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The trail only moves upward

Since I returned to New Zealand in mid June we have been blessed with gorgeous weather.  Wherever I have been guided to journey on a trail of remembrance the sun seemed always to shine.  In the last two months we had experienced 4 days of rain.  With the amazing personal journey that has unfolded and the never ending story of one trail opening to another I was actually grateful for the rain that came today.  It seemed to force me to sit still and begin the integration process of all the experiences and encounters this journey of the heart has provided.  I had begun to notice a strange phenomenon……

Every time I stepped out of the front door of our house in Rocky Bay we would meet someone.  Even the name of our street, Wairua meant spirit.  It was clear this was an extraordinary journey of connecting to the spirit of the ancestors and to my own spirit wisdom.  On one of those chance encounters with one of the locals we would be guided to the ancient Maori Pa.  The rain had cancelled a morning walk so I had an opportunity to catch up on emails and do a few skype sessions with clients who had been waiting for me to sit still long enough to do a session.  By mid afternoon the sun was shining brightly and the wairua or spirit of the land was calling me again.  We returned to the Maori Pa and this time decided to walk along the beach as the tide was out.  It was stunningly gorgeous and quite warm, so a hike was definitely in order. The Maori Pa was a fortified sanctuary that shielded the occupants from the wind and served as an excellent vantage point in the event any enemy approached as they would have to scale a sheer cliff wall to get to the settlement.  We traveled completely around the base along the beach until we reached a place that seemed too difficult to pass.  Although the smart choice would have been to turn around and go back to where we started, none of us felt this was the choice we wanted to make.

Instead we began to blaze our own trail up the side of the cliff to where it seemed the least difficult.  Another ongoing theme I experienced  since I began to walk these trails  I  had never walked before, is I never seemed to have the right shoes.  I never felt grounded to the earth or that I had secure footing, and yet was being physically challenged it seemed day after day.  After my journey to Castle Hill and the Wisdom Cave on the rugged west coast of the South Island I had been gifted a pair of hiking boots by a wonderful man, a magnificent greenstone carver named Mick Collins.  Oddly enough after three days of climbing and falling, picking myself up and continuing to climb I had thought to myself if I just had the right pair of boots it would be so much easier.

When I first met Mick he directly posed the question, “Are you here for greenstone or here because of the Waitaha”?   The Waitaha nation had inhabited these lands of New Zealand and were comprised of several different races of people that lived in harmony and followed a trail of peace.  They were the wisdom keepers and had a direct connection to the Sirian Star.

Without a second thought the words flew out of my mouth… “Waitaha”.  Mick would be another elder who would pass on the knowledge that would activate the next part of my remembrance as well as offer me a pair of hiking boots that just happened to have been left behind.

Although they didn’t quite fit,  they had traction and so I greatly accepted this gift of solid footwear and flew back to the north island with the newly acquired boots on my feet.  I wondered who had worn them before and how I had manifested a perfect pair of boots with little effort other than a thought.

Now back on the side of a hill, it became rather apparent that half way up this cliff, the rocks were slippery and wet, there was nothing but grass and roots to hold on to and  I found myself on a trail I had never traveled before.  There was no path and these newly acquired boots had become quite heavy.  I was in a precarious position as I looked down.   I realized one false move and I could easily fall to the rocks below which could lead to serious injury or death.   I froze on the side of that cliff with sheer terror in my heart.  I honestly bit my lip to hold back the tears and felt for the first time in my life sheer terror.  Never had I known this feeling.  Even when I had machine guns pointed out me in Israel and was accused of being a terrorist, or when I  ran face to face into an armed guard in Peru also with a machine gun.  Not even when I found myself stuck on a barbed wire fence in Stonehenge at 3:00 in the morning.  But in this moment I was petrified and frozen.

Had I pushed myself beyond even my capabilities?  Why was this so damn hard?  I knew I was being tested (again) but this one was huge.  If I failed I could literally die.  Marianne had gone before me and was safely standing beneath a pohutakawa tree (interestingly known as the Tree of Life) and my husband was behind me.   I am convinced she is part mountain goat. Neither one of them could reach or help me at this point.  My husband looked at me and said, “There is no way we are going down so you have one choice to keep going upward, you can do this, you have to believe in yourself and know you can”.

Easy for you to say I thought to myself, your shoes fit.  I took a deep breath and in that moment realized what was happening here.  It was a choice. I had been gifted with shoes that didn’t quite fit because I didn’t feel I was big enough to do what I was going to be asked to do by spirit next. My own questions of worthiness, was I ready, could I handle this strong sense of responsibility I felt was about to change the course of my life?  These last two months in New Zealand had been nothing like I thought they would be and yet they were everything they needed to be for my own personal growth if I was to be of assistance to the planet as a messenger.

I grabbed the blades of grass and realized the earth mother would assist me, I had to trust and I had to keep going forward.  Marianne came back at that moment and carved footprints into the side of the hill to guide my path.  There were several steps I would have to take on my own without anyone’s help before I could reach the level ground near the tree.  I took another breath and stepped into the footsteps that had been laid out before me.

I realized I was somehow walking in the footsteps of the ancestors.  The ancestors were within me.

No one was taking me higher unless I chose to go.   The shoes suddenly felt lighter.  After three or four steps Marianne could reach out and offer me a hand of assistance.  Something changed in me in that moment.  Whatever I was asked to do I knew I could do it.  I also new it wasn’t going to get easier, I was just going to be stronger.  It was also clear that we as a human race have to leave everything behind.  There is no going back.  Our past is gone so we can not drag it with us.  We can not change the past but we can heal and move forward to create a new future.  We have to extend a hand to help each other or we are not going to move forward and we have to be strong in our faith.

On July 17th and 18th this happened for the planet consciousness truly shifted. On July 25th we had the 13th moon and the Mayan Day out of time. Now the work begins.   We are in the eighth vibration and that is why none of us feel we are on level ground nor have any clear direction.  You won’t because you are creating it with every breath you take so dream your greatest dream.  We are accelerating individually, the planet is accelerating.  We are awakening as a human race rapidly now, we are changing dramatically and change we must.  We can no longer make excuses; we can’t hide our head in the sand.  We have to wake up and become responsible, we have to reclaim our power in all areas of our life and we have to forgive.  We must find our truth and we must do it together.

The ancestors called me home to remember who I AM and where I AM to go from here.  When I reached the top of that hill I took a deep breath and sat down under that Pohutakawa tree and kissed the ground.  Someone made a comment perhaps we should repeat it so we could film it.  I however feel this was something better not captured on film.  Number one this was one of those ONCE in a lifetime experiences and I feel I do not need to repeat this part of the journey.  Instead I need to repeat the message.

WE CAN NOT MOVE FORWARD UNLESS WE TAKE EACH OTHER’S HAND AND MOVE UPWARD TOGETHER.  We have been told that this time would come.  It is time to fully awaken, remember and BE the change you wish to see. The change is now.

May you choose the right shoes and may you step forward into everything you have come here to BE as  the journey continues

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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  1. Lea Trafford

    Thankyou Robynne for your love, light, wisdom and clarity that comes to us through your wonderful words.
    You always appear when we need the inspiration the most.
    Your messages are welcomed and heard.
    with gratitude
    Lea (Australia)