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The Song of the Whales

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 February 15 – 21st, 2014

 All inclusive sacred journey

 into the Lemurian energies

 On the island of Maui


There is nothing that can describe the feeling of an encounter with one of the most magnificent beings that exist on our water planet. The song of these floating libraries is hauntingly familiar and can activate ancient memory of another place and time.


The lands of Lemuria are deeply imprinted in the consciousness of those who carry the star seed. If you have ever dreamed of healing pools of colored waters or swimming beneath the sea effortlessly, you carry the imprint of Lemuria. A civilization that existed thousands of years ago on the continent of Mu. A magnificent civilization of highly evolved souls who lived in harmony and honored the gifts that each soul carried.


As we enter the second year of a three window of activation, 2014 is the Year of the Sacred Seed of Life, the song of the whales and the celestial light of the dolphin can activate the seed we each carry. These celestial star beings hold the balance of our water planet through their guardianship of the sacred waterways. The Maori believe that the consciousness of mankind is held within all sacred waters, but the Pacific Ocean holds the consciousness of the God and Goddess. Serving as a celestial portal of the ancient lands of Lemuria, Maui sits in a unique location on the earth grid and serves as the source of fire for the dragon lines with it’s powerful energy emanating from the world’s spinning fire vortex, Haleakala.

Something magickal will transpire during our time together on this sacred island, as there is a galactic portal that opens the entire time we are together and our journey begins on the Seed Full Moon. During these days, gateways to galactic consciousness will be open, offering access to amplified perception and experience; greater opportunity for information exchange; and intensified insights and revelations. These openings invite us to activate our evolutionary potential and bring to life the seed we carry within our heart.

If your soul is called this journey is limited as I have chartered a private boat for our whale experiences and the space for accommodations is limited.


Our journey begins with a Full Moon Ceremony on the night of the Seed Moon as we join together setting intention and receiving the celestial light while playing the crystal singing bowls beneath the stars. Our accommodations for the 6 night 7 day journey will be a magnificent retreat center called Lemuria.


Here you will be nurtured with the natural beauty at our luxurious boutique retreat. Farm-to-Table dining serving only the best from the local area to nurture your body, mind and soul. The Lumeria Maui Gardens are nothing short of a tropical and edible paradise. In the process of renovation, the sacred ‘aina (land) was honored by conducting ceremonies in honor of the ancestors. In places where the earth mother is shown love and respect, the vibration of the food carries a higher energetic frequency to support the human body.

Our days will be filled with magickal adventures into the various natural settings of Maui.


Experience the enchanted lands of Hana as we journey to the sacred waterfalls and hike through an ancient rain forest. The land of Maui holds the blueprint of ancient Lemuria and when one honors the unseen world with sacred ceremony all of nature responds.

On our private chartered boat we will sing to the whales with the crystal singing bowls and have the chance to meditate in the sacred sanctuary as we listen to the whale beings sing their song of remembrance. Thousands come to see these magnificent beings but my intention is to give something back to the sacred waters and to honor these guardians of the ancient knowledge with ceremony and song. Aloha mai nu….Aloha Aku….. When love is given, love is returned.

Whale carries the history of Mother Earth and is said to have been placed here by the Ancients from the Dog Star, Sirius. In tribal legend, Whale’s move into the ocean happened when the Earth shifted and Lemuria, the Motherland, went below the waves. Whale saw the events that led to the settling of Turtle Island (North America) and has kept the records and knowledge of the Motherland alive. It is said that Mu will rise again when the fire comes from the sky and lands in another ocean of Mother Earth. The native medicine people are waiting for this event as the next sign of Earth changes. Whale medicine people are coded in their DNA to understand that sound frequencies can bring up records in the memories of ancient knowledge. Whale medicine teaches us to use sound and vibrational frequencies to balance our emotional bodies and heal our physical forms. The ancient harmonic note they carry can activate the star seed and bring clarity for ones personal journey.

haleakala-hawaii 2

We will journey to Haleakala, the world’s spinning fire vortex for a sunset ceremony to anchor the vision of oneness and unity into the dragon lines and experience the mysterious Iao Valley known for its spiritual significance and beautiful landscape.


A special night is planned for you to emerge into the rich Hawaiian culture with a wonderful experience of a traditional Luau including a yummy feast and the traditional hula. The ancient Hula was a way to communicate with the Gods. It is accompanied by chanting, traditional implements and is performed with respect for our ancestors.

If you would like more information on the costs of this sacred journey to connect with the Song of the Whales and a registration form please contact Guy at [email protected]

Space is limited due to the private charter for the whale watching excursions and limited accommodations at the Lumuria Retreat Center. A deposit will be required with a registration form to hold your space.

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  1. jenny ( dew ) van Zyl

    It sound like just a dream but please send me the info just may be . . .

  2. Peter Neilson

    By a round about way your email about the eclipse on Sun 3rd Nov arrived with me. Thanks.
    I sent it on to my Healers circle & will try to find how to get it onto a bigger private facebook. This technology bugs me!

    • robbyne

      That would be great!! I totally understand about technology and that’s why I let my husband handle that. Much Blessings.

  3. Astara

    Dear Robbyne and Guy,
    I may decide to go here instead as we were considering travels to the Big Island in February. Please provide me with details.

    Thank you.


  4. Michelle D'ercole

    Interested in pricing for both weeks: Maui and Mt Shasta? Is it possible to do both??

  5. Nimisha

    Please send me more information about this event. Thanks.

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