Answering the Call of the

Sacred Waters

As many of you know, New Zealand is where my heart feels most at home.  There is something about this land unlike any other in the world.  It is with great honor that I am able to share this place of magick and mystery with those who had answered the call of the Sacred Waters.  For me it is the heart place of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, a place of returning to ones divine self.  Our journey  began within the energy of the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Waiheke Island, known as the crystal island.   Just like the Waitaha of ancient times, we too had come from many lands.  From Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and all parts of the United States.   We were a group of seekers on a quest, answering the call stirring within our own living waters.


To open the pathway for our journey into the unseen world we gathered together in ceremony to acknowledge the ancestors and ask permission to enter the realm of the enchanted ones.  Our beautiful Maori Wisdom Keeper, Maikara did our opening prayer.  We shared the breath of life with the traditional Maori greeting known as the Hongi where one touches the nose and forehead together to breathe the same breath.   The origin of the Hongi greeting comes from the M?ori legend of the creation of the first earthly woman, Hineahuone. She was formed from clay by the creator god T?ne, who then breathed life into her nostrils.  There is a powerful connection made when two come together to share the breath of life.  One breath, one world, one vision of unity.

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Beneath the Pohutakawa Tree we gathered for our New Moon ceremony.  The Pohutakawa is known as the tree of life as it  joins us to all realms. It calls together the power of the Four Winds.     When one acknowledges nature, the spirit world will reveal itself and often one will see the face of the spirit tree, plant or stone being.


That night we allowed the waters of Onetangi Beach, the Maori word for whispering sands to wash away our past and with the returning tide bring the blessings of new beginnings.


We were leaving the  fast world behind and embracing the stillness and magick that this crystal island located in the Hauraki Bay brings to the one who comes with an open heart.  



The next morning we made our way to the place of the Great Standing Tall Ones. The Grandmother and Grandfather Pohutakawa trees welcomed us as we called in the elemental beings to honor the four directions.   



It is said that if you sit beneath a Pohutakawa tree, you come to a place of significant change on your journey, a rite of passage where guidance can be given if one only stops to listen.  Wrapped in the arms of these wise ones we felt we were each woven together.   We were walking these sacred lands together but we were connected to those who were part of our spiritual family all around the world.  Our prayers would be said that day for everyone.

We continued our journey to the other side of the island to the place of the standing stones.  Birthed from the earth mother thousands of years ago, the stone beings hold a memory of our journey from the stars.




Gifted with a beautiful day, we stepped through the star gate, to the place where the knowledge of the stars is given to the one who has the courage to fly.


Limestone allows one to access the memory of where ones story began.    A place to look at the journey of your past without judgment and pain. The path that has brought you to this moment where doorways open, and new pathways are revealed.   Amongst these ancient ones we are reminded that we are the sum of all that has ever been of our journey.  Joining us on this journey was Marley, a beautiful star child who was there to teach us how to find the innocence and magick  once again.  She was there to remind us of the child that still exists within each of us.


As the  winds of change gathered around us we each committed  to honor the journey, to trust and to soar higher than we had ever dreamed we could go.


We had come together so quickly as one family supporting one another.  We were retracing the steps of the Waitaha, the water carriers, and the first peace keepers.

Love and rainbows from the crystal island, Robbyne

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