware, and we must share our wisdom.  We must reconnect to the natural world.

At the time of the WESAK Full moon I will gather with a wonderful group and we will pray together. We will envision unity with all realms, all beings joining together.  We will pray for our oceans and we will sit in stillness to receive the celestial blessings.  We will pray for our global family, our spiritual community and all beings.  We will prayer for those in Nepal.

Many of you have sent me the names of those you are requesting special  healing prayers for.  I have added the names to the prayer flags that will be blessed in the ceremony.  There is still time to send me the names of those in need.   Please send to [email protected].    Together we can make a difference.  This is a time to be an expression of love, to send love to the those in need and the shadow places upon our beloved earth.  A powerful time to open your heart to receive love.

Wishing you magick and the blessings of healing, clarity and support that will be gifted the night of the WESAK Full Moon.  If you are new to our spiritual family and would like to know more about this Full Moon please click here.

If you would like to join our online subscription to receive the monthly rituals for the New Moon, Full Moon and Sacred Sabbats, as well as the guided meditations, please register here.

Love and moonbeams, Robbyne

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