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The Stars in the Heavens Sing a Beautiful Melody


On July 27/28th our water planet will experience the second total lunar eclipse of this year.   I encourage everyone to take the time to celebrate this planetary event of change.   The magnificent full moon of July can provide remarkable tools to support each of us in moving forward.  A reminder that we must come together as one world, one nation during times of turmoil, violence and apparent chaos playing out in the duality of our world.  We can be the light, the difference and masters of bringing our world back into balance as we become instruments of peace.

Since the beginning of time humans have searched the sky for answers and ways to navigate their journey.  It was Pythagoras who had a deep understanding of these celestial bodies with his words of wisdom…..

Stars in sky

“The stars in the heavens sing a beautiful melody if only we humans had ears to hear”.

Take the time to listen as you allow the power of this total lunar eclipse to restore balance and bring insight to the next part of your journey. If possible gather together with others and celebrate as this night holds great promise for those who honour the old ways.  I have now posted both a ritual and guided audio meditation working with Star Magick for those who are members of our online subscription series.   The meditation will support you in opening to the celestial energies that can be alchemically integrated into our body temples as we align to our truth rewriting our soul story.  Through the power of intention and unconditional love we can write a new reality to step forward into our full potential as we embrace the grandness of who we are.  Click Here.  

The more we heal the wounds of our past and create a sacred relationship with ourselves, the more we support the evolution of our water planet and become the change we wish to see.

Every person makes a difference and it serves no purpose to hide away from your magnificence.  Let your beautiful celestial light shine out in the world as you reclaim your own sense of knowing.


From the Southern Hemisphere we will be weaving the new story of our water planet from Mount Tamborine, Australia  to Austin, Texas and Bern, Switzerland in the northern hemisphere.  I look forward to sharing the teachings of the Path of the Rose with those who are guided through inspired thought to join us in November.  The month of November is endowed with extra spiritual energies as the 11th month of the year; it represents a time of transition as well as a time of significant personal and psychic growth.  As the Year of Sacred Relationships will be in its final month we begin to look forward to the possibilities and grand potential that 2019 will bring.   This is a time to review the lessons of the year, to acknowledge the journey we have taken to arrive at this present moment.

Wishing you an enchanting full moon lunar eclipse.

Love and rainbows, Robbyne

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