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The Spirit of Gratitude


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As 2020 comes to a close there is a feeling that our world has changed forever.  There are two ways to review the year.  One is quiet reflection to see how much we have grown, individually and collectively.  We can review this year through the lens of the ego, from a place of division or we can choose to review it through the lens of the heart.  We have the next few weeks to make quantum leaps of growth if we choose.

My spiritual practice of beginning each day taking the time to focus on what I am grateful for has been my saving grace, helping me navigate through a drastic course redirection. I have learned to completely surrender and trust I will be guided. I have had my moments where a sacred anger from the deepest part of my soul has surfaced, moments where incredible sadness has filled my heart, even moments where I have lost my faith as I observe hatred, deception, manipulation and greed around me.  That sacred anger is a feeling inside that we as a humanity have been given another moment in our evolution to write a new story and at times it seems we are further behind than ahead.  I am reminded by the Goddess we have to tear down the old to rebuild the new.

We are on the threshold of something so remarkable that our human consciousness can not even comprehend the grandness.  If we allow ourselves to be consumed by the news or conspiracy theories we will let the opportunity slip by. Both resonate with a lower vibrational frequency.  Our destiny is held within the celestial movement of the planets, asteroids and stars. For months I have sat beneath the stars on the red stones observing and listening to these two grand celestial bodies visible in the night sky above Sedona.   Will we listen?  That is our choice.  One we will all be making on December 20th/21st as the wheel turns and we enter a realm of possibilities that will be of our choosing in the Year 2021.  The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in 0 degrees of Aquarius. This is a major alignment that signifies humanity (all of us) are being given the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and come back into balance with our shadow and light as we move and progress into the Age of Aquarius. 26,000 years ago we made a choice that plunged humanity into a 3D reality.  We are being given another choice. I will share more about this with the December Planetary Influences.

We need to take these next few weeks to cosmically level up to hold the energy of the Grand Conjunction. The final eclipse cycle of 2020 begins with the Full Moon lunar eclipse on November 30th. I have now posted several rituals click here and a guided audio meditation click here to assist you in preparing for the Grand Conjunction of 2020 and working with the Full Moon lunar eclipse.  Don’t waste your time worrying what anyone else is doing, we need to focus on ourselves.  Let judgment go and commit to going within to discover who you are. You will find someone rather magnificent waiting to merge into wholeness with you.  Give yourself permission to allow others to have their journey (Their journey should not concern you) so that you may have yours.

Wishing you inner peace, clear focus and an open heart.  Kia Kaha, Be Strong

Love and dragon cuddles, Robbyne

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